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    Q&A for the New Players

    What is this game all about? (short version) Do you like the board game RISK®? Then chances are you’ll like QONQR. Your job is to join a faction and help your faction (team) take over the world. QONQR is an artificial intelligence that appeared on the Internet. We don’t know where it came from, or its purpose, but we know it is powerful. The Legion want to destroy QONQR because they believe it will enslave and exterminate humanity. The Swarm believe QONQR will advance the human race, and we should protect it. The Faceless don’t care, and want to steal the technology for their own uses. Pick a side, recruit your friends, and help your faction capture the towns and cities in which you live, work, and play. What is this game all about? (long version) Right now an invisible war is raging all around you. At stake: the Past, Present, and Future. A rogue Artificial Intelligence has been detected infiltrating the world’s networked infrastructure. Initial hacking of the source code has revealed incredible new technology. It is not certain whether this AI seeks to enhance or destroy humanity. It is only certain that it is here, and that is has a name: QONQR.Those who first detected the presence of QONQR on the global networks have argued fiercely over its intentions. They have split into viciously rival Factions, each co-opting the known QONQR technologies for their own ends. Even now the Factions battle over the entire globe seeking to gather resources and prepare for the coming power struggle. Whether you accept it or not, the war is here. Your survival, prosperity, and even glory depend on the choices you make and the skill you demonstrate from this point forward. You will be asked to join one of three Factions. The choice should not be made lightly. Your Faction Alignment will define your place in the war over QONQR. THE LEGION unite under the shared goals of destroying QONQR and saving humanity by crushing the nascent AI before it can mature. They are led by AGENT SUNDAY, a former commander of the NSA's Turing Task Force which has been valiantly stamping out dangerous AIs for years. THE SWARM are convinced that QONQR promises an era of unprecedented technological advancement and human prosperity. Nanobot weaponry expert KIMYO NAGUMO leads this faction in the battle to defend QONQR and assemble its future tech, accelerating humanity's path into the future. THE FACELESS are a loosely organized faction of militant hackers who want QONQR's technology for their own ends, but want to prevent the unavoidable nightmare of human slavery they believe it portends. When they choose to communicate, they do so through an anonymous vigilante who goes by the name PROMETHEUS. . What do I do first? Create a base, then launch. Launch nanobots until your fingers hurt. How do I create a base? On iOS there is a Base icon in the menu bar. For Windows Phone, you will find a bases button on the home screen. These take you to the Base Screen where you can see how many bases you have available to you. Once you create a base, be sure harvest often by returning to the list of your bases. You can see how full each base is by checking the fill percentage icon. Bases stop collecting once they are full. What is the point of creating bases and harvesting resources? You need bases to earn money. Bases collect rare elements over time which you can then harvest for your faction in exchange for qredits. Qredits can be used to purchase ordinance (like nanomissiles) and upgrades which will help you capture and hold battle zones more easily. What do you mean, “launch nanobots?” Nanobots are the invisible soldiers generated by your device (which has been transformed into “Scope” by advanced QONQR technology). Nanobots fight for control of the battle zones around you.. From the home screen click “Current Zone”. Once you have selected your zone, you will be able to deploy nanobots there.. Initially, you are just a level 1 recruit. You are only going to get a small attack formation with a limited range.. Other solders have to practice with rifles before they get tanks; you are no different. Once you prove your mettle, you’ll get access to bigger weapons. Soon you’ll be lobbing missiles hundreds of miles. How do I capture a zone? If you play for the Legion and are launching nanobots into a zone controlled by the Swarm, you will capture the zone for the Legion as soon as you have destroyed enough of the enemy that your nonbots outnumber theirs. If you are the person who causes the zone to change control to the Legion, you will be listed as the Capturer of the Zone. The Person with the most nanobots in the zone is the zone leader. What is my current zone? How do you know? Your current zone is determined by your proximity to the nearest zone center. So, while you might be inside the governmental boundaries of a city, your scope (phone) could tell you your current zone is a different city, if that city’s center is closer. So I just keep deploying? Yes, in the early levels of the game, just keep deploying and harvesting your bases. You will earn XP (experience points) proving your loyalty to your Faction. You will level up quickly and soon have access to many more options. So all I can do is just attack? You only get assault bots to start. They are the most basic type of nanobot formation. As you level up you will get many more options, including bots that are good at defense, energy attacks, long-range deployments, formations that will buff the shields for all your faction-mates in the zone, and many more. My faction already controls this zone should I still attack? Yes, assault bots won’t attack your friends. You will increase the bot counts for that zone, which will deter opponents. Attack bots can defend your zone; they just aren’t very good at it. As you level up you will unlock defensive formations that are better for deploying if your faction already holds the zone. I’ll never knock out my enemy at this rate! In the first few levels your impact might feel minimal, but every deployment helps you gain experience. It won’t take long to level up if you keep at it. If you are unlucky enough to be in a zone where someone has already built up huge defenses, you may be in for a long fight. But remember, your scope moves with you. Go explore the world and find softer targets. Once you level up, it won’t seem like a toy gun against a battleship. You’ll get your big weapons once you prove yourself. We have already seen operatives brag about taking down 1,000,000 nanobots in just a couple days. Nothing is impossible. How do I attack a different zone? As you level up you will unlock more and stronger formations. Those new formations will have range. While at the early levels you can only attack nearby zones, as you level up your attacks will go 10-20 miles (roughly 15-30 Km) and you will eventually gain access to nanomissiles that can go hundreds of miles. What should I buy in the depot first? The smallest thing to buy is a refresh. We give you some of these as you level up so you can try them out. Refreshes will refill (or partially fill depending on the size of your tank) your bot bar or your energy bar. But after that, it depends on your goals. There is much to choose from. Do you want to be able to deploy more nanobots on every launch? Do you want to boost your offensive or defensive bots? Do you want to be able to launch missiles into towns far away? All of these things are possible. Look through the depot and see what you like. Most of the time you will need to buy an upgrade before you can buy the ordinance. For example, missiles are fairly inexpensive, but you need to buy the MX Rack Missile Launcher before you can launch them. Buy the upgrade first. What is the difference between qredits and cubes in the depot? A qredit (aka: credit, which looks like the child of a Q and € ) is the type of currency you earn in the game by harvesting your bases. Cubes (aka: power cubes) are purchased with real money in the Bank section of the Depot. We want everyone to be able to do everything in the game for free, by earning qredits, but for those who want to move a bit faster, you can purchase cubes to speed things along. Purchasing cubes is how QONQR makes money. We very much appreciate your support. Every purchase you make helps us to keep making improvements in the game. Future enhancements will enable you to earn cubes in game. Why can’t I create another base? Additional bases become available as you level up. At the start, you will get a new base every 5 levels. If you don’t have any more bases available to build, you will need to level up. If you have a base available, but aren’t allowed to use it, it is because you already have a base in that zone. You can only have one base in a zone. Get yourself to another zone, then create your base there. My bases are collecting credits at different rates. Your bases collect resources faster if your faction controls the zone. Do your best to either put your bases in zones you can control by yourself, or find zones with strong players in the same faction and put your bases there to maximize your credit collection. The game says I’m in a town that doesn’t exist. QONQR tracks almost 3 million battle zones of varying strategic value in 250 countries. Sometimes those zones include locations that haven’t existed for over 100 years. That’s pretty cool if you ask us. If you find a zone that looks like a duplicate or is just plain wrong, however, let us know on the forums under “Zone Corrections”. How do I move my current position on the map? You might need to take a car, bus, plane or train depending on which zone you are trying to get to, but if you want to move on the map, you need to move in the real world. QONQR is a location-based game, which means you play where you are. However we don't want to make you move to play, we want you to plan when you move. QONQR goes with you as you move through the daily activities in your life. Where do I find the Strategy Guide? Here: http://community.qonqr.com/index.php?/topic/1191-the-official-qonqr-strategy-guide/ How do I win? That is for you to decide. There is still much to discover. We don’t even know if QONQR is good or evil. Why is it here? What is its purpose? Help your faction further its goals and unlock all the secrets of QONQR!
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    Your legs go numb from sitting on the toilet to long.
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    The Official QONQR Strategy Guide

