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    Q&A for the New Players

    What is this game all about? (short version) Do you like the board game RISK®? Then chances are you’ll like QONQR. Your job is to join a faction and help your faction (team) take over the world. QONQR is an artificial intelligence that appeared on the Internet. We don’t know where it came from, or its purpose, but we know it is powerful. The Legion want to destroy QONQR because they believe it will enslave and exterminate humanity. The Swarm believe QONQR will advance the human race, and we should protect it. The Faceless don’t care, and want to steal the technology for their own uses. Pick a side, recruit your friends, and help your faction capture the towns and cities in which you live, work, and play. What is this game all about? (long version) Right now an invisible war is raging all around you. At stake: the Past, Present, and Future. A rogue Artificial Intelligence has been detected infiltrating the world’s networked infrastructure. Initial hacking of the source code has revealed incredible new technology. It is not certain whether this AI seeks to enhance or destroy humanity. It is only certain that it is here, and that is has a name: QONQR.Those who first detected the presence of QONQR on the global networks have argued fiercely over its intentions. They have split into viciously rival Factions, each co-opting the known QONQR technologies for their own ends. Even now the Factions battle over the entire globe seeking to gather resources and prepare for the coming power struggle. Whether you accept it or not, the war is here. Your survival, prosperity, and even glory depend on the choices you make and the skill you demonstrate from this point forward. You will be asked to join one of three Factions. The choice should not be made lightly. Your Faction Alignment will define your place in the war over QONQR. THE LEGION unite under the shared goals of destroying QONQR and saving humanity by crushing the nascent AI before it can mature. They are led by AGENT SUNDAY, a former commander of the NSA's Turing Task Force which has been valiantly stamping out dangerous AIs for years. THE SWARM are convinced that QONQR promises an era of unprecedented technological advancement and human prosperity. Nanobot weaponry expert KIMYO NAGUMO leads this faction in the battle to defend QONQR and assemble its future tech, accelerating humanity's path into the future. THE FACELESS are a loosely organized faction of militant hackers who want QONQR's technology for their own ends, but want to prevent the unavoidable nightmare of human slavery they believe it portends. When they choose to communicate, they do so through an anonymous vigilante who goes by the name PROMETHEUS. . What do I do first? Create a base, then launch. Launch nanobots until your fingers hurt. How do I create a base? On iOS there is a Base icon in the menu bar. For Windows Phone, you will find a bases button on the home screen. These take you to the Base Screen where you can see how many bases you have available to you. Once you create a base, be sure harvest often by returning to the list of your bases. You can see how full each base is by checking the fill percentage icon. Bases stop collecting once they are full. What is the point of creating bases and harvesting resources? You need bases to earn money. Bases collect rare elements over time which you can then harvest for your faction in exchange for qredits. Qredits can be used to purchase ordinance (like nanomissiles) and upgrades which will help you capture and hold battle zones more easily. What do you mean, “launch nanobots?” Nanobots are the invisible soldiers generated by your device (which has been transformed into “Scope” by advanced QONQR technology). Nanobots fight for control of the battle zones around you.. From the home screen click “Current Zone”. Once you have selected your zone, you will be able to deploy nanobots there.. Initially, you are just a level 1 recruit. You are only going to get a small attack formation with a limited range.. Other solders have to practice with rifles before they get tanks; you are no different. Once you prove your mettle, you’ll get access to bigger weapons. Soon you’ll be lobbing missiles hundreds of miles. How do I capture a zone? If you play for the Legion and are launching nanobots into a zone controlled by the Swarm, you will capture the zone for the Legion as soon as you have destroyed enough of the enemy that your nonbots outnumber theirs. If you are the person who causes the zone to change control to the Legion, you will be listed as the Capturer of the Zone. The Person with the most nanobots in the zone is the zone leader. What is my current zone? How do you know? Your current zone is determined by your proximity to the nearest zone center. So, while you might be inside the governmental boundaries of a city, your scope (phone) could tell you your current zone is a different city, if that city’s center is closer. So I just keep deploying? Yes, in the early levels of the game, just keep deploying and harvesting your bases. You will earn XP (experience points) proving your loyalty to your Faction. You will level up