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Found 3 results

  1. Oddball Strategy

    I've been employing odds tactics lately trying to coordinate and cooperate with a faceless operative in my area. You tend to come up with some odd tactics in a situation like this, which led me to wonder, What's the oddest tactic you've ever employed to attack or defend a zone?
  2. Haters gonna Hate

    So long story short I took someone's missile zone, and we retaliated like 10 times back and forth and eventually he gave up and sent an upset message instead, upset that I was cubing, (no cubes were used or harmed in the taking of these zones). The cool thing was that I gained insight that this person was out of creds and was above buying cubes. Which allowed me to take more zones haha. He then tried to save face by saying bring it on, to which I decided those were not his true feelings and I decided to leave him alone. I dont mean this post to belittle or brag, hence no one was named, just a funny story that gave me insight I would have otherwise not had. It led me to wonder if anyone else had a cool story about conversations with upset players.
  3. If Qonqr was real...

    Would you stay in your same faction or switch? Would you take part in the war at all? What do you think the world would be like? How do you think you'd do all the things you do in game? Ex. Creating/destroying a base, harvesting, purchasing ordinance. Wouldn't it make sense if nanomissile range was based on base locations. Irl of course, not in game, although that wouldn't be a bad idea. Its not like I'd have a couple hundred nanomissiles sitting on my bedroom floor waiting to be launched. Anything else? Please share. I'm bored beyond boredom.