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    Memo to Swegion...

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    Hello friends! I made a couple wallpapers for all factions, as vector graphic practice (first time ever used it actually). Hope you'll like them. Be warned, though - they have extreme 8k resolution, so you open them at your own risk. I won't be responsible for possible explosion of your computers or phones (or other devices) YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THEM HERE: https://www.dropbox....gamesh.rar?dl=1 Without further delay, here they are: Faceless: Legion: Swarm: Write what you think, any criticism is welcome. Also, if you have any idea on how I can improve them / change colors / etc. PM me please. Maybe I'll answer
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    The best Legion and Swarm players

    lol yeah they are really skilled fighters in legion of NE they have no problem using 40 people and tons of cubes to attack one single swarm with out any local swarm support! Truly masters of of the qonqr game they are! If that isn't an honorable victory people can take pride in then i dont know what is. I mean they could have done it with the 10-15 local legion, but that would have just been too m uch work. Honestly I would enjoy watching this great team of players to fight against ding hahaha
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    The best Legion and Swarm players

    You need to come to the Northeast US. We handle our business like no other.
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    Green Screen Ideas

    I like the idea of retelling an epic battle in dramatic sound and color. Starting with Atlantis and choosing one every couple months.
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    Q&A for the New Players

    What is this game all about? (short version) Do you like the board game RISK®? Then chances are you’ll like QONQR. Your job is to join a faction and help your faction (team) take over the world. QONQR is an artificial intelligence that appeared on the Internet. We don’t know where it came from, or its purpose, but we know it is powerful. The Legion want to destroy QONQR because they believe it will enslave and exterminate humanity. The Swarm believe QONQR will advance the human race, and we should protect it. The Faceless don’t care, and want to steal the technology for their own uses. Pick a side, recruit your friends, and help your faction capture the towns and cities in which you live, work, and play. What is this game all about? (long version) Right now an invisible war is raging all around you. At stake: the Past, Present, and Future. A rogue Artificial Intelligence has been detected infiltrating the world’s networked infrastructure. Initial hacking of the source code has revealed incredible new technology. It is not certain whether this AI seeks to enhance or destroy humanity. It is only certain that it is here, and that is has a name: QONQR.Those who first detected the presence of QONQR on the global networks have argued fiercely over its intentions. They have split into viciously rival Factions, each co-opting the known QONQR technologies for their own ends. Even now the Factions battle over the entire globe seeking to gather resources and prepare for the coming power struggle. Whether you accept it or not, the war is here. Your survival, prosperity, and even glory depend on the choices you make and the skill you demonstrate from this point forward. You will be asked to join one of three Factions. The choice should not be made lightly. Your Faction Alignment will define your place in the war over QONQR. THE LEGION unite under the shared goals of destroying QONQR and saving humanity by crushing the nascent AI before it can mature. They are led by AGENT SUNDAY, a former commander of the NSA's Turing Task Force which has been valiantly stamping out dangerous AIs for years. THE SWARM are convinced that QONQR promises an era of unprecedented technological advancement and human prosperity. Nanobot weaponry expert KIMYO NAGUMO leads this faction in the battle to defend QONQR and assemble its future tech, accelerating humanity's path into the future. THE FACELESS are a loosely organized faction of militant hackers who want QONQR's technology for their own ends, but want to prevent the unavoidable nightmare of human slavery they believe it portends. When they choose to communicate, they do so through an anonymous vigilante who goes by the name PROMETHEUS. . What do I do first? Create a base, then launch. Launch nanobots until your fingers hurt. How do I create a base? On iOS there is a Base icon in the menu bar. For Windows Phone, you will find a bases button on the home screen. These take you to the Base Screen where you can see how many bases you have available to you. Once you create a base, be sure harvest often by returning to the list of your bases. You can see how full each base is by checking the fill percentage icon. Bases stop collecting once they are full. What is the point of creating bases and harvesting resources? You need bases to earn money. Bases collect rare elements over time which you can then harvest for your faction in exchange for qredits. Qredits can be used to purchase ordinance (like nanomissiles) and upgrades which will help you capture and hold battle zones more easily. What do you mean, “launch nanobots?” Nanobots are the invisible soldiers generated by your device (which has been transformed into “Scope” by advanced QONQR technology). Nanobots fight for control of the battle zones around you.. From the home screen click “Current Zone”. Once you have selected your zone, you will be able to deploy nanobots there.. Initially, you are just a level 1 recruit. You are only going to get a small attack formation with a limited range.. Other solders have to practice with rifles before they get tanks; you are no different. Once you prove your mettle, you’ll get access to bigger weapons. Soon you’ll be lobbing missiles hundreds of miles. How do I capture