quickly and soon have access to many more options. So all I can do is just attack? You only get assault bots to start. They are the most basic type of nanobot formation. As you level up you will get many more options, including bots that are good at defense, energy attacks, long-range deployments, formations that will buff the shields for all your faction-mates in the zone, and many more. My faction already controls this zone should I still attack? Yes, assault bots won’t attack your friends. You will increase the bot counts for that zone, which will deter opponents. Attack bots can defend your zone; they just aren’t very good at it. As you level up you will unlock defensive formations that are better for deploying if your faction already holds the zone. I’ll never knock out my enemy at this rate! In the first few levels your impact might feel minimal, but every deployment helps you gain experience. It won’t take long to level up if you keep at it. If you are unlucky enough to be in a zone where someone has already built up huge defenses, you may be in for a long fight. But remember, your scope moves with you. Go explore the world and find softer targets. Once you level up, it won’t seem like a toy gun against a battleship. You’ll get your big weapons once you prove yourself. We have already seen operatives brag about taking down 1,000,000 nanobots in just a couple days. Nothing is impossible. How do I attack a different zone? As you level up you will unlock more and stronger formations. Those new formations will have range. While at the early levels you can only attack nearby zones, as you level up your attacks will go 10-20 miles (roughly 15-30 Km) and you will eventually gain access to nanomissiles that can go hundreds of miles. What should I buy in the depot first? The smallest thing to buy is a refresh. We give you some of these as you level up so you can try them out. Refreshes will refill (or partially fill depending on the size of your tank) your bot bar or your energy bar. But after that, it depends on your goals. There is much to choose from. Do you want to be able to deploy more nanobots on every launch? Do you want to boost your offensive or defensive bots? Do you want to be able to launch missiles into towns far away? All of these things are possible. Look through the depot and see what you like. Most of the time you will need to buy an upgrade before you can buy the ordinance. For example, missiles are fairly inexpensive, but you need to buy the MX Rack Missile Launcher before you can launch them. Buy the upgrade first. What is the difference between qredits and cubes in the depot? A qredit (aka: credit, which looks like the child of a Q and € ) is the type of currency you earn in the game by harvesting your bases. Cubes (aka: power cubes) are purchased with real money in the Bank section of the Depot. We want everyone to be able to do everything in the game for free, by earning qredits, but for those who want to move a bit faster, you can purchase cubes to speed things along. Purchasing cubes is how QONQR makes money. We very much appreciate your support. Every purchase you make helps us to keep making improvements in the game. Future enhancements will enable you to earn cubes in game. Why can’t I create another base? Additional bases become available as you level up. At the start, you will get a new base every 5 levels. If you don’t have any more bases available to build, you will need to level up. If you have a base available, but aren’t allowed to use it, it is because you already have a base in that zone. You can only have one base in a zone. Get yourself to another zone, then create your base there. My bases are collecting credits at different rates. Your bases collect resources faster if your faction controls the zone. Do your best to either put your bases in zones you can control by yourself, or find zones with strong players in the same faction and put your bases there to maximize your credit collection. The game says I’m in a town that doesn’t exist. QONQR tracks almost 3 million battle zones of varying strategic value in 250 countries. Sometimes those zones include locations that haven’t existed for over 100 years. That’s pretty cool if you ask us. If you find a zone that looks like a duplicate or is just plain wrong, however, let us know on the forums under “Zone Corrections”. How do I move my current position on the map? You might need to take a car, bus, plane or train depending on which zone you are trying to get to, but if you want to move on the map, you need to move in the real world. QONQR is a location-based game, which means you play where you are. However we don't want to make you move to play, we want you to plan when you move. QONQR goes with you as you move through the daily activities in your life. Where do I find the Strategy Guide? Here: http://community.qonqr.com/index.php?/topic/1191-the-official-qonqr-strategy-guide/ How do I win? That is for you to decide. There is still much to discover. We don’t even know if QONQR is good or evil. Why is it here? What is its purpose? Help your faction further its goals and unlock all the secrets of QONQR!
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    Atlantis May 2015

