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Found 52 results

  1. PAX West

    Any Qonqr Operatives going PAX West in Seattle this year? I think it would be cool to see some other players up there if they are going. #Synclockedfordays
  2. This guide is meant to give hope to new players that join into an area were they are outnumbered or have some huge zones around them. These are my personal opinions and are ment to be a general as possible. Hello new player, let me be first to welcome you to Qonqr. Before I start this guide, I will need you to decide what play style you fit into as this will help you decide what do in overwhelming odds. There are really only 3 types of players 1) The Turtle: You stack defense all day and try to keep to yourself. 2) The Shark: you try to take out anything you see. 3) The pigeon: You are just trying to be annoying to the other players. So now down to the nitty gritty. How to Turtle: Level 0-100 Pick spots you can easily take back with Zone assault and put bases there, usually 2,000 or less bots in that zone. Doing this will allow you to keep a maximum credit flow. Level 100-up Once you have reached level 100 you should be a a competitive level of play. Also, you should have noticed the level of response and quality of response you have been getting for capturing zones. If you are getting hit with missiles from just one player, feel free to stack deflectors as they will probably give up on your zone eventually as they will have bigger fish to fry. Keep hopping around until you find a zone that you can take and stack with minimal effort. If you are getting hit with locals, or Zone assaults, keep persistent and patient. There will be a time were they get distracted with other campaigns out of town. Then that s is when you make your move. If at all possible, get some near by players give some missile support as it will show you are not going solo and may take some heat off of you. How to Shark: All Levels Attack, Attack, Attack. Most shark style players I have run across will look at the largest zone they can reach and do what ever they cant o take it down. That is pretty much it, Sharks just want to focus on one target and drop it down. Then if they can, take it back up under their factions control. Sharks will tend to help other players out of their city more then attack their own. How to Pigeon: All Levels Annoy! Caw! Annoy! Pigeons just want to rain on everyone's parade. They tend to look for zones with under 3,000 bots to turn to their factions control. These zone will get turned back and the Pigeon will turn it again. Hence the annoying part. Pigeons tend not to care about keeping zones their faction and care less about defending them. Pigeons just attack were they can be the biggest problem to the big players. I hope this can give new players a place to start and a desire to play in overwhelming odds and not just switch factions, because that is no fun when every one is on the same team. Comment below if you think there is any more advice to give to newbies in hard to pay areas.
  3. blah blah blah

    Curious about something..the genesis of the faction names in particular and some other details.. Influenced by Anonymous much? Legion is a term often used "we are legion..." Swarm.. Hive mind.... Faceless.. Guy Fawkes mask..hackers.. The pic used for the plasma cannon...very similar to the pic used in the old ddos tool LOIC ....just saying there are some very familiar 'accidental' references
  4. Swarm need assistance!

    The zone of medical lake! Zone ID is 2298451. Legion has been barraging swarm members and has taken over this zone. Enemies use a pay to win strategy. PRimary defense of enemy is absorbers. Mass assistance is need ASAP!
  5. Carolina Rebellion Meet up

