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    Are Seekers Worth their Worth

    Back to talking about Seekers instead of Spammers... It occurred to me that one good way of dealing with increasing numbers of Seekers and their effects is to apply the law of diminishing returns -- in other words a logarithmic function. 1K Seekers would have X effect. 10K Seekers would then have only 2X (instead of 10X) effect, 100K would have only 3X effect, and so on. This would satisfy common sense logic (more proactive defenders have more of an effect), and it would keep any one zone from being so well protected that it would be impossible to conquer (er, qonqr) again. Unless you take inspiration from the Australians and deploy 10M Seekers in one zone (5X effect FTW!). :-D
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    Losing 3.5 Million bots...

    I know how many I sent.
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    A Guide to the QONQR Community Forums

    Welcome to the QONQR Community Forums! Please take a few moments to introduce yourself here, and feel free to give your Faction some love. Anything other than new player introductions, however, should go in the appropriate forum - not here. We encourage you to use your QONQR Codename on the forums. (If you registered with another name, you can change it in your profile.) Also, if you specified your faction (recommended) when you registered, we'll get you access to your Faction Specific Forum. Factions cannot be changed without the assistance of an Admin so contact one of them if you need help. If you're having trouble getting access to your faction's forum send an email to: support@qonqr.com These requests take some time to complete and your patience in these matters is greatly appreciated. Please remember to keep your posts in all the forums civil. The ability to post on these forums can and will be revoked if you cannot treat your fellow players with respect. We're all here to have fun, and we don't want a few trolls to ruin the community for everyone else.
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    Hi all, Just started out, bringing the hacks
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    Ok, so I had a few minutes. Between 12/31/2012 10:30z and 1/4/2013 00:00z for just this one zone 2539 Launches 7 Legion Players 4 Faceless Players 1 Swarm Player 2,768,860 bots launched 2,060,518 bots destroyed Zone changed factions 10 times 222 knock outs
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    The tide is changing. Suck 'em in, spit 'em out!
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    You make a good point about wanting to avoid demotivating new players. If we don't keep bringing in fresh players, this game is going to go nowhere fast. And yes there should be a way to clear out the leftover "bot cruft" from players that have gone inactive. But let's not forget that demotivating experienced, high-level players is also a bad idea. When I first read about bots decaying, I'll admit that it was really discouraging. I thought "wait a minute, I've built up these millions of bots and now I have to struggle to maintain that? What a pain!". I'm glad you've clarified that it's not going to turn into a total drag, so thanks for that Silver. I like some of the suggestions others have made in this thread about how to implement the proposed decay system so that it does not penalize active players at all, and doesn't require any intentional interaction on their part other than continuing to play. I don't want to have to go into a separate maintenance activity to screw around with it, and in fact as long as I'm deploying consistently I don't ever want to have to even think about it. But sure, if I haven't deployed in a week or two, it's reasonable that 2-5% of my bots would have fallen into disrepair.