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    Multi-scoping faceless

    So, we all love Asian food? Must all be the same person!
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    Break Out of Sync Lock

    Both players who are Sync Locked must have that box checked to see the chart.
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    Swarm UK Logo

    Thought I'd spend some time designing a logo. I'm pleased with this first attempt, and it didn't take me long. I had to convert the original file from .PNG to .JPEG , so the quality isn't as good.
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    Swarm UK Logo

    Looks a bit 'green' to me. Maybe add a touch more purple ...
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    New Legion color

    We are very lucky in Australia - whilst the battle for Sydney rages between swarm and faceless the wires have always been in good taste - and even compliment each other on effective builds or takedowns - doesn't mean we both don't want to wipe each other out - just that we recognise good strategy or effective cubing when we see it. I think it is far to say that no one in the faceless camp I would not happily have a beer with it the opportunity arose (probably want to spike it so they feel asleep for 24 hours and I could clean out a base but I would still have a beer!).
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    Tru Story Discussion Thread

    This has just served to make me incredibly hungry.
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    What Should Happen to Atlantis Now?

    just IMO obviously [and im hardly biast as a fellow faceless] yes it was good team work,but playing devils advocate faceless have the larger representation worldwide so there is a good chance than no matter how well coordinated any faction is the biggest team may well win everytime. IF this is the case then faceless or not, it would get boring, very boring, if we win all the time.. so IF this does ever happen again, be it atlantis or somewhere else, then [since it doesn't matter really who wins anyway does it?] why not try and keep it interesting by letting other factions win from time to time? eg faceless win this time. maybe it is a one off, next time it starts afresh. if faceless win again they get a 1% penalty. if they win again it becomes 2%. again 4% etc until a different faction wins it. say legion. next time legion get a 1% enalty. etc etc this is just to make a simple example - i still think the better idea is http://community.qon...now/#entry35646 edit: just discovered you can like your own posts, off to like everything i've ever written
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    What Should Happen to Atlantis Now?

    Well, of course, Atlantis looks more like this: LOL