    QONQR meet up at the concert! I got a few swarm going lets make it bigger. Lets get all the local QONQR players there. Its at the Charlotte NC motor speedway. May 2nd through the 3rd. Bunch of great rock bands. I tried to post a banner for it but it was to large and resizing it on my phone isn't working. So here is the website
  6. I love Qonqr. Intro and Background: I’ll give you a History of me on the game. I was born to Qonqr in Puerto Rico, Legion was the weak faction there and so I was born into Legion. In Puerto Rico is an island of 100miles wideX 35 miles across. There are more than 3000 territories in that space. I loved Qonqr being played against 6 people total with that many territories around. A capture was assured every time you checked in. and that was fun. I am also a very offensively minded player, so the defensive aspect of the game was never an enjoyable part of the game. Seattle: Summer of 2013 I moved to the Greater Seattle Area. Legion was a good group, the swarm had a healthy group and the faceless had big group that spent some money in some battles in the area. This was also fun but also frustrating because when 20-30 people defend the battles can get pretty intense (and kind of spendy). Legion lost some team members, and I switched to the swarm group in order to have better balance in battles, (and I felt left out). I later set about achieving all the hidden defection medals( I am legion at heart), so I spent 120 days in each faction. I have also spent a fair amount of dollars in this game. The greater Seattle area has many veteran players, We keep an all teams Groupme group to socialize and sometimes trash talk each other. But I understand that this type of group is fairly rare in the game. The actives in the area are about 30 players across all factions. Current status of the game: Looking at most major metropolitan areas (where the people are). I see Million bot towers that I assume are fully supported. It makes me wonder what the original vision for the game was: A dynamic map where things have the potential to change every day? Or a hopelessly gridlocked game where high fully supported towers are the norm? The Ingress Problem: I am fairly exited for blue version of Qonqr. But I recently tried out ingress for Iphone. This game is similar to Qonqr in some ways but very different. The dynamic is different in that your range never improves over 30 meters. So you can’t really play from the comfort of bed or couch. You have to walk somewhere to capture anything. You also have to link your current portals (zones) to create fields. You also have to recharge your Resonators (defensive bots) every 3 days in order to maintain a portal. The game is many times over more complex than Qonqr. But It has an order of magnitude more players in the area. This might be due to the platform that it is on, but since the range is so small, it forces players to actually meetup in order to capture a heavily defended zone. This meetups happen every day and the map changes as a result. Since you can’t get up and defend a portal when it’s under attack by 5-10 players you are pretty much guaranteed a meetup of the other side to take it back sometime this week. This creates a virtuous cycle of engagement with the players. So much so that the GROUPME community for Ingress is tiered: A welcome group that redirects you to your local chat (as soon as a trusted operative confirms your scope as good). Also the monetizing of the game is different. Ingress monetizing is gathering human movement for Google (and corporate sponsors), and Qonqr is primarily player supported, so that is a challenge, but the side effect is that no player can buy their way to victory. This creates more community, as the only way to victory on the map is to work together. It surprised me to know that ingress is younger than Qonqr. But the community of Ingress is Way more involved with their game than we are. Part of The Problem, and part of the solution The problem IMO is that all the zones are fully supported, and that will not change anytime soon, anywhere. Most of the support around here is from inactive players. Maybe that is the case everywhere, I don’t know. I propose the following mechanism for at least having a chance at eroding support, get more kills to the players and have a chance to change the map in your local area. I propose that you introduce Divert field decay (not shield decay). This effect would be implemented like the shield decay. Amended from the Blog “After a player has failed to launch in QONQR for 30 days, the divert field will decrease by 1% each additional day they fail to launch a new formation. Launching in any zone will immediately reset the clock and put your divert field back to 100%. My thinking is that this divert field will bring old inactive support to the front of the battle lines, motivating players and encouraging battles, It would also encourage redundant support from active players and spending of game credits on support, which is always good for Qonqr. What say You Qonqr Comunity? There is a poll on the top of the page, be sure to vote, as I might be crazy and nobody agrees with me.
  7. So, I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. When I started playing QONQR, I went with Faceless. Unfortunately, there are practically NO active Faceless members in my area or in Mississippi altogether, pretty much. So that leaves me with 2 choices. Stay where I am and pretty much fight the war by myself, or change factions and actually make friends and have some help. Problem is, I don't know which faction has more active members in Mississippi, Swarm or Legion? Any help would be appreciated..
  8. Stoppable Force

    To quote another topic that dings90 started; "OK, it is now proven that Faceless is an unstoppable force. Sorry, had to be said. I'm ready for all the cubing comments, but I saw plenty of cubes being utilized by the losing 2 factions as well. We also can say we beat you both since you double teamed us for a good portion of the battle. We have nothing more to prove!" Wow the swarm won this Atlantis even though we were getting double teamed . But seriously great work swarm.
  9. Swarm NW wallpapers - Washington