    Congratulations to the Swarm on their overwhelming victory in Atlantis in May 2015 -- taking and retaining all Atlantis zones from beginning to end is hard to argue with -- most convincing -- well done Swarm!
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    Let's talk about multiscoping.

    Rumor has it that the Duggers have 20 scopes. Some families really do have a wife and ten kids... Ha Anyways.... Multi scoping is generally not encouraged, usually if you mention that you do it on the forums or in groupme your not going to be a very liked person, even within your own faction. What tends to happen is if you start multiscoping then your enemies start doing it, then you get into a war where ever person has 6 phones and nobody is happy. I've seen or heard about situations like this in a lot of different locations.
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    Atlantis in August

    Great job, faceless! It was actually an exciting Atlantis and I prefer it that way. Way to bring your A game.
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    So there are some areas in qonqr that are just near impossible to take/weaken in qonqr. Take Nevada for instance...complete dominated by swarm. Nobody can get a foothold in and dropping amps only results in them getting cleared in 30 seconds as swarm is just on their game there at all time. So what we need are nano-nukes. A weapon that will take out say 1,000,000 bots in one shot. This weapon can cost 500k qredits or 50 cubes($20). Now just so the guys with the deep pockets don't go apesh*t and nuke every little guy into non-existence, there should be a 30 day cooldown period after you use one so there is not excessive nuking going on by the mega cubers. If people don't like that idea, then my other idea would be for a super-nano-missile that has further range. Maybe a missile that still does the same damage as nano missiles, but increased qredit cost for further range. For instance 2k qredits for up to 1,000 miles. 3k for 2,000 miles, 4k for 3,000 miles and so on
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    To all the french Swarms

    Attention (insert faction here), We, the (insert faction here) are tired of the way you constantly (circle one).. A. Cube rage us B. Bully us with numbers C. Talk mean to us It hurts our feelings because (circle one).. A. We don't cube B. We don't have as many allies C. We have no sense of humor and/or no backbone Please refrain from participating in the above selected actions for above selected reasons so as the game is enjoyable for (insert faction here). Regards, (insert name and faction here) There we go...this should streamline the entire complaint process of the forums. Copy and reuse as needed. You're welcome.
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    Blue Server changes FAQ

    Silver, you mentioned in a blog that there are levels beyond 150, is it safe to say there is no level limit anymore or is that for us to discover? Another question, I'm not sure if I'm the only one noticing this but it seems like bot decay doesn't work against Zone Assault bots. I've hit two players I know have been inactive for well over 6 months but my attack had the same effect it did yesterday before the update. However I did notice against Deflection bots I am getting 2x the kill power. Also in response to decontaminatoR. Paid gaming isn't just something for adults. When I was 13 the best options for handheld gaming was GameBoy or GameGear and the games at the time cost anywhere between $29-$39 dollars. I had a paper route to pay for my games. So, no offense, but you can afford $0.99 for a game. You don't even need a paper route, just check under your couch cushions and I'm sure you'll find a few quarters.
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    Atlantis June, 2015