    Attached you will find the Official Strategy Guide for QONQR. The formation behavior described in this document go into affect on 2/18/2013. See the update announcement for more information Official QONQR Strategy Guide.pdf
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    I'll offer a 3rd option. I like the idea of a full day. We have a full day of 'no launch' on Christmas, for rank points nonetheless, and I'm sure there are plenty of non-Christians that play Qonqr. A full day to honor a comrade's passing seems very reasonable. My thought though is instead of laying down our scopes, why not do what the avatar suggests and 'stack to the heavens'? A day free of violence, but full of building. Those that don't honor it...well, then I suppose we'll all know who not to associate with.
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    Qonqr Meme's!

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    Seriously...is it that hard for people to just be DECENT. I know this is a war game...deception, espionage and coordination come with the territory. I'm not even referring to cube accounts or multi-scoping, though those topics get an honorable mention here. I'm referring to people that feel the need to be bullies in one form or another. People who have no other outlet for frustration other than being EXTREMELY lewd and offensive. I'm sure most of us have run into one at some point or another...those people that make you question the social aspect of this geo-social game. I've been playing for a while now and have been fortunate to avoid some of the more abusive people I've been warned about but, unfortunately, an ally of mine was sent one of those WAY to common messages today...and it makes me sick. I have friends and family beyond this ally who play and the thought of someone truly close to me getting treated the way this individual was makes me sick. The offending party has been reported and again, unfortunately, there isn't much that can be done beyond that. I know the devs take this seriously and I appreciate the work they do...but its on us players to be decent, not the devs to police the situation. I encourage ALL players to report SERIOUS misconduct, whether directed at them or not...be voices for those that would remain silent. The person you know may be able to handle the abuse, but the person you don't know that's being treated the same way bu the same abusive individual, may not. I call on the Qonqr universe to maintain the social aspect of this game! Make yourselves examples to new and young players on the needs of decent behavior and call out those that would do otherwise. Play the game...be a general, a soldier, a spy, a traitor...but do it knowing its a game. Know that, regardless of how you play, when the scope gets put down you haven't intentionally harmed another outside of the game. Just be DECENT peopl
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    Qonqr Meme's!

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    New Faction Switching Rules

    Wow. So I guess this is the sort of stuff I miss when I go for extended periods without dropping by the forums.... My Initial Reaction: I think this is an absolutely horrible change. Metaphorically, I think it's like driving a finishing nail with a sledge hammer. Too broad of a "fix" and far too heavy handed. We'll see, maybe it will be good in the long run, but at the moment I find it very depressing. List of Gripes: GRIPE #1: Why should I have a penalty? Considering that when I started playing, switching faction wasn't even an option and when it did become an option I was already level 100, I took the Rank Penalty to switch. So personally, I'm a little upset that I have to have the -20 Rank Penalty just because I found the game early on, and have been a faithful player that wanted to switch factions. GRIPE #2: This makes the Private Factions and ALL the other off-site boards and chat applications much more open to spies and that sort of junk. I'm a proponent of the idea that "Spies Happen" but this game change makes it FAR more simple to be a spy. -The natural reaction will be to not trust another player or let them into your faction communications until they reach level 100; which seems counter intuitive if the goal is to reach out to new players and welcome them into your groups and task forces. GRIPE #3: This makes it important to not just reach out to new players, but to inundate them with spam until they switch to your side. The QONQR Game Reviews are already being spammed so much they look more like personal advertising campaigns to sway players to one faction or another, and this just makes it worse. New Players will be spammed mercilessly. We see a lot of in-game bribery to switch factions, and this will make it worse, not better, let alone set people up for becoming more angry and distrustful when the person they bribed switches for a bigger bribe. In some areas it will look like an auction for Pre-100 players. GRIPE #4: Being a new player and getting crushed by high level players doesn't stop you from leveling up. Leveling to 99 and then switching just delays the being crushed part. Granted, a lot of this is perception, and I get what is trying to be accomplished but there are MUCH better, more moderate methods, to accomplishing this goal in my opinion. GRIPE #5: This is a big set back to an integral part of this game: BUILDING PLAYER TRUST. The game takes trust to build allies and teams. Reaching out to new players and helping them along takes trust. I ask this: Why would an established player reach out and teach QONQR Strategies to Pre-100 Players when that same Pre-100 player can just turn around and join a different faction after getting the info. Frankly, I'm less likely now to sincerely reach out and help players. Instead, I'm going to have a number of canned messages and send them to every new player I see Ad nauseam. I'm going to spam them until they respond, and not truly welcome them with access to private information, community building, or try to get to know them until they are level 100. I think this change is too broad and unfocused in regard to the issues at hand, and causes established players who have paid for their defection(s) with negative Rank to have a sincere reason to be truly disgruntled. I CAN'T SAY HOW MUCH I DISLIKE THIS CHANGE -By far the most lack luster change in the game I've seen to date in my opinion. Now, I don't believe in just complaining and not offering solutions, so here's what I'd do instead: Allow free faction changes prior to level 10 (maybe level 20, but no higher). Make a part of the new player script focus on faction selection and reviewing your local area of play to make an informed decision. Reinstate the rank penalty for defection, starting at level 10 (maybe level 20, but no higher). Reinstate the waiting period for defection at a minimum of a 4 week waiting period. No matter the level, I see very little reason people should ever be able to jump from faction to faction without having a waiting period of some sort. Reduce the rank penalties for defection to -15 per instance (instead of -20) so if people want to defect they can, but they still take an effective temporary* rank penalty for it. Implement a new set of Awards to incentivize being loyal to and building relationships within the faction you chose to defect to by creating the following Awards: +1 Trusted (After Defection, Stay in new faction for 3 Months) +2 Loyalist (After Defection, Stay in new faction for 6 Months) +4 Patriot (After Defection, Stay in new faction for 9 Months) +8 Native (After Defection, Stay in new faction for 12 Months) *This way, staying in the new faction for one year will ultimately clear the penalties from your first defection. This will suit both new and established players alike. Allow players to delete accounts and start over using their same game aliases as often as they like. If a player is attached to their name, but wants to change faction and doesn't have much to lose, let them start fresh. Essentially this allows them to defect without taking the Rank Penalty or being branded "Spy" but also doesn't let them take their previous stats and cubes to the new faction. That way if you want a "fresh start" then you've got a fresh start. This way, if a player REALLY wants to defect or skip from faction to faction with no waiting period they have to start fresh each time.
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    Here's another emblem I made for a group of Legion operatives in Texas, The theme is to make a hybrid of the Texas Lone Star Imagery and the Legion Shield.
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    We apologize if playing the game is ruining your experience. Perhaps Farmville would be more to your comfort.
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    Multiscope venting.

