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    Unofficial Bot Kill Leader Board

    Thought it would be fun to see who has the highest Bot Kills. Please end your post with the total kills you have. I will edit this first message to have a list of the kills in order. Even if your not in the tens of millions post it up and I will add you in. NOTE: If you do not give the full number of kills I will have to assume the lowest value if some one else is close. So if you post 10.3m when some one posts 10,321,534 I will have to assume they are higher. To avoid confusion please only post your own kills. List has been restricted to top 50 Bot Kills 71,778,236 - willie 60,296,555 - wingman 47,445,516 - PhilNi 42,135,326 - Supertrampoline 38,525,353 - maecenus 38,070,159 - gmenman 36,183,072 - Pwnstress 35,766,031 - CJRank 35,661,833 - BetterThanRiley 33,486,358 - LordStefo 32,553,782 - eric_triplec 31,739,742 - Slipstream 31,557,911 - SolaAesir 31,152,269 - Syntax 30,304,758 - compasspoint 30,052,342 - HeavySeventh 26,200,000 - WildTurk 25,912,406 - god1355 25,001,699 - clubfoot 24,685,130 - Leigh 23,748,661 - Rocco 21,000,000 - DrStraynge 20,932,969 - RamPuppy 18,434,378 - Autumn_Pillar 18,000,249 - Kirra87 17,446,617 - IronBorn 17,005,729 - BohdiZafa 16,230,661 - boudica 15,458,343 - Shinigamider 13,916,527 - Cipher9 13,700,000 - Butterball 13,286,445 - mintaka 12,995,111 - Lithagon 12,622,000 - LastGhost 12,621,820 - Tiomun 12,578,510 - iguanadon 12,500,000 - zzx 12,495,108 - SillyCrez 11,924,598 - maxoxam 11,270,993 - Acesx 11,213,403 - redbaron3 11,111,041 - Lokerim 10,978,805 - Dariovist 10,576,320 - Kranman 10,332,064 - Ecki 10,280,193 - kutengwa 10,112,928 - kryptonym 10,068,333 - Bregginkrak 10,025,569 - 1moparnut 9,021,821 - Strateg1st
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    Plasma beam tactical question...

    2 cubes can let you buy around 8 DPF core (if the exchange rate is 4000 qredits) and Full energy recharge that allows you to fire 8 shots back to back, or 2 cubes can let you buy 10 nanobots refresher = 5,000 bots. So Plasma is also a very cost effective way to deal a severe blow to a fortress.
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    Unofficial Bot Kill Leader Board

    BTR still posting as legion? pretty sure you switched sides mate.
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    Buying Zones...

    In the past, I was a vocal proponent of using cubes to slam through heavy defenses... this was pre-balance change. I've bought and used a lot of cubes in this game - mainly because for a while I simply could not recruit enough faceless in my area to carry an offensive successfully through against Maec, Slip, & Co. I even bought a Mophie Juice Box to keep my phone powered up through 5 hour attacks (and still drained it over overheated it!). Here is the thing - at that point in time, only a thin 'zone' existed between New Braunfels TX and Austin TX that most of our factions could reach consistently w/ ZA/Shock Etc... in the middle of that zone - San Marcos TX... site of some of the most massive battles in QONQR history up to that point - maybe still... slip and I were discussing the other day - we estimate between ATX Legion and SATX Faceless around 30 million bots died in that area since Nov. 2012. When cubes were used - we only had that sliver of land - it was like WW2 trench warfare - we all eventually realized that it would just cost way to **** much to take it and hold it. And while Legion had numbers, I had numbers, I had no issue buying cubes. FF to now - post balance change - attacks do more damage. Some ranges extended - but not really a factor - but I see what is going on in Austin... and knowing even now what it costs to take a zone like that (I can only say OMG - i have a fantastic job w/ great pay - you people 'buying zones' spend WAY to much money on this game - and that - is the pot calling the kettle black I assure you).. I know - hundreds of cubes go into these fights. And they happen so often... I see now I was wrong - a cube heavy strategy employed sparingly - no issue. Cube heavy strategy for long range engagements - or engagements w/ limited short range potential - no issue. But - when you drop the range to point blank - like the fairly dense zone concentrations in ATX, slap in hundreds of dollars of cubes... and whoa.. that whole equation changes... the potential for abuse goes way up. I do not think cubes should be limited in any way. what I do think - is that Refresh Packs need a cool down timer just like everything else - with a little twist - yes - you can keep on going using your refreshes - but the more overheated you get the fewer bots you get out of each refresh. If done right - you might even get more people buying cubes. Imagine - if your first refresh pack in a 60 minute window gave you 5,000 bots instead of 500. That would DRIVE cube use. More would get sold. But your second cube takes you to 3,000 or so (so two back to back fill you up). The third - 1500, the fourth, 500, and from there, you start taking gradual increments down. (numbers pulled from dark hinter regions of the back side) You could even put it in lore - the laws of thermodynamics support it, the hotter the scope the less efficient it is... I'm fairly sure that this would still allow people who are outnumbered to effectively use cubes, but it would also allow people who don't a little more of a chance. I don't play as hard as I used to. I have purchased cubes for friends that do. I have purchased cubes for me to make up for lazy/sloppy play. I have used them mostly to buy ordinance to make our 'purple towers' harder to crush. I use them offensively in instances when say, there are only 10K deflect left and I wanna punch through it and get to those meaty galvanizers or hardened lattice... but one thing is certain to me. It takes zero skill to pump cubes into the game and refresh your way to victory. You might as well be entering a cheat code. Pay To Win. Is that what QONQR is? I'm OK w/ Pay to Play, or paying for a slight advantage - better gear, or cosmetic changes... but when a single player can dominate a once grand and powerful regional faction to near oblivion... then we have reached the point where things are quite apparently broken. And if self restraint can not save the day, the devs have to. I have heard of far to many pillars of this community quitting or contemplating quitting lately. I for one - think that is terribly sad. But I understand it. I can't ask someone to stay when weeks worth of work can annihilated in hours because someone has more money to spend on the game. Travesty in the making. IMHO.
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    Plasma beam tactical question...

    Thank you. That is exactly what I was hoping to hear. For exactly that reason.lol