    I made a couple of wallpapers for SwarmNW folks and figured I'd share them. Here's WA (2560x1600, scaleable to any 16:10 display). Oregon/Idaho coming soon.
  10. Time pass by, considered individual Atlantis battle were fought. At each engagement between factions, competitiveness was at its peak. Inside each mobile operatives was people of all ages from every nook & corner of the world incited either for reward-incentives or by dent of their factions love. Some were motivated by their passion while others of the contest itself. Atlantis remained unaffected by participation, had a feature of perpetual existence up till today's date with fresh ground to battle. Living in Swarm:- No matter what, we were always ready to get into the field, sometimes with spirit of revenge. Other times with notion to prevent being avenged. But casually to win. None of us had yellow belly to fight against supreme players of this planet. We weren't just home sitters. Our ability was tested in each battle. We learned to manage our impuissance, besides looking to exploit our foes weakness and to anticipate their moves. At all times communication was vital for us. We gave our best shot, remained awake when everyone was asleep. Today our enemy calls it as "act of using emulators". Acquiring dexterity & skill for a intentionally coordinated movement constituted our prime objective. We have operatives who weren't elite but cognized to improvised with everything in hand & reach to equalise with enemies highest bidder. That's a fact. We play Fair, inspired by healthy contention. But every other faction is always our enemy and that too is a fact. I myself, highly value Atlantis. I love the way it is and give 110% everytime. It has become part of my lifestyle. I don't give a flying f**k for retarded protesters, I'm more interested to hone my skills there. My Few Words.
  11. I am resigning as legion leader president ruler tyrannical leader. Dings paid me so I'm taking a break. -serious- he didn't, don't even start anything with him on this- -serious- I'm taking a long break since this game isn't fun anymore. Hopefully after the break I can get my Qonqr love back. -not serious- dings is love. Dings is life
  12. Defection

    A random swarm member messaged me today, asking if he could switch to the legion. My obvious answer was yes. But after my reply, he asked if he could switch BACK to swarm if he wanted to. It was an odd question I did not know the answer to. Could somebody enlighten me about this sunny disposition?
  13. After playing several Atlantis rounds, I've realized some things in the macro sense of the word. The most obvious on is that the legion of the world are no where near as badass as the ones we deal with on the East Coast. This round it is obvious that Legion has again struck an agreement with Swarm. There is no swarm-legion activity going on short of Swarm retaking Kalkin for Legion. On the other hand, the Swarm of the world are much more ruthless than the small sect we have on the East Coast. They have numbers, cubers and a willingness to kill that I'm just not used to seeing from Swarm around me. There seems to be an impressive level of cooperation and coordination amongst themselves. And I'm gonna call us out too. The Faceless of the world struggle to get organized just as much as we do on the East Coast. It's like being an ADD kid and trying to keep your binder organized at school. Everyone is super interested in becoming organized under excellent leadership, but the rubber just never meets the road. I've been enjoying this round more than ever, it's been an awesome chance to come together and meet people from half a dozen new countries. This is now the most international thing I've ever had my hand in and I love it. I mean no disrespect by anything I've said above, merely sharing my observations about the Qonqrverse. I encourage everyone else to post their findings as well (without getting out the flamethrowers, lets be civil). Anyway, as my good friend Wheg's avatar says, Have lots of fun! See you in battle
  14. Popular Opinion