    Silver has a van full of spy gear. Silver totally ROCKS!
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    Silver interviewed on Channel 9

    Link For those of you who are not software developers who work with Microsoft technologies (i.e. most of you), Channel 9 is essentially a web video channel for software developers with interviews, tutorials, and previews of new technologies & gadgets being put out by Microsoft. In the video they interview Silver about the tech behind Qonqr, comparisons between the iPhone and Windows Phone 8 apps, and the Command Center. It's a fun video to watch if you're interested in the tech behind Qonqr and it's at a fairly so you don't necessarily have to be a developer to understand what they're talking about. Either way, it's a pretty cool accomplishment. Congrats Silver!
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    Email support@QONQR.com

    Most people don't read topic descriptions so I'm making a post. QONQR now has a full-time support person as well as an issue ticketing and tracking application. In an attempt to stop getting problem reports from twitter, the forums, in game messages, Facebook, etc, we are now directing all issues must be sent to support@QONQR.com. This will make it much easier for us to properly record and track all the bugs and issues reported. If you are having a problem with the game you think another player can help you with, then yes please post it on the forums in the "Players Helping Players" section. For issues only QONQR can fix, please email support@QONQR.com. Thanks
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    Farewell to a Fine Opponent

    Last night an epic battle raged through the night. The Swarm and Faceless of Florida laid siege to a Legion controlled zone. Though the Legion fought on against overwhelming odds, the fight was lost as dawn neared. After the fight ended, I received a wire from a Faceless I have spoken to only a few times, Ap0c3030, containing the following message: "That was a last good battle. Epic win or lose, epic. Thank you and to all your comrades" Previously he had mentioned to me about becoming tired of the game. Yes, I did try to use the excitement of fighting a battle against some of the toughest Faceless and Swarm operatives I personally know of as an attempt to recruit him. He did remain true to Faceless though, to the end. Never did I worry about his messages being cruel or demeaning, and we were civil enemies who provided playful barbs at each other, only briefly. After receiving this message from Ap0c3030 this morning I wished him a final farewell, and that should we ever meet in a future game, may we fight for the same side. Ap0c3030, I wish you success, happiness, and challenging adventures in all your gaming future. Should you return to QONQR at a future date, I look forward to fighting with or against you (though I'm fairly sure against) and that the battles will be epic. I salute you my opponent. Staff Sergeant Seleas Legion
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    Today's Cube Exchange Rate is ....

    On April 20, (assuming the next iPhone release is approved before then) the cube to credit exchange rate in the depot will begin changing daily. I am not going to expose the formula that determines the daily exchange rate but will tell you that the exchange rates are capped at 1,000 for the low end and 7,000 for the top end. It has always been a goal of ours to have exchange rates fluctuate. Increased feedback from our players on this topic pushed this to the top of the stack. We would have done this months ago, but were focused on scalability issues much of the past few months. We may be slow to respond to your feedback, but we don't forget.
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    Qonqr Meme's!

    Of course none of us have EVER done this
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    Major Achievements Update

    Tonight I made several major changes to the achievements, many based on player feedback. Annihilator, Exterminator, Champion, Leader, and Industrialist had their requirements reduced. In addition, four new awards were created for deployments that happened on specific dates. As a result 1949 medals were awarded to 1455 players, and 268 players advanced their rank. One player advanced two ranks. Maecenus is now the only Master Sergeant in the game. 102 players observed the Christmas truce. As a bonus, I thought I would include the players who had earned the top medal for lifetime kills. PhilNi 26,601,813 willie 25,712,909 Rollosdad 23,028,851 maecenus 19,153,945 mtewks81 18,217,938 darkiran 15,159,520 Plem45 14,423,195 Oknos 12,584,185 olegm 12,502,478 Shodan 12,02,7476 LordStefo 11,447,054 redrhonda 11,194,687 Pierrette 11,191,375 Corpusd 10,224,618 tracey 10,202,625 Also, only Maecenus has earned the Industrialist award by harvesting 6,414,210 credits.
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    Prometheus Mask

    Could have done a few things better. Moved the eyes down & in a block each. Tried to apply the window tint a little better. But came out decent for a first attempt. May try to take it apart in a few weeks to adjust the eyes in some. video of the "flashing" though irl it's a more consistent flashing
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    A New Legion Superpower

    Just three months ago Northeast Indiana was all faceless. But that all changed when me and my brother decided to give qonqr another try. We we're just a weak legion outpost in the middle of faceless territory to begin with. Slowly we started claiming territory at a breathtakingly slow rate. So we had an idea, lets recruit our friends. But all four of them became swarm. So we shifted our focus to containment. By making pacts with faceless players to keep our own friends from spreading their influence. We were able to maintain our ground for the time being. A month went by with this back and fourth banter, but nothing really changed. Then out of the blue. One of are friends switched to legion, then another, then another, till finally they all turned. That's when things got fun. No longer were we just some small operation, but a force to be reckoned with. After the "switch", the faceless started losing territory fast. In one month we quadrupled our own holdings. But we still had two major faceless foes that were not going down without a fight. Another month went by, seeing the legion to many victories. We had finally become a superpower. Now we fast forward to two weeks ago. We owned all of northeast Indiana, and were undisputed. It was then I received the message that our greatest enemies both turned legion. At that moment we became unstoppable. Currently we are rapidly expanding are borders into Ohio and Michigan, I still think back to those days when only me and my brother were the only legionnaires in the area. We're lucky that we have an army now that is deadly, friendly, and willing to extend a helping hand. The lesson to be learned hear is that if you play your cards right you might end up a superpower too. Plus you gain many strong and kind allies that will lead your faction down the road of succes.
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    It took us a long time but we finally did it: Thanks to Belgian, Dutch and European Swarm we QONQRed Belgium.
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    I really just wanted to join the trend of folks telling everyone what they are doing when it comes to this game. It was a really hard decision that I struggled with for seconds….and I spent most of that time debating it (with myself). I even talked to myself about how much of an impact this news would have, not only on the community, but on the Devs themselves. “Monumental” was the word I decided to use in my head. The decision? I’m still playing…..same as yesterday….. “Tears of joy” are currently streaming down the faces of my loyal fans! Those who feel this was a poor decision, please spend the rest of the day responding with inane argument after inane argument (or join the ever popular trend of whining). Everyone else who doesn’t want to waste time with that, please feel free to toss missiles at any of my properties. Oh…and Devs….thanks for the game…..regardless of the loud whine going about in the forums….most of us are happy with the game and glad for some new developments. P.S. Go Falcons!
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    A public apology to MetalChic23

    I feel I should take a moment to publicly apologize for something I did to former Legion, current Swarm player MetalChic23. I judged her on an unimportant facet of her personality, and misread her being nice as something else entirely. I messaged her using kind words, while talking down about her to others, with what I thought was a way she would never find out. I have no excuse for my behavior, and apologize sincerely. For those who don't know exactly how badly I spoke of her behind her back, suffice to say I very much insulted her moral character. She did nothing to deserve this, and I was entirely in the wrong. It pains me to admit my behavior publicly, but I should hope this can maybe mend this rift. The way I acted was not the way I've been raised to treat others, and I would go so far as to say it goes against my very moral code. I always say not to judge others, yet there I was doing that exact thing. MetalChic, if you read this, I hope you find it in you to give me a second chance. I'm not just posting this because I got caught, but because looking back I truly regret saying it. It was out of line. I'm sorry.
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    Announcing QONQR Blue

