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    How about just rename it to qonqr real estate game. Spend Cash to buy zones and who ever bids highest gets the zone? Better yet for all you ... peeing contest personalities out there just get rid of all the zones and make one single global score board that simply costs 1$ per 1 point added to your score. The winner of course will be who ever has the most expendable income. And it would reduce the over head costs of designing and coding the game itself there by increasing its profit margin. Maybe rename the game to "i can spend more than you nyah nyah nyah nyah" or similar? This message started as a joke, but maybe there is a kickstarter or indiegogo project here? "Hate grinding and leveling up? Try the new dollar score game! 1 point = 1 dollar. Now, in this exciting massive multiplayer self validation game you can compete with players from all over the world to see who has the biggest ego and the deepest pockets! Do you have what it takes to spend more money than them? Compete with your friends family! Show them who is the better person by crushing them with your savings account! Short on cash? take advantage of our 1 click quickenloan application! Don't be left in the dust Install this app now!"