    Qonqr is a great game and always improving!
  15. Ok, so the zone wasn't actually called "Citizens Bank Park", but it was the closest zone. Myself and two other Swarm took down the zone as well as a couple others while we were there. Unfortunately, my QONQR shirt only arrived yesterday, so I wasn't able to wear it when this picture was taken. My friend took the pic about a month ago when we were at the game, but kept forgetting to send it to me. The Phillies won the game as well, obviously spurred on by our victory and celebrating their recent liberation from the Legion's controlling grip into Swarm's warm embrace.
  16. Howdy y'all Please note this only covers the Top 50 Bots Deployed Leaderboard For the old post please click here. http://community.qon...derboard-stats/ Now for the fun stuff. Texas Top 50! Total Players: 50 Total Bots Deployed: 1,265,502,010 Total Bots Killed: 913,823,946 Total Zone Leads: 9,147 Total Zone Captures: 79,866 Total Number of Zones: 9,137 Total Players Faction: Total Players - What percent of the Top 50 it is. Legion: 20 - 40% Faceless: 12 - 24% Swarm: 18 - 36% Total Bots Deployed Legion: 447,652,715 - 35.37% Faceless: 402,829,121 - 31.83% Swarm: 415,020,174 - 32.79% Total Bot Kills Legion: 456,195,821 - 49.92% Faceless: 121,786,702 - 13.33% Swarm: 335,841,423 - 36.75% Total Zone Leads: Legion: 2,975 - 32.52% Faceless: 5,067 - 55.40% Swarm: 1,105 - 12.08% Total Zone Captures Legion: 34,729 - 43.48% Faceless: 22,015 - 27.56% Swarm: 23,122 - 28.95% Total State Zone Control Legion: 3,344 - 36.6% Faceless: 3,490 - 38.2% Swarm: 2,293 - 25.1% Uncontrolled: 9 - .1% (numbers might not add up correctly due to rounding) The below are stats for the Top 10 Players. Top 10 Totals Total Deployed: 544,045,189 Total Kills: 283,880,013 Total Leads: 5,373 Total Captures: 36,379 The below is what % the Top 10 makes of the Top 50 42.99% of the total bots deployed 31.07% of the total bot kills 58.74% of the total zone leads 45.55% of the total zone captures Awards! Most bots killed 1st: Slipstream (55,275,976) Most bots killed 2nd: Maecenus (52,756,947) Most Zone Leads 1st: Chickeneye (3,784) Most Zone Leads 2nd: Apex_Strider (512) Most Zone Captures 1st: Chickeneye (8,524) Most Zone Captures 2nd: jonezy (8,420) Best Kill / Deployment Ratio 1st: Syphor (2.66) Best Kill / Deployment Ratio 2nd: AirPower (2.26) Best Zone Lead / Zone Capture Ratio 1st: GoldenTriangleEmpire (.55) Best Zone Lead / Zone Capture Ratio 2nd: PDDGamerChamp (.55) Now for the changes in the Top 50 from last year. Stat Name : Number Change - Percent Change Increase in Total Bots Deployed: 887,836,669 - 235.09% Increase in Total Bots Killed: 561,527,124 - 159.39% Increase in Total Zone Leads: 3,762 - 69.86% Increase in Total Zone Captures: 32,142 - 67.35% Difference in faction representation since last year. Legion: -1 Faceless: -2 Swarm: 3 Difference in Bots Deployed since last year. Legion: 315,029,901 - 237.54% Faceless: 236,680,120 - 142.45% Swarm: 336,126,648 - 426.05% Difference in Total Bot Kills since last year. Legion: 277,755,828 - 155.66% Faceless: 38,648,377 - 46.49% Swarm: 245,122,919 - 270.20% Difference in Total Zone Leads since last year. Legion: 1,334 - 81.29% Faceless: 2,964 - 140.94% Swarm: -536 - (-32.66%) Difference in Total Zone Captures since last year. Legion: 13,967 - 66.47% Faceless: 6,756 - 44.28% Swarm: 11,519 - 99.28% Factoids! Oldest Player in the Top 50: Maecenus (3/11/2012) Oldest Player in the Top 50: N (3/11/2012) (Qonqr's inception) Youngest Player on the Top 50: Lumuj (1/5/2014) SURVIVOR AWARD **People who are still on top 50 from last year** Chickeneye, Maecenus, Mr_B, Irulan B34ST, Ferrariman, redhot3000gt GoofyBroad, Slipstream, Verrum drag0n517, ladyhawk517, sigillumNIHIL KingJeffrey, N, Kittens, ABux Bluto, Boozer, jonezy, AirPower TheIntersect, OliveOil, Astronutz Syphor