    Read about it on our blog at http://blog.qonqr.co...cing-qonqr-blue
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    Recent QONQR Slow-downs

    We always try to be open with our players about issues that come up. In that spirit, I'd like to discuss the past 6 weeks of server troubles we have encountered. Problem: On Oct 1 we experienced 3 hours of downtime as a result of a billing error by Microsoft (our cloud hosting provider). They miscalculated our billing by $25,000 (a system glitch) which exceeded the "emergency stop" limit I had set. As a result our servers were removed to halt billing. The emergency rebuild we did in the middle of the night, subsequently resulted in a configuration issue that broke Atlantis for several hours. Solution: We have removed all billing spending limits. Microsoft recognized the issue was their fault and has assigned a dedicated cloud architect to work with us going forward on any concerns and assistance we need. This is a huge benefit we now have. ------ Problem: Over the past month, one of our servers appears to be randomly spiking to 99% CPU (normally 25%) and stays there. I believe we have now seen this 5-6 times (including today 11-13) This results in most of the requests which hit this server to timeout. Users see some of the game work and some not work, depending on which server they hit. Solution: We have been unable to determine root cause on this issue yet, and have been rebooting the server when the issue occurs. We will be decommissioning this server soon and creating a new server. We will start a major initiative to add instrumentation to all our code so we can either pinpoint the code that is getting stuck, or verify definitively that the server is not stuck in our code. Unfortunately this is a major effort that will be undertaken as part of a larger development task and may take many weeks to complete. ------ Problem: Last night (Nov 12) the site began responding slowly with most people experience failed connections to the server. We finally pinpointed the issue to an exceptionally high lag in one of our storage services. Azure storage usually takes only 10-50 milliseconds to perform an insert and we were seeing delays as long as 30 seconds. Solution: This problem fixed itself just as we were about to abandon our existing storage account and create a new one. A friend noticed our problem on Twitter, had the same issue and sent us the fix of moving to a new account. Microsoft support confirmed this was a cloud issue and escalated the incident, however the problem self-corrected before anyone could take action. Azure has built-in detection and "self-healing" properties and most likely it automatically moved our bad storage to a new server. Choosing to invest your time and money in a game isn’t just about fun, but having confidence that the game is reliable. As frustrating as it is for you, we are more frustrated. Please know that we are working hard to build more early detection systems into the game, instrumenting as much as possible to pin point problems early, and pushing on Microsoft when issues occur. Microsoft has been a fantastic partner for us and has been amazingly supportive and responsive to the recent issues. The past month has been very unusual and I’m confident issues like this will decline. We sincerely apologize for the challenges this presents to our games and are committed to making improvements.
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    Here is mine. For every ice bucket challenge video posted by our players by Sept 30th, we will donate $10 to ALS research, up to $2000. You must say your codename in the video, so we know you didn't just grab some random person's video off the internet. Also I personally challenge everyone to register for the marrow donor registry at BeTheMatch.org. I was a bone marrow donor and it was the easiest most rewarding way to personally save the life of another individual. Marrow matching goes well beyond blood type. It requires a nearly identical match on 12 DNA markers. It is extremely hard to find a match and if you are selected, it is possible, perhaps likely, that you are the only person in the over 10 million people registered who could save the life of another person through a marrow donation. It was so easy. It was pain free and I experienced no side effects. For many patients, a marrow transplant is their last chance at survival, or prolonging their life. Be a hero, join the registry. http://BeTheMatch.org Please post your videos here
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    Attached is the core of the crew that through perservance of constant launches has built what we believe to be the worlds largest base at the time of posting, currently sitting at just over 50.7M bots. Pictures in LizzieB, Hayellow, Top_Hat, l0za, Sethowar and roosterman.
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    Has QONQR Become "Pay-to-Win"?

    I agree that QONQR is a Pay-to-Win game. However, I don't necessarily believe that it just recently became that way. It has always been that way. Even in the very early days of QONQR, if you played against a person who spent money on Nanobot Refreshes, they'd win EVERY time, and that hasn't changed. However, I'll admit that once upon a time it seemed less skewed. The more specific problem seems to me to be with the current cube purchase bundles, and the variable exchange rates, as QONQR has become a Pay-to-Compete game. Prior to the implementation of the variable exchange rate, it was less-likely (even considered rare by a lot of players) to exchange cubes for qredits ($1 per missile you say? -No way). At that point cube purchases were made to buy upgrades (which at the start of QONQR seemed more game altering) and were used to buy Nanobot Refresh Packs. -And that was pretty much it for the majority of the players. Let's face it, even in pay-to-win games, some people will never buy cubes, but those people are commonly being beaten by even casual spenders. Now I'd guess that a large majority of players that buy cubes will also exchange them for qredits. Essentially, the game has become too easy to tilt the field with the use of money, so that's what people do. -Me included. That's also why people will eventually get to the point of walking away or "taking breaks" from QONQR. They're spending too much money and time on the game. -Me included. Time for some Star Wars References. I think at it's inception QONQR was a game designed to be played by people who spend and those who don't more or less equally, with those who spend becoming Sith (taking the quick and easy path to power) while the Jedi toiled away at harvesting Qredits to buy upgrades. But then bills needed to be paid for the game expansions and server upgrades, and it became clear QONQR needed to have at least a couple of full time people just to maintain it, and that those people likely needed a roof over their head, clothes on their backs, and food in their bellies. Thus QONQR needed to make money (Money being the root of all evil-riiiiight?), and so the Quick and Easy path got cheaper and more alluring and a game that only had a few Sith, and a large amount of Jedis has flip-flopped with the quick and easy path being all too quick and far too easy, resulting in a sea of Sith and very few Jedi to plod along at the "normal" rate. Here's the problem in my opinion. QONQR isn't just Pay-to-Win, it's Pay-to-Compete now. It's one thing for a player who doesn't spend money to be beat by one that does, but once upon a time those players would still feel competitive and get a "moral victory" of: "They had to buy cubes to beat me". Now it's "I have to buy cubes just to have a chance at beating people". Do I think this should be throttled back a bit? YES. Do I think QONQR Dev can throttle it back a bit? NO. I don't see how the QONQR Dev and Maintenance Team can afford to willingly make less money. However, IF and that's a giant if (just look at it), but IF they wanted to throttle the view point that QONQR is Pay-to-Compete back to a Pay-to-have-an-edge system, I'd do it this way: Make the top level upgrades significantly useful and make them only accessible by purchase. REMOVE Nano-Bot Refresh Packs, and Energy Recharge Packs from the game as a purchase item. These items are by far the biggest imbalancing purchase items in the game. You literally are able to Pay-To-Play-More with these items. (I mean: who cares if you have 500 missiles if you don't have the bots to fire them). Put a limit on the number of Refresh and Recharge Packs any player can have in their inventory. Say 20 of each type Maximum. Change the Refresh and Recharge Packs to items you can build with Bases instead of Qredits, thus you'd have potentially 3 types of bases, ones that harvest qredits (at the normal rate) ones that make Bot Refreshes (perhaps one Nanobot refresh per 12 hours), and ones that make Energy Recharges (perhaps one Recharge per 6 hours). Thus it takes time to build these imbalancing items and you have a limit to how much you can tilt the playing field. Personal Notes: Ideally, I'd like to see Qonqr a game that people spend money on, but that the money spent in total is less than $50. Qonqr's great, but I don't think it should cost more than a console game in total. Having said that, I can tell you, I've spent FAR MORE than $50 on QONQR and I regret it at times when I look back on the total amount I spent and think about how I could of used that money differently. -But that's my problem. Not Qonqr's, nobody twisted my arm and said "buy cubes or else" but it has been easy to get caught up in the game and spend more than I want to. It ultimately results with me putting personal limits on how much allow myself to even turn on the app. I wish Qonqr was a game I could play with more moderation, but that's just not the case, as it's a feast or famine game, so instead of playing regularly, I sign on and play for a bit to have some fun, but then take breaks to avoid spending too much money. Each break I take becomes longer and longer, and eventually I'll just not come back which is too bad, as I enjoy the community, but the game is just too consuming to keep up at with the current game play style.
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    The Fall of 17 Million