    I want to start by thanking Faceless. This round of Atlantis, Legion and Faceless were doubled in sized and probably spending by Swarm. I contacted some great players from the other side and put together a nonaggression pact, this pact was one of the most impressive agreements I've seen in the more than two years of playing. Hundreds of people worldwide stuck to this agreement and put past feelings behind us. It was awesome to see both sides stick so closely to each other in fighting against Swarm. I want to really thank everyone who showed honor by standing behind me and the faceless command when we suggested that, the people who really gave it a chance and then most importantly, to all the players who honored it. Faceless, thank you very much! We stood no chance of winning without you! The battle came down to literally one launch in one of three zones. I'd say that with that being said everyone fought incredibly hard, so I want to give Swarm the respect they deserve. You guys really show out and play to win. Good game, 2 against 1 is not easy, no matter how large your crew is. And Legion, we had many late, late nights, many very long days. You guys killed it this month! We didn't take home a trophy, but I would say we all have something to be proud of! The other leaders who helped me coordinate everything were awesome! So many great people kept everything moving forward 24 hours a day for the whole week. Thank you to everyone who gave it your all for the whole week even when we saw that Swarm had 4x our bots at the end of just one day. Many people would have given up, but we held in and **** near won! I've won Atlantis battles with Faceless and with Legion but I will say, nothing was as fun or incredible as this round! You guys are fantastic and I can't wait to do it all again next month! Hopefully we have more Legion and Faceless show up for the next round, but I know that even if we don't, we will figure out a way, just as warriors do. PEW! PEW! PEW!
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    I must start with an announcement: Camels are not the only animal in the middle east. You have overused it already. It's saddens me that anyone would still find it funny. Get a bit of originality. For anyone not wanting to read all this drivel, skip to the end (hint: Bold stuff). At what point have I bullied anyone? When was the last aggressive or threatening message you or any of your members received from me? Never. Legion and Swarm (in the UK) have teamed up because Faceless are dominating in London. That makes sense. It's a three sided fight and if one force becomes too powerful, the other two can join forces to try and take them down. But: We are dominating in the London area while your alliance is attacking players outside of that area. Then you expect me to sit back and do nothing. You are specifically using me as an excuse for why you have teamed up but then you're attacking players outside of my reach, sometimes with Europe involved. If that is not reason enough to attack you then I'm not sure what is. You lot cube, multiscope and have multi faction accounts and still complain. I don't complain about anything you do. Play the way you want to, ill do the same. I am never rude to anyone, always polite no matter what the message is, never brag about what I do, can do or have done, never threaten anyone, try and keep in touch with the few swarm or legion who are civilised to me, listen to any message form any side and if I can help in any way, I try my best to. Formed agreements with enemy (that I didn't need to) that ended up slapping me in the face. I have even in the past taken the time to find out who some of the younger players are so I know to avoid them. When I'm in a different country I try and find who the bullies are. Those players who threaten and brag and laugh at others. Those are my targets (if they exist in those areas). I don't see how anyone can think I'm a bully. Is it your money? Its none of your business how I spend it. Either way your numbers are way off. 700 dollars a day? Did you just decide to blindly strike the number pad to come up with that figure? Best part of one of your posts is saying that the devs should worry about my welfare. What concerns you about me spending my money? Maybe I'll self harm due to overspending? I wont have enough to buy food because I bought too many cubes? I don't understand what they are supposed to worry about. I have issues? At what point did you deduce this oh mighty psychologist? Wait a minute are you my bank account manager? What do you know about how much I can or cant afford? Random guy spends money on something he enjoys. The end. Told you last time to give up on all the drama but I guess thank you for the concern. You play to make me spend more? And? What do you think that accomplishes? In fact how do you even make me spend? You don't even attack me. You sulk when I'm in the UK and when I fly out and you find out, you call in Europe to help you take an zone or two. As they say, whatever floats your boat. As for Atlantis: Please try again. I quit Atlantis when we were winning. I have on occasion involved myself after I was asked to help out but on the whole I give it a miss. The last time (months ago) was the last 10 minutes of Atlantis and Legion fought hard. We lost. I was not the only Faceless player to quit Atlantis. Quite a few of us thought it lasted too long and had too many zones to fight over. I hear the duration has been reduced. You can't honestly believe I changed my sleeping pattern for the game. I was in California for a month. I was jet lagged. My sleeping pattern was a bit off when I got back. You're not even accurate about when I deploy. Pay attention. You should know this by now: I play as and when I want, sometimes every 20 minutes and sometimes I do long stretches and sometimes I'm busy and don't deploy for hours. You wont always win, and nor will I. Try and get satisfaction form at least trying to win or putting up a good fight. About the limit on cubing. Please. I suggested that last year. Twice. Unfortunately multiscoping is allowed and so prevalent that it kind of ruins the idea. These are the facts: YOU and YOUR side threatened Faceless members who support London. One of the members threatened is actually London based. What do you expect him to do while his city is under attacked? A few of your members don't know when to keep quiet. They sent messages to us threatening specific players and telling them their zones will be dropped just because they have helped London. Basically if they help London then they get their zones wiped. And you have the cheek to call me a bully? We stood up to your members specifically because they were trying to bully. That is the reason we went strong months ago and took those big zones. How is this me bullying you? This is me answering your threats. I didn't attack those zones "just because i can", it's just because I should. Because of your threats. You can blame your members for the loss of those 2 or 3 big zones. These are the basics: You attack one of our zones. We look at the list of attackers and pick one of the players who deployed the most, find a zone of his or hers and attack it. We don't need to justify our attacks with "because there are Faceless players within 30 miles". What, every time we attack a zone we need to send some letter explaining why? You attack us or we attack you, for any reason. That's the game. When some of you were cheating and you could not win you complained, when you cube and lose you complain, when you invite all of Europe to attack and win you still complain. I just think you like to make a fuss. Last words (for now): You think I attack zones as a means of getting attention? I get enough of it form your threads. The only attention seeker here is you with your victim attitude and pity us posts.
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    Email support@QONQR.com