  17. Hello everyone! I got a request from someone to revist the Illinois Top 50 Leaderboard, so I thought I'd give it a go. Its been *roughly* a year since I last looked at it so it should be pretty interesting. Please note this only covers the Top 50 Bots Deployed Leaderboard For the old post please click here. http://community.qon...derboard-stats/Now for the fun stuff. Illinois Top 50! Total Players: 50 Total Bots Deployed: 513,873,045 Total Bots Killed: 690,367,502 Total Zone Leads: 5,016 Total Zone Captures: 85,282 Total Players Faction: Total Players - What percent of the Top 50 it is. Legion: 7 - 14% Faceless: 37 - 74% Swarm: 6 - 12% Total Bots Deployed Legion: 46,060,558 - 8.96% Faceless: 418,686,998 - 81.48% Swarm: 49,125,489 - 9.56% Total Bot Kills Legion: 89,272,072 - 12.93% Faceless: 523,266,478 - 75.80% Swarm: 77,828,952 - 11.27% Total Zone Leads: Legion: 139 - 2.77% Faceless: 3,810 - 75.96% Swarm: 1,067 - 21.27% Total Zone Captures Legion: 12,208 - 14.31% Faceless: 60,060 - 70.43% Swarm: 13,014 - 15.26% The below are stats for the Top 10 Players. Top 10 Totals Total Deployed: 269,808,841 Total Kills: 199,102,257 Total Leads: 1,655 Total Captures: 21,523 The below is what % the Top 10 makes of the Top 50 52.50% of the total bots deployed 28.84% of the total bot kills 32.99% of the total zone leads 25.24% of the total zone captures Awards! Most bots killed 1st: GHOSTFACEFF (53,898,073) Most bots killed 2nd: marklitwin (42,364,218) Most Zone Leads 1st: PeoriaFalcon (426) Most Zone Leads 2nd: Sayyadina (396) Most Zone Captures 1st: GHOSTFACEFF (10,023) Most Zone Captures 2nd: Sayyadina (5,195) Best Kill / Deployment Ratio 1st: Jmb8 (7.84) Best Kill / Deployment Ratio 2nd: DjangoStillChained (6.56) Best Zone Lead / Zone Capture Ratio 1st: DaHo109 (0.49) Best Zone Lead / Zone Capture Ratio 2nd: Pr0mE (0.33) Now for the changes in the Top 50 from last year. Increase in Total Bots Deployed: 356,225,381 Increase in Total Bots Killed: 514,481,779 Increase in Total Zone Leads: 1,603 Increase in Total Zone Captures: 51,423 Difference in faction representation since last year. Legion: -4 Faceless: 8 Swarm: -4 Difference in Bots Deployed since last year. Legion: 8,622,456 Faceless: 323,149,968 Swarm: 24,452,957 Difference in Total Bot Kills since last year. Legion: 38,882,828 Faceless: 438,384,309 Swarm: 37,214,642 Difference in Total Zone Leads since last year. Legion: -263 Faceless: 1,155 Swarm: 711 Difference in Total Zone Captures since last year. Legion: 4,112 Faceless: 43,376 Swarm: 3,935 Factoids! Oldest Player on the Top 50: Sayyadina (8/4/2012) Youngest Player on the Top 50: bevnet36 (5/28/2014) Survivors from last years top 50 Ariaore, RebelFalcon, Outlaw2112 Sayyadina, Messuna, marklitwin StarlightShadows, Nightphlox Randy_Stones, GHOSTFACEFF Medic156, SpyderPilot
  18. Hello everyone! About a year ago I created a post called "Global Leaderboard Top 50", in this post I outlined some stats for the Top 50 players in the world based purely on bots deployed. Well after a year has passed I decided I would revist this old topic and provide some new insight. Below you will see the state of the Top 50 currently, how its changed in the last year, and some other tidbits. For the old post please click here. http://community.qon...d-top-50-stats/ Now for the fun stuff. GLOBAL Top 50! Total Players: 50 Total Bots Deployed: 3,537,021,261 Total Bots Killed: 1,368,911,118 Total Zone Leads: 45,465 Total Zone Captures: 189,858 Total Players Faction: Total Players - What percent of the Top 50 it is. Legion: 13 - 26% Faceless: 24 - 48% Swarm: 13 - 26% Total Bots Deployed Legion: 988,877,251 - 27.96% Faceless: 1,700,682,204 - 48.08% Swarm: 847,461,806 - 23.96% Total Bot Kills Legion: 328,619,525 - 24.01% Faceless: 580,946,342 - 42.44% Swarm: 459,345,251 - 33.56% Total Zone Leads: Legion: 18,303 - 40.25% Faceless: 16,796 - 36.94% Swarm: 10,366 - 22.80% Total Zone Captures Legion: 48,392 - 25.49% Faceless: 93,012 - 48.99% Swarm: 