    THANK YOU Firsts things first. I want to say a major thank you to all of my fellow Faceless comrades. Words cannot being to explain how grateful I am for all of your support you have given me, whether it was for Pittsburgh or at another time. You guys are absolutely amazing and I am so blessed to be with such an amazing group of people. The fact that there were over 2,000,000 nano-missile remnants in the Pittsburgh zone is astounding. Our unity has grown because of this and I am longing for future Operations together. Again, thank you all for everything you guys continue to do, I will be forever in your debt. THE TAKE-DOWN At 7:30 PM on Friday, January 10, 2014, North East Legion Forces began what would become the biggest destruction of a zone in QONQR game history to date. Before the attack, the Pittsburgh zone stood 16,945,000 bots strong, fully galvanized, latticed, and amplified. It was the largest zone in all of Pennsylvania and one of the largest in the region. It was considered to be a zone that would never be touched due to its sheer size. That Friday, at 7:32 PM, I was starting my first of 7 Deflection deployments into the zone when I noticed something that should not have been there, ENEMY AMPS. Immediately I sent out emergency requests for help in clearing them. Within 10 minutes, all of the amps were gone and all traces of legion as well. Unfortunately for us, this was only the beginning of what would become a 131 hour long operation and the loss of over 17 million bots. At 8:12 AM on Thursday, January 16, the zone fell to Legion control. THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY But the battle was much much more than that, there were parts that went extremely well and others that would make anyone's head spin. The response that both sides had was probably record breaking on its own. Towards the end, there were so many people in that zone that you couldn't tell if there was an Amp unless it popped up above 6,000 bots. Both sides brought in record amounts of players, with estimates giving Legion 50-80 and Faceless topping out around 130 players. The fact that Pittsburgh was getting all of this attention was a little offsetting for us locals. One thing that shouldn't go unmentioned is the local response. We set up a schedule where we would have one player clear out all of the nano-missiles so that the rest of us could add in defense. A few times we added 40k bots in 1 minute, only to have it destroyed in about 2, depending on the time of day and who all was launching. Legion also set up a schedule ensuring that there were always players in the zone, something I can attest to being a rather large pain on our end. There was not a 5 minute period that I can recall (except for at night) where there weren't enemy bots in the zone. But not everything was a smooth ride. Sometimes the amps would go unnoticed for 5 minutes, but as stated above, never lasted more than 10. This was mostly due to the fact that there were not enough diverts to cover the threat levels the amps caused. At 2 cubes per amp (using refreshes and not accounting the cost of the amp) that's not a mistake that should be made, but alas it allowed for a very quick removal. There were dozens of amp attempts, but in the end it was the constant launching that brought the zone down, especially those that seemed to never stop launching, amps or no amps. Who spent what and more is going to be argued over for as long as people remember this attack. Call it bias but due to the costs of the amps and the constant onslaught of missiles, I think it goes without saying that Legion spent the most, some even would argue that the zone was bought. This doesn't mean we didn't have our own share of spenders though. I can't even begin to imagine how many cubes I used on recharges and I know I spent well over 500k qredits myself. As I said, we also had 2,000,000 nano-missile remnants which was not a cheap feat. It also meant that once the locals were cleared out, down the remnants went. On Thursday, the zone lost 5,000,000 due to only zone assaults and nano missiles being left. The two 6k exchange days also didn't help the defenders out much either, although there was also a 1k day. On Sunday I began making plans for the fall of the zone. We realized Legion's ambitions so we wanted to drag this thing out as long as we could, and boy did we. I began adding diverts to my bots which eventually gave me a 600k cushion between the other locals. The next step was to have everyone that possibly could to send in one nano-missile. The goal wasn't to have the zone go up in size, but instead require Legion to clear them all out before they would touch my bots. We did the same strategy in Harrisburg and managed to drag that 1,000,000 sized zone out for 24 hours. But nanos can only do so much in terms of defense and if it isn't kept up with, all incoming attacks will go straight to the biggest threat level. THE UNFORGETABLES No doubt anyone will be forgetting about this attack anytime soon. When something of that size goes down, it's hard to not think about it. On Thursday at around 3:00 AM, I woke up to do a check on the zone. I knew it wouldn't be looking good at this point and the over 100 Faceless players that had sent in nanos earlier were cleared. I checked into our Pittsburgh Missile Command Group and sure enough the night owls were watching over the zone. Legion kept the steady flow of nanos coming but nothing too serious at that point. They would clear for me, one at a time and I would put in some defense. But nothing would prepare us for the 4:00 AM attack. At that time, at least 8 legion members woke from their slumber and brought what we consider to be the final blow to the zone. We were out numbered and caught off guard, just as we were about to go to sleep too. After everyone was done with their scope and I had decided enough recharges was enough, we called it quits and went to bed. While the zone didn't fall then, it allowed them to eat into my diverts, causing all future launches to go towards me, regardless of what other players were in there. At 8:12, the zone was captured and the fight was over. CONCLUSION This is no doubt going into the QONQR history books. The efforts put in from both sides is really jaw-dropping. The sportsmanship put on by both teams is also something we should all be proud of. With his permission, I have Kryptonym quoted saying "Excellent Battle! Please relay my sincere gesture of respect and gratitude for the well played week of war to all the Faceless that assisted you throughout all of this. You and the local crew that you work with are one of the best and most honorable I have seen in this game." I also received well written messages from MisterAudio, Gmenman, and Makeric. Having class during an event like this really shines and while not everyone showed it, for the most part Legion was honorable about the situation. So where does this leave Pittsburgh now? Well being that there are only three locals in the area on the red team, the zone has gone back into Faceless control and as of posting this it sits at 765,000 bots. Future plans for the zone have been put on hold as to what we want it to become but one thing is certain, it will rise from the ashes like a Phoenix and become stronger than it ever was before. I think that can also be said about both factions. This Operation has united us all and time will tell how our battlefield strategies play out in the future. Until next time, -Doughty We are Faceless. Never Forgive. Never Forget. Special thanks to: A_Mai1298, AngryChihuahua, Blind, Cheechz, Chinotiera, Cornelius, DrStraynge, Earit, Helipilot, IGenus, Jafffey, Jhonon1, Lluff, LOCOMOFO, NachoPimp, Nexis, Osiris111, Paniqs, Redpill, SexualCheetah, Woodbag, XLR8TION, and countless others for your outpouring support. And a big shout out to our local team of ChrisDoughty324, CthulhuChrist, Cybernetik, EnnJay, Johny5mark, and Steelhack. We could not have defended the way we did without you guys.
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    Seriously, in all seriousness.