    Most people don't read topic descriptions so I'm making a post. QONQR now has a full-time support person as well as an issue ticketing and tracking application. In an attempt to stop getting problem reports from twitter, the forums, in game messages, Facebook, etc, we are now directing all issues must be sent to support@QONQR.com. This will make it much easier for us to properly record and track all the bugs and issues reported. If you are having a problem with the game you think another player can help you with, then yes please post it on the forums in the "Players Helping Players" section. For issues only QONQR can fix, please email support@QONQR.com. Thanks
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    The Official QONQR Strategy Guide

    Attached you will find the Official Strategy Guide for QONQR. The formation behavior described in this document go into affect on 2/18/2013. See the update announcement for more information Official QONQR Strategy Guide.pdf
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    Know the Switch Factions Rules

    I've had some very angry emails today from a couple users who are upset their rival achieved the ability to switch factions freely having played for one of the factions for only 1 hour. I've been accused of doing favors, changing the rules, and various other backhanded deals. It appears it comes down reading the rules. You do not have to play for every faction for 60 days in order to earn free switching status. Here is a common scenario many players have used to achieve free switching status and avoiding playing for one faction they despise. 1. Start with Swarm 2. Switch to Legion (earn Spy) play for 60 days 3. Switch back to Swarm (earn Double Agent) play for 60 days 4. Switch to Faceless (earn Mercenary) immediately switch back to Swarm or Legion Below is the complete text on the switch nanobots screen. It is the same text that has been there from Day 1 with the exception of the level 100 rules that went into place earlier this year, where you could switch as much as you want before level 100 , but those switches don't count towards the medals. This text has been part of this description since Jan 15, 2013. "Players that earn all three spy awards, may once again switch factions at any time as they could during the training levels 1 through 99." Prior to Jan 15, the text said this. "Players that earn all three awards may be given the opportunity to switch factions more quickly in future updates (contact support for more information)" I pulled that right out of source control, which includes the entire change history. Here is the complete text from this page. http://portal.qonqr....r/SwitchFaction WARNING: Defection has consequences! Self-destruct will be initiated on all your nanobots. Without the self-destruct, you would be required to battle against your former self to regain control of your zones. You will lose the capture and leadership of any zones you currently hold. Lifetime captures will be unaffected. If you are still completing the training levels and have not reached Level 100, you may switch as often as you like to find the faction that suits you best. Once you have reached Level 100 switching factions has rewards, but also has additional consequences beyond the self-destruct of all your nanobots. Defection will usually result in a demotion in rank. This is accomplished through awards with negative rank points. Those awards are: Spy - First switch to an opposing faction (-20 points) Double Agent - Return to a faction from which you had previously defected (-20 points) Mercenary - Become a member of all three factions (-20 points) Other Faction Change Details: You may not switch factions again until at least 60 days have passed since your last faction switch. Defection point penalties are applied only once per award Players that earn all three spy awards, may once again switch factions at any time as they could during the training levels 1 through 99. The decision to switch factions is one that must be made with strong determination. Nanobots cannot be reanimated once destroyed. You will retain your earned experience, level, formations, qredits, cubes, and upgrades. However, as far as your zones go, you will be starting over.
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    ...has got to be one of the funniest moments I've seen in qonqr yet lol.
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    Faceless, Legion, or Swarm?

