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  1. Long time no visit!

    Having not visited the forums since my successful quest to becoming a merc, I am wondering what became of faction forums. Can I not see them because of my merc status, or have they gone all together? If gone all together, why no archive of the text? Just curious.
  2. Patriot guide

    I'm working towards being a merc myself. I new up 49 million bots to start it off with a bang.
  3. Launch Verification

    Typical swarmie
  4. Can you post some disparaging comments made to you by this "bully". If not, it sounds like he is just a winner. Qonqr is a war game. You win a war by destroying the opposition at all costs. Looks like you need to put the big boy pants on or join the winner.
  5. GroupMe Group For Legion?

    Why switch. Faceless are the winning team and have the best worldwide communications.
  6. I get along just fine with Osage!
  7. Hi Ho Silver

    Nice shot dings
  8. Bregs!.... Shhh... Don't let people know I can be amicable...lol. @HK47.... I would say that this is a great game and is better when social IMHO. Saying that if relations in your faction are hostile then jumping ship isn't that bad. I jumped ship before as slip may tell you
  9. Stay faceless. I'll talk to Osage and see what's the dealio
  10. Global Leaderboard Top 50 Revisited

    I like you better when you are compiling stats slip.
  11. Newbie Faceless in the UK

    Welcome to faceless
  12. Hi

    Welcome. Have fun and take out all legion!
  13. Qommand

    When I say "im fine" it means "leave me the truck alone!"
  14. So hows it goin?

    @slipstream..... Hey man, we just so happen to be non cube warring with some legion to our north. Lets have tea.
  15. Why is your faction better?

    Purple= Barney, Skeletor, and Nicodemus Red= The Devil, commies, and carrot top Green= vomit, snot, and Oscar the grouch Based on these facts Faceless is supreme!
  16. Hey .. unwanted is here to dominate :)

    You might be a redneck! Here's your sign..... Know what I mean Vern?
  17. The Legion have been evicted from Chicago!

    Do you guys take your show on the road?
  18. Legion in Midland, Texas

    You will never take down chickeneye...lol. May as well move or join him.
  19. Sync Lock Blog Post 4/10/2014

    I say leave sync lock as it is!!!!! You guys are always ruining a good thing.......... JK
  20. New Feature - Sync Lock

    The drama queens are full throat here...lol. It is a game, and still a fun game. Glad this won't affect me, and hopefully i can affect others... Muahahahahaaaa.
  21. exchange rate "oddities" and it's bias?

    Sounds like Alex Jones up there s stirring up another conspiracy. Don't you think you should research more before accusing. I guess you expect them to prove to you that your theory is whacked...lol
  22. Has Qonqr lost its luster?

    Get good communication going and seek out other players outside your range to coordinate on attacks. San Antonio is on faceless lockdown, but I help all over Texas in missle strikes.
  23. That leaderboard looks weak. Be lucky you don't have true opposition. You could never pull that off in Texas. Congrats, and too bad my nanos can't range that far. I'd love to spoil a swarmies day.....mwahahahaha
  24. Greetings from Texas

    Welcome!! Where in Texas Kuji?
  25. New player in San Marcos Texas

    A new future faceless op!