    Buzzzzzz....that's the sound of the melodrama unfolding. Scopes vibrate with excitement as suddenly another organized strike is developing on some poor unsuspecting target. Anger swells, arguments ensue, names are called, friends are no longer 'friends'. On its face, the game is very simple. X's and O's, triangles and diamonds. Underneath though is a complex system complete with strategy, politics, backstabbing, cheating, and unusual alliances. While trolling the forums though it seems as if many of us have forgotten why we play this game. People will win and people will lose. That's the way it is with any competitive sport/hobby. Some will chase fame and glory and all the accolades that come with it. Some will simply capture a handful of zones to occupy their time between commercials. Some will fall out before ever even getting their recruiter the coveted free cubes. All in all though we all play for the same reasons. In my short time I've watched teams rise, and then fall. I'm sure at some point new teams will rise, or old ones will rise again. I've created friendships with my allies...and even with some enemies. I've traded trash talk back and forth to the point that my opponent and I could no longer take each other seriously and couldn't help but laugh. I've wasted countless hours that could have been put to far more productive uses scouting maps, sending messages, and pressing 'deploy'. I ate Taco Bell with a Swarmie and shook his hand Why? What draws me into this game and its underlying society? Simply put, because it's fun. That's the reason I play. To find enjoyment outside of a world that is full of real war, backstabbing, and politics. Like a family photo album, my phone is full of screen shots showing good kills, degrading messages, zone counts before...and after, and other Qonqr memories. As you lose bots and gain zones, as you rise and fall and fight back from nothing, remember to keep it fun. Don't take it too seriously. Sit back, let your scope cool, and just keep firing (and lay a little trash talk once you've buried that zone you've been working on for 3 weeks).
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    Ypres Peace / time zone?

    I'm not sure I can get this achievement. I mean, I have presents to send to people and the only delivery method is in missiles
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    Pay To Win

    Why are you posting Maec's screen shot? Are you trying to generate even more multi-scoper request for me to deal with?
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    The Pain of Growth

    I have posted a new (and very long) blog post about all the problems we experienced two weeks ago. In our continuing efforts to be very transparent with our players, we layout all the issues we encountered and all the things we have done and are doing to try to keep ahead of our rapidly growing community. The past two weeks have been very long and exhausting. There are still many more things that are needed, but we are moving as fast as we can towards long term high-performance solutions. One user told me last week, "Looks like you found the problem". It really isn't about solving a problem, but pulling us back from the edge of the cliff when we have more users that our system can handle. Every new player pushes us closer to that cliff where the servers crash again. We are working hard to pull back from the cliff with new features faster than our new users push us forward. Thank you for your patience and support. There was a period of 4 or 5 days when I was averaging 3 hours of sleep a night and your encouragement really helped me (and the others) get through those rough times. http://blog.qonqr.com/post/59138212234/the-pain-of-growth
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    Buying Zones...

    So in that case, you snicker behind his back.. and trash the zone again. Keep going until Silver can buy a new Mustang.
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    Qonqr Meme's!

    I've never done this...
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    Looking Glass [OnyxShard]

