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  2. Long time no visit!

    Having not visited the forums since my successful quest to becoming a merc, I am wondering what became of faction forums. Can I not see them because of my merc status, or have they gone all together? If gone all together, why no archive of the text? Just curious.
  3. so... i've played the game a long time. before we had the ability to use the 'alerts' we had to manually patrol to find attackers.. i think that made for a lot of excitement/surprise in the game. i admit the API was a cool feature in the game when it was introduced, giving the advantage to vigilant defenders.. but now its just too hard to attempt any sort of sneak attack. the beachhead style attack has become all but useless at this point.. im not saying to eliminate the alerts completely, but at least have regular 'blackouts' where the API is shut down for a number of days giving us the ability to potentially do some damage to our enemies without them knowing.. unless of course they are really diligent in patrolling their zones. imo it would bring some spice back into the game..
  4. Holy impossible stacking, Batman! 

    112 as in 112 launches, multiply that by the 1250 per launch and you get 141k bots. Depending on badge acquisition you could use those timestamps to see roughly how many bot kills are occurring per day. At a very attainable 1500 bot kills per launch (this number picked because it is what I averaged yesterday) you could do 112 launches of deflection per day, then 200 launches of attacking formations to end up getting +12.4 million bots in the leaderboards over 88 days as well as 26.4 million bot kills without the use of a single cube. If you're fortunate enough to find any large stacks of seekers and/or shockwave then you can push that even higher. Of course, as you said, that would still be an immense number, and very few players would be approaching it, but it's still certainly achievable. I imagine that soupist would be averaging very close to those numbers, maybe even slightly higher, as long as you factor in Atlantis.
  5. Holy impossible stacking, Batman! 

    Your math isn't quite right, it's roughly 141,000 per day net. Knowing that there were other kinds of launches, this is an impressive feat. It's not quite "impossible" though, once you break it down. It's extreme dedication. Thanks!
  6. Holy impossible stacking, Batman! 

    12.4 million bots in 88 days is only 112 Deflection per day on average. Active players can quite consistently sit at about triple that. It's not that huge of an amount.
  7. Happy New Year! I've noticed one player climbing the regional ranks at an impossible rate of speed over the span of 3 months. For example, this player added 2.7 million bots in the last 12 days. The same player added 2.5 million bots in the prior 9 days and 2 million bots in the 8 days before that, and so on for 12.4 million bots in the last 88 days. I started tracking after watching the phenomenal increases. Knowing that this player has definitely been attacking in addition to stacking, I am wondering how in the **** this was accomplished. Burn cubes like Tootsie Rolls on Halloween?
  8. PLasma beam v GDI Ion Cannon

    When I upgraded my phone to an Android phone I was dissapointed that I could no longer enjoy the satisfaction of nuking a zone with a nanomissile...
  9. Coming back from a 2 year hiatus. Portland used to be primarily dominated by legion, but everyone in legion seems to be MIA. Mostly swarm and a few faceless. Anyone in Portland playing?
  10. R.I.P. Command Center

    I have enjoyed QONQR for a couple years now. Broken apps, abusive players among other things have caused me to slow down in play. But one thing I did enjoy was Command Center. I thought it was an excellent idea for keeping an eye on your home territory, and I could see the potential of continuing its development... say using it to "enter" our bases and build them up to provide specializations, or maybe have a Nano-bot creation unit that would automatically add bots to your base, further shoring its defenses.. today I opened command center and was disappointed to find that the map no longer displays, not to mention that a long time ago the ability to see who was stacking a zone was eliminated. I guess I'm just whining that it is so frustrating to see this universe grow and develop so slowly. But maybe that's the burden of being an independent developer... Silver, if you are going to allow an app to become broken, at least pull it from the store.
  11. qonqr players in INDIA

    I just want to see are there any qonqr player in India,so all Indian players say hi
  12. PLasma beam v GDI Ion Cannon

    I reckon whoever got the contract to build the plasma beam also got the contract to build the GDI's orbital Ion Cannon )
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