48,454 - 25.52% The below are stats for the Top 10 Players. Top 10 Totals Total Deployed: 925,240,809 Total Kills: 284,753,809 Total Leads: 17,113 Total Captures: 52,325 The below is what % the Top 10 makes of the Top 50 26.16% of the total bots deployed 20.80% of the total bot kills 37.64% of the total zone leads 27.56% of the total zone captures Awards! Most bots killed 1st: xdawggwadx (136,258,926) Most bots killed 2nd: ActionGee (78,322,880) Most Zone Leads 1st: linjin (6,988) Most Zone Leads 2nd: bouyeros (3,793) Most Zone Captures 1st: Cipher9 (15,409) Most Zone Captures 2nd: xdawggwadx (10,862) Best Kill / Deployment Ratio 1st: xdawggwadx (2.15) Best Kill / Deployment Ratio 2nd: ActionGee (1.12) Best Zone Lead / Zone Capture Ratio 1st: linjin (0.90) Best Zone Lead / Zone Capture Ratio 2nd: Stalin (0.65) Now for the changes in the Top 50 from last year. Increase in Total Bots Deployed: 2,214,421,241 Increase in Total Bots Killed: 804,739,285 Increase in Total Zone Leads: 21,038 Increase in Total Zone Captures: 87,253 Difference in faction representation since last year. Legion: -8 Faceless: 7 Swarm: 1 Difference in Bots Deployed since last year. Legion: 450,358,781 Faceless: 1,211,352,178 Swarm: 552,710,282 Difference in Total Bot Kills since last year. Legion: 71,954,412 Faceless: 429,642,983 Swarm: 303,141,890 Difference in Total Zone Leads since last year. Legion: 7,149 Faceless: 8,821 Swarm: 5,068 Difference in Total Zone Captures since last year. Legion: 5,888 Faceless: 59,728 Swarm: 21,637 Factoids! Oldest Player on the Top 50: 1moparnut (3/10/2012 Youngest Player on the Top 50: Dryad (8/28/2013) Survivors from last years top 50 Richin109, Mercy, Chickeneye, cedrorum, Gilceleb, clubfoot, maxoxam Cipher9, 1moparnut, ActionGee, Mobius, southwind, Mr_B, kutengwa Dread_Pirate_Roberts, spe, linjin, Irulan
  19. So there's been some discussion in other threads.. but I think we need an official debate thread for the topic if there isn't already. I couldn't find one so here it is. I'll start. :3 So.. obviously, I'm arguing in favor of the legion. It's freaking called QONQR. What friendly AI would call itself qonqr?! Why go by such a threatening name if your intentions are good? I liked deej's argument of legion being the liberators. Man kind has progressed just fine on it's own.. Better safe than sorry, right? Plus, who doesn't love to blow stuff up all the time? I won't admit to looking for drama by posting this. I've heard a lot of arguments but I want to hear it all.
  20. That Awkward Moment When...

    Your scope is in overheat, and realize your phone is actually overheating too..
  21. QONQR Themes for Google chrome

    Hi guys! I made some basic themes for google chrome. I hope you will like tham! QONQR Theme: Faceless Theme: Swarm Theme: Legion Theme: Have a nice day!
  22. Swarm UK Logo

    Thought I'd spend some time designing a logo. I'm pleased with this first attempt, and it didn't take me long. I had to convert the original file from .PNG to .JPEG , so the quality isn't as good.
  23. QONQR Christmas Tree

    Last night we of the Swarm Network made a beautiful Christmas Tree for all to enjoy, and one Creative Swarmie put a Star on it. We invite all our Swarm brothers and sisters to join in on the festivities we plan through out the year.
  24. Well here is the deal. The Legion has built a fortress in and around Cleveland...its a huge area. Take a look for yourself. I am one of the few swarm players near-by and gave no shot of denting it on my own. I would like to see a battle take place for once on this game...ive never seen too much action. So calling all players! Cleveland, Ohio should be put to siege.
  25. Christmas Martyr

    Here to announce I'm going for the ypres peace award, and also to invite/dare those of you near California to send me Christmas presents in the form of missiles! Act soon, my zones are going to go fast!