a zone? If you play for the Legion and are launching nanobots into a zone controlled by the Swarm, you will capture the zone for the Legion as soon as you have destroyed enough of the enemy that your nonbots outnumber theirs. If you are the person who causes the zone to change control to the Legion, you will be listed as the Capturer of the Zone. The Person with the most nanobots in the zone is the zone leader. What is my current zone? How do you know? Your current zone is determined by your proximity to the nearest zone center. So, while you might be inside the governmental boundaries of a city, your scope (phone) could tell you your current zone is a different city, if that city’s center is closer. So I just keep deploying? Yes, in the early levels of the game, just keep deploying and harvesting your bases. You will earn XP (experience points) proving your loyalty to your Faction. You will level up quickly and soon have access to many more options. So all I can do is just attack? You only get assault bots to start. They are the most basic type of nanobot formation. As you level up you will get many more options, including bots that are good at defense, energy attacks, long-range deployments, formations that will buff the shields for all your faction-mates in the zone, and many more. My faction already controls this zone should I still attack? Yes, assault bots won’t attack your friends. You will increase the bot counts for that zone, which will deter opponents. Attack bots can defend your zone; they just aren’t very good at it. As you level up you will unlock defensive formations that are better for deploying if your faction already holds the zone. I’ll never knock out my enemy at this rate! In the first few levels your impact might feel minimal, but every deployment helps you gain experience. It won’t take long to level up if you keep at it. If you are unlucky enough to be in a zone where someone has already built up huge defenses, you may be in for a long fight. But remember, your scope moves with you. Go explore the world and find softer targets. Once you level up, it won’t seem like a toy gun against a battleship. You’ll get your big weapons once you prove yourself. We have already seen operatives brag about taking down 1,000,000 nanobots in just a couple days. Nothing is impossible. How do I attack a different zone? As you level up you will unlock more and stronger formations. Those new formations will have range. While at the early levels you can only attack nearby zones, as you level up your attacks will go 10-20 miles (roughly 15-30 Km) and you will eventually gain access to nanomissiles that can go hundreds of miles. What should I buy in the depot first? The smallest thing to buy is a refresh. We give you some of these as you level up so you can try them out. Refreshes will refill (or partially fill depending on the size of your tank) your bot bar or your energy bar. But after that, it depends on your goals. There is much to choose from. Do you want to be able to deploy more nanobots on every launch? Do you want to boost your offensive or defensive bots? Do you want to be able to launch missiles into towns far away? All of these things are possible. Look through the depot and see what you like. Most of the time you will need to buy an upgrade before you can buy the ordinance. For example, missiles are fairly inexpensive, but you need to buy the MX Rack Missile Launcher before you can launch them. Buy the upgrade first. What is the difference between qredits and cubes in the depot? A qredit (aka: credit, which looks like the child of a Q and € ) is the type of currency you earn in the game by harvesting your bases. Cubes (aka: power cubes) are purchased with real money in the Bank section of the Depot. We want everyone to be able to do everything in the game for free, by earning qredits, but for those who want to move a bit faster, you can purchase cubes to speed things along. Purchasing cubes is how QONQR makes money. We very much appreciate your support. Every purchase you make helps us to keep making improvements in the game. Future enhancements will enable you to earn cubes in game. Why can’t I create another base? Additional bases become available as you level up. At the start, you will get a new base every 5 levels. If you don’t have any more bases available to build, you will need to level up. If you have a base available, but aren’t allowed to use it, it is because you already have a base in that zone. You can only have one base in a zone. Get yourself to another zone, then create your base there. My bases are collecting credits at different rates. Your bases collect resources faster if your faction controls the zone. Do your best to either put your bases in zones you can control by yourself, or find zones with strong players in the same faction and put your bases there to maximize your credit collection. The game says I’m in a town that doesn’t exist. QONQR tracks almost 3 million battle zones of varying strategic value in 250 countries. Sometimes those zones include locations that haven’t existed for over 100 years. That’s pretty cool if you ask us. If you find a zone that looks like a duplicate or is just plain wrong, however, let us know on the forums under “Zone Corrections”. How do I move my current position on the map? You might need to take a car, bus, plane or train depending on which zone you are trying to get to, but if you want to move on the map, you need to move in the real world. QONQR is a location-based game, which means you play where you are. However we don't want to make you move to play, we want you to plan when you move. QONQR goes with you as you move through the daily activities in your life. Where do I find the Strategy Guide? Here: http://community.qonqr.com/index.php?/topic/1191-the-official-qonqr-strategy-guide/ How do I win? That is for you to decide. There is still much to discover. We don’t even know if QONQR is good or evil. Why is it here? What is its purpose? Help your faction further its goals and unlock all the secrets of QONQR!