    “Looking Glass” Swirling lights, strange sounds, the characters… unintelligible. “Am I ever gonna adjust to this?” thought Onyx. He thought back, had he made it this far before in the simulations? The simulations had paled in comparison to the reality of what he was attempting. Onyx remembered when he and Darkiran had first discovered, what they had both come to refer to as “The Chair,” in a captured Swarm base. Only after closer examination did they realize the true potential of their discovery. Project Looking Glass the Swarm researchers had called it, an attempt to merge a Virtual Reality interface with networked nanobot technology. The project had been abandoned. In testing the nanobots had overwhelmed the nervous systems of the testers, rendering them in a comatose state, or worse. That had not stopped them though. They were Faceless. They believed QONQR’s technology belonged to them. The Chair had not spared the Faceless of casualties either. EIDramar, their ally, had been the first to test the chair. Onyx remembered the violent convulsions just before the end. Their attempts to resuscitate EID after his vitals had failed. But it was all for naught. He had suffered brain death. Onyx wondered how the Swarm researchers had rationalized QONQR, their supposed savior, destroying the very people trying to protect it. Onyx snickered at the paradoxical nature of Swarm ideology. He had never fallen for their “exhaulted” Dr. Kimyo’s propaganda. The Swarm were fools. Onyx stopped… What was he doing again? What was happening? And why were his thoughts so foggy? Immediately Darkiran’s warnings flew back to him. It had been just before he had connected to the chair. “Too many people have been lost researching this tech. The minute you notice things slipping away from you, you’ve got a minute or two at best before it’s too late to bring you back.” The ominous warning cleared Onyx’s thoughts just long enough. “Focus… just focus” he said to himself, as he cleared his mind, his surrounds stabilized. He could make out the characters now. STAGE 5 The sharp text floated above the portal directly in front of him. This was the last stage in the program he had written, he could do this. Soon after he entered he saw a flash of green whizzing about in the distance, his last target no doubt. He ran after it, keenly aware of just how little time he had left. How to destroy it? There’s no way I can catch up to it at this rate, thought Onyx. The weapons he had collected in previous stages didn’t have the range to hit it from this distance. “I don’t have time for this!” He exclaimed, as he continued his sprint towards the rapidly moving green mass. Then he saw it, out of the corner of his eye. A few meters away on a platform sat a device he had yet to encounter in the program. He changed course with a renewed sense of urgency and prayed it was something he could use. As he approached he could see the device more clearly. Explosives? He hadn’t programmed explosives. Obviously QONQR had had a few ideas of its own for him. Just as he leaped up onto the platform his surroundings started to fade again. This was it, he was out of time. It was now or never. No time to place the explosives, no time to strategize. He hit the detonator. The blast threw him into the air as the flames engulfed him and just as it was all fading away he could see the green mass was destroyed. He had won. “I knew this was a mistake!” Darkiran shouted, at the now blank monitor of the terminal from which he had been monitoring Onyx’s progress. Tears welled up in his eyes, as he began to mourn what he believed was surely the loss of his friend. To his surprise the terminal responded. “He volunteered for this, he knew the risks…” the words emotionless, digitized, the hallmark of Prometheus. [Part II]
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    I must start with an announcement: Camels are not the only animal in the middle east. You have overused it already. It's saddens me that anyone would still find it funny. Get a bit of originality. For anyone not wanting to read all this drivel, skip to the end (hint: Bold stuff). At what point have I bullied anyone? When was the last aggressive or threatening message you or any of your members received from me? Never. Legion and Swarm (in the UK) have teamed up because Faceless are dominating in London. That makes sense. It's a three sided fight and if one force becomes too powerful, the other two can join forces to try and take them down. But: We are dominating in the London area while your alliance is attacking players outside of that area. Then you expect me to sit back and do nothing. You are specifically using me as an excuse for why you have teamed up but then you're attacking players outside of my reach, sometimes with Europe involved. If that is not reason enough to attack you then I'm not sure what is. You lot cube, multiscope and have multi faction accounts and still complain. I don't complain about anything you do. Play the way you want to, ill do the same. I am never rude to anyone, always polite no matter what the message is, never brag about what I do, can do or have done, never threaten anyone, try and keep in touch with the few swarm or legion who are civilised to me, listen to any message form any side and if I can help in any way, I try my best to. Formed agreements with enemy (that I didn't need to) that ended up slapping me in the face. I have even in the past taken the time to find out who some of the younger players are so I know to avoid them. When I'm in a different country I try and find who the bullies are. Those players who threaten and brag and laugh at others. Those are my targets (if they exist in those areas). I don't see how anyone can think I'm a bully. Is it your money? Its none of your business how I spend it. Either way your numbers are way off. 700 dollars a day? Did you just decide to blindly strike the number pad to come up with that figure? Best part of one of your posts is saying that the devs should worry about my welfare. What concerns you about me spending my money? Maybe I'll self harm due to overspending? I wont have enough to buy food because I bought too many cubes? I don't understand what they are supposed to worry about. I have issues? At what point did you deduce this oh mighty psychologist? Wait a minute are you my bank account manager? What do you know about how much I can or cant afford? Random guy spends money on something he enjoys. The end. Told you last time to give up on all the drama but I guess thank you for the concern. You play to make me spend more? And? What do you think that accomplishes? In fact how do you even make me spend? You don't even attack me. You sulk when I'm in the UK and when I fly out and you find out, you call in Europe to help you take an zone or two. As they say, whatever floats your boat. As for Atlantis: Please try again. I quit Atlantis when we were winning. I have on occasion involved myself after I was asked to help out but on the whole I give it a miss. The last time (months ago) was the last 10 minutes of Atlantis and Legion fought hard. We lost. I was not the only Faceless player to quit Atlantis. Quite a few of us thought it lasted too long and had too many zones to fight over. I hear the duration has been reduced. You can't honestly believe I changed my sleeping pattern for the game. I was in California for a month. I was jet lagged. My sleeping pattern was a bit off when I got back. You're not even accurate about when I deploy. Pay attention. You should know this by now: I play as and when I want, sometimes every 20 minutes and sometimes I do long stretches and sometimes I'm busy and don't deploy for hours. You wont always win, and nor will I. Try and get satisfaction form at least trying to win or putting up a good fight. About the limit on cubing. Please. I suggested that last year. Twice. Unfortunately multiscoping is allowed and so prevalent that it kind of ruins the idea. These are the facts: YOU and YOUR side threatened Faceless members who support London. One of the members threatened is actually London based. What do you expect him to do while his city is under attacked? A few of your members don't know when to keep quiet. They sent messages to us threatening specific players and telling them their zones will be dropped just because they have helped London. Basically if they help London then they get their zones wiped. And you have the cheek to call me a bully? We stood up to your members specifically because they were trying to bully. That is the reason we went strong months ago and took those big zones. How is this me bullying you? This is me answering your threats. I didn't attack those zones "just because i can", it's just because I should. Because of your threats. You can blame your members for the loss of those 2 or 3 big zones. These are the basics: You attack one of our zones. We look at the list of attackers and pick one of the players who deployed the most, find a zone of his or hers and attack it. We don't need to justify our attacks with "because there are Faceless players within 30 miles". What, every time we attack a zone we need to send some letter explaining why? You attack us or we attack you, for any reason. That's the game. When some of you were cheating and you could not win you complained, when you cube and lose you complain, when you invite all of Europe to attack and win you still complain. I just think you like to make a fuss. Last words (for now): You think I attack zones as a means of getting attention? I get enough of it form your threads. The only attention seeker here is you with your victim attitude and pity us posts.
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    Jumping from purple to RED

    I don't post much, nor do I reply to many posts... hardly any, as a matter of fact, but for those who find the game boring after reaching level 100, you might want to read this. I started out as legion in Pittsburgh, but noticed quite quickly there was little to no local support. That was over a year ago. At the time the only thing that made sense was to switch to faceless, as they seemed to control a disproportionately large part of the city. As faceless in Pittsburgh I was able to level up, build zones, and keep bases that were well-protected by other faceless players. I never disliked playing on the faceless side, and I still consider the locals great guys and excellent players, but things changed. Things became boring, and the sillinesss of the faceless "leadership" was stiffling. There was little support for anyone outside a select group of players, and only when it came to zones located in strategically important cities. I have much respect for the local faceless players - they play with heart and understand it's just a freakin' game. That said, switching to legion made all the difference in the world. I had considered closing my account and uninstalling the game from my phone, but decided to switch to legion at the last moment. I effectively destroyed 5 million+ bots, taking myself off the regional board, and had to drive around to relocated bases, but it was well worth it. Soon after switching I was invited to the Dover, DE op - probably the biggest zone takedown in the history of qonqr, and it was epic! Taking down a 30+ million bot zone in under 48 hours was exhillarating, but what still doesn't register is how smooth everyone operated. There were no complaints, no whining, no getting bent out of joint. In Legion there are no "leaders." It was actually fun and, strangely enough, relaxing. The personalities at legion in my area are inviting and similar to that of my own - relaxed, fun, accomodating, and more importantly, everyone takes care of everyone. If one member has a problem, we all have a problem. For those getting bored with the game, consider coming over to LEGION! James "Macz"
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    Dear Devs

    I think maybe I don't understand..because this reads to me like this: You're not-so-subtly threatening the Devs to allow location spoofing so you can play with your overseas friends even though there is a game mechanic that allows you to do so in the form of Atlantis..which you are choosing not to participate in..because you and your friends have "invested" large sums of money. I don't know you or your peoples..but how do you expect them to intentionally compromise a game mechanic like that? What about the opposition facing the spoofers..I guess if they haven't "invested" enough they just get new out-of-town enemies to appease those that have? I'm sure that you and yours throw stacks of cash at this game and that's cool. Cubes allow you to dominate the Qonqr world at a whole different level..especially against those who don't or cant buy cubes. I have bought cubes to do that as well..its fun! That said..I never considered it an investment..it was money paid for a consumable in game advantage over my opposition..nothing more. I suppose I would counter that changing this policy to appease "investors" would be frowned upon by those free to play people who play day in-day out against multi-scopes, cubes and people from half a world away they shouldn't have to worry about. I would further suggest that requesting the development of the targeting beacons mentioned some time ago would seem more reasonable. It would give your rooted, high roller friends the ability to play anywhere in the world..same as everyone else.
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    Ok, so the zone wasn't actually called "Citizens Bank Park", but it was the closest zone. Myself and two other Swarm took down the zone as well as a couple others while we were there. Unfortunately, my QONQR shirt only arrived yesterday, so I wasn't able to wear it when this picture was taken. My friend took the pic about a month ago when we were at the game, but kept forgetting to send it to me. The Phillies won the game as well, obviously spurred on by our victory and celebrating their recent liberation from the Legion's controlling grip into Swarm's warm embrace.
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    New Feature - Sync Lock

