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  1. I'm vilmosiv0 [Faceless]

    Hi all! I am the first european hacker who introduce here i guess. I'm from Hungary, a little lovely country in the heart of europe, with ******* politicians. I learn computer programming on the University of Szeged. Me and my brother KENCH take care of this region for the FACELESS.
  2. Hi guys! I made a simple QONQR themed flash game. It's not perfect for now, but it works, and I wont have too much time in the next few weeks, so I share it with you now. Here is the link (updated) : http://vilmosivo.bug.../qonqrGame.html Have fun! (It's uploaded to a free server, so if it has problem its normal. Press refress, and it will work! )
  3. Flash QONQR Game for poor Android users :)

    Link updated!
  4. Game Promotion Items Index

    desh0wiz, here you are!
  5. QONQR Themes for Google chrome

    Hi guys! I made some basic themes for google chrome. I hope you will like tham! QONQR Theme: http://www.themebeta.com/node/80814 Faceless Theme: http://www.themebeta.com/node/80810 Swarm Theme: http://www.themebeta.com/node/80812 Legion Theme: http://www.themebeta.com/node/80813 Have a nice day!
  6. QONQR Font type

    I hope you will like it, and creat awesome stuff with it! https://www.dropbox..../qonqr_v2.3.ttf
  7. QONQR Font type

    Syntax I think its an awesome idea!!! Im on it!
  8. QONQR Font type

    GaMERCaT There is a downloadable ttf version of this font, as you can see at the previous posts, but here you are, the link again https://www.dropbox..../qonqr_v2.3.ttf
  9. iOS 1.9.2 update

    Nice job! Thx!!!
  10. QONQR logo icons

    I like them!
  11. Anyone willing to take a stab at flash creative?

    Good idea, thx!
  12. Flash QONQR Game for poor Android users :)

    Hi, thx! If you have any problem or question about Flash (actionscript), just send me a priv. massage! I hope I can help you.
  13. Anyone willing to take a stab at flash creative?

    Pls guys, I need some feedback to keep up the work. If you have any opinion, pls share it with me!
  14. Anyone willing to take a stab at flash creative?

    Many of you sad to me, that you cant see the sfw on the site, so i made a GIF preview for you. Its not the best quality, but its still too slow, so i just cant made it biger.
  15. Anyone willing to take a stab at flash creative?

    You have to wait a few seconds to download it, bacouse its i bit big. Or it could be a problem if you blocking pictures, or adds or something like that in your bowser. And of course you need to insall flash plugin, but i think nowadays everybody have it so i dont think its a problem. I hope it will help. Have a nice day!
  16. Flash QONQR Game for poor Android users :)

    Hi guys! Some of you write to me that its just an empty page. No, its not The problem is the game is pretty big, and it takes a few seconds or a minute to download it, and before it downloaded its really seems just a white page. Anyway, now there is a new banner on the page, so its not empty any more Have fun!
  17. Anyone willing to take a stab at flash creative?

    Hi! I made the 160X600, its not the final version, becouse its a bit too big (it must be under 40k and its about 160k ), but i think thats a good start. What do you think? Any ideas, what should i change, or something? Its on the left side of the page, in the middle is the flash game. http://vilmosivo.bugs3.com/
  18. Anyone willing to take a stab at flash creative?

    Hi, i think it is a great idea, and i think i can help you in this. Im pretty cool on flash, so I can make it, the only problem is that im very busy now. So if you can wait for it, i can do something in the next month. Have a nice day!
  19. Propoganda Posters

    Hey boy, you are good!
  20. QONQR Font type

    Hi guys! I saw that you like this stuff very much, and its pretty popular. Now I dont have too much time for this, but if you want, I'll do the lowercase letters too next month. Have a nice day!
  21. Flash QONQR Game for poor Android users :)

    No, its just a plus thing. But yes, you got me, the rest of the game was already scripted. It was one of my exams in university.
  22. Flash QONQR Game for poor Android users :)