    Hmm. Having been sync locked for the day (by someone who KNOWS my wife and I aren't multi-scoping) has given me some time to ponder this new development. My wife wants to quit because of this. Most likely she will. But then, I can take her fully upgraded scope with 2m qredits and play it myself, so long as I wait 30 sec between deployments. I have a half dozen other devices I can install qonqr on, and create new accounts. Gives me my own little army, just need to remember to 30 sec rule. Shouldn't be too hard. Some of my other local team mates also have multiple devices. Makes for a little bit bigger army. But wait! So do the enemy factions. And qonqr already consumes way too much free time... now I'm trying to manage multiple accounts on multiple devices? Didn't this used to be a game of battle strategies? Now it's time & device management, with a sprinkle of pay-to-win? Sigh... I used to love this game. Now I miss the good old days. Crossing my fingers somehow the gameplay evolves back into a real game again.
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    It's early in the morning. When I wake up there is a blinding light in my eyes and pain all over my body deep in my bones. I vaguely remember what happened the night before, and what I do feels as though it was a dream. While I lay here trying to remember, I notice that I am bound to a table. I try to break free but soon acknowledge it is useless. So while I lie here waiting for my doom, I do an assessment over myself. 1...2...3 broken ribs, twisted ankle and possibly a fractured arm somewhere between my shoulder and elbow. I try to remember who I am,what I was doing last night, and most importantly, where and why I am here. " Adrean Azure Luna, PFC of Swarm, age 17" I run through my head over and over again. Slowly my memory comes back. Dr. Kimyo Nagumo ordered a mandatory meeting. It was a spur-of-moment thing. She told us a good piece of information that could help us defeat the Legion. "We will meet in Huntsville, TX at midnight," she told us. "Do NOT be late." "Yes ma'am" we replied. As I started to leave she called to me and told me to meet her in her office. Not good, definitely not good. When I got to her office I hesitantly knocked the door. "Come in" she said. "You asked for me Doc," I asked when I came in. "Yes. Adrean I noticed that we are not far from your hometown. Correct"? "Yes ma'am" "I also noticed that is where you was captured by an ex-faceless. Am I correct on that as well"? "Yes," I replied sheepishly remembering the incident that happened about a month back, "but I wasn't informed that he was in the area." As soon as that was out I wanted to take it back knowing how much she disliked excuses. "If you are as good of a 'guardian of the moon' as you say you are, then you shouldn't have to be told the enemy is," she said in that scary calm tone, "so because of this incident you are being put on probation. You will only get one chance to redeem your reputation. You will join Commander Supertrampoline, Agent Flower, Agent Monk, Agent Gadgerson, and Agent Jadem in this mission to help them get around the area. Do you understand? Also should you fail just stay home. We cannot afford to lose. QONQR needs us." "Yes ma'am," was all I could say. "Good, you are dismissed," she said without looking at me. After that it's all blurry with only a few scenes to see. I remember we arrived at the zone with no problems, and started to deploy. Next thing I know we're being ambushed by Legion operatives on all sides of us. sides remember telling my comrades to get out of there while I fought the Legion off. Only to be attacked from behind. The last thing I remember is watching my friends run as I'm handcuffed, blindfolded, and eventually knocked out. Now as I lie here I fight back tears of frustration and failure refusing to show weakness. "I guess I'm not cut out for this," I think to myself. That's when I hear someone coming. Only the voices I hear from them doesn't make sense. "Thank you for your help Prometheus," said a female voice, "we couldn't have done it without you." "Don't mention it. Really I mean it; never speak of this again," said a raspy voice. I could only guess it was Prometheus. Then the door opened and I heard the female say, "Greetings Adrean Luna. I am Sunday. I have been waiting to meet your for a very long time...." To be continued...
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    new goals for richin109

    Lately I have been asked by some of the long term player’s why/how I keep playing I tell them I have always set goals and worked towards the goals. I just finished my last set of goals. (10 million bots ahead of number 2 among others) and it was time to make new ones. The dilemma I have is that I have reached the limit of my kingdom building goals. Yes I could be the first 100 million person or I could increase my lead to 15 million but it seemed like more of the same. I wanted new goals to keep me interested in the game. Plus with the addition of a lot of new players and the use of groupme the game is more social. I wanted my goals to be a lot more supportive of the different factions in Florida. To destroy a kingdom now you need a lot of help. I have been very proud of the faceless that are around me and how we work together. Want to help them out even more. So I am setting new goals and they are not going to be related to kingdom building. This means that it is likely my lead on number 1 will go down or I will drop out of number 1. That is ok. (Though I did think about switching factions and back again to see what happens in the qnqr universe when 58 million bots vanished) So why I am posting this? Multiple people have said they are going to knock me off number 1. In fact one person about a year ago promised me that as long as they played the game I would never be number 1. (P.S. they are playing and I am still number 1) Contrary to all the promises/boosting I am still number 1 and in fact I have increase my lead at number 1. I have been the subject to multiple state wide attacks, and have had multiple local 100 level players attacking me for months so I will admit it hasn't been easy. But I will say that it is highly probable that I can stay number 1 as long as I wanted to keep kingdom building. So I am posting this so that nobody down the road claims they have knocked me off number 1. If it happens, it happens. Don’t know what the future will bring with me and qnqr. It might be that I get bored of my new goals and set some additional kingdom building goals.
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    ITT: 100% Real pictures of Silver

    Not Impressed.
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    NE Swarm Fun

    The Swarm in the Northeast United States decided to have some fun last night and crafted a Swarm symbol in Legion's territory! Legion fought back, so some of these zones were constantly changing hands, but they couldn't stop us from getting a few screenshots of our success!
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    I can remain silent no longer...

    Man! What a long topic for just a crying game of a little boy who feels miserable because he's "loosing"! Loosing what, by the way? Your bases? This is just slowing down your Qredits award. Your zones? So what? This is good occasion to start being a resistant who is poisoning life of his opponents with clever un expected actions with his brothers of arms. Your pride? Well... this is a war, boy! Not playground for kids. It's "eating or being eaten"! If you cry because you are experimenting troubles on the nice and secured way you expected to meet, I believe best is to change for another game where "you never die and level up constantly" whatever you do (bad or right). As said above, we are one. And I'm proud belonging to the french legion who was almost zero in France 4 months ago and is now nearly ruling the country. We started as resistant and fought together for survival. Now we are ruling and fight for keeping the place. And both are exciting. Being one doesn't mean having one brain for hundreds of Legionnaires, my dear. It's actually the opposite!
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    Perhaps the recruitment bonus of 5 cubes should only be given to the first few recruits with subsequent recruits providing their recruiter a rank bonus only. Or make the recruitment bonus be given on a sliding scale: Recruit reaches level 10: 1 cube awarded // 1 total cube Recruit reaches level 20: 1 more cube awarded // 2 total cubes Recruit reaches level 30: 1 more cube awarded // 3 total cubes Recruit reaches level 40: 1 more cube awarded // 4 total cubes Recruit reaches level 50: 1 more cube awarded // 5 total cubes This may address the issue, as reaching level 10 is pretty simple. It may also keep recruiters engaged with their recruits. Considering that a lot of the best parts of the game doesn't open up until later levels I feel this approach could make a lot of sense, while providing consistent motivation to continue to play. Players making accounts just for recruitment cubes will be greatly slowed down in their cheating. They will need to put in much more work to continue to cheat and will make themselves more apparent to being found out.
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    I predict we will see Supertrampoline making a strategy map on the floor with red, green and purple wooden blocks.