    The **** change operation was a success!
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    As a relatively new player for faceless in a region dominated by swarm i can understand the OP. However, judging from the numbers i see here on a regular basis i think you are asking a bit much. My idea would be the opposite approach. Why not add a weapon with extremely short range, let's say like 5km that acts like a bomb and make it much stronk? That would add some serious home advantage. Or alternativley make attack formations lose power over range (exclude nanos and plasma). Maybe something like that would allow newcomers to at least get a foothold in their homezones. It's just an idea, maybe i overlooked something?
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    Deploy Icons colors

    This is by design. Some day it is possible (I said someday) we could offer skins for your scope. So we will need a uniform color scheme. You can tell the formation families based on the shape of the box. Trapezoid is attack, diamond is defense, and octagon is support. It will take some time to get comfortable with the change.
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    Possible new QONQR companion?

    Geophysical based game. Anyways, probably not a bad idea but, considering the issues with the three platforms and the development of blue for those platforms, I doubt the resources are available for development on a new platform. Seen the blog? Its Qonqr meets wheel of fortune!
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    My First Zone

    I am happy to announce that today I both completed the training and captured my first zone.
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    ^THIS so now that qonqr has been thoroughly funded, can we have blue now? Or is that not happening still lol.
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    The fair fight?

    Atleast I am not legion and there for we can have this intelligent discussion rather than just compete over who has the best words XD ohhhhh someone bring the bill to legion cuz someone just served them extra double order of stir fried SNAPPPPPP If the devs wont make zone dueling for us I hope out there somewhere are those who would empty a zone and challenge one on one to a local battle. I'd like to see the transcript of deployments made / moves made as well that would be neat I think such events would be cool. I suppose if people give up on atlantis as it works now they can schedule their own tournements in empty atlantis zones.. have a team clear the zone.. put 1 vs 1 or teams vs teams.. like fisticuffs challenges.. find out what these warriors are really made of!
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    @Qonqrd everyone you know must face palm every time you make a post. Its embarrassing. Mega cubers or whatever you want to call them are not great for the opposing team surrounding them but are great for the game itself (money) and for the team they are part of. Multiscopers are not not great for the opposing team surrounding them and bring nothing to the game but are great for the team they are part of. Both have a negative impact on enemy teams/players but only one benefits the game itself. Both can make people want to quit out of frustration. And that's not great for the game. @OP unlimited refresh is over powered. Its frustrating to fight against a ridiculous amount of refreshes. Unfortunately i dont see anything changing unless this game gets a lot more people playing. More people might mean more money for the company from various sources. More money from various players might mean they can limit the players who spend a ton and still generate a healthy income. The main issue i see with limiting refreshes is someone multiscoping and spending money. He now has two, three, four accounts to refresh with and gets the advantage. Its tricky.
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    ey dun new ho to yet it uff.
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    http://blog.qonqr.com/post/68164741006/the-end-of-the-recruiting-bonus "This is why we can't have nice things." ~Gadgerson
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    Synclock Challenge

    How many can you catch in one go
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    Synclock Challenge

    Yet you complain almost everyday here, on your website, Twitter, and YouTube channel that the game needs to change because cubing has such an impact.
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    Suggestions:To the devs...

    Pause development on Android until there is a viable Blue release for existing platforms Keep players interested by providing smaller and more frequent updates. Major updates are tougher to test and support. Introduce a max that galvs can protect. Do we really need 50 mil towers? Void support bots for players in decay $30 a month package to use unlimited attack or defense ordinance, $50 for both plus support formations Beacons More bases Longer range attack ordinance Include chat/wire functions in the API so developers can do cool things to help overcome various game limitations
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    September Atlantis

    It was fun. Swarm had me scared at first, but it turned into kind of a bullying match between us and legion. Last hour became p obvious which way it was gonna go. Legion rly stepped up their game in the end there, respect.
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    Wave of hacking (Serious issue)

    We are investigating this. Here is what we know: Several of the accounts used the same password. Most of the accounts belonged to people who knew each other personally. The accounts were all switched from the same IP Addresses. The person who logged in, got into each account on the first attempt, so they knew the password for each account. What you should know: QONQR never stores passwords, not even in the logs. Passwords are hashed (one way encrypted) and can never be decrypted When you authenticate to our servers, we hash the password you gave us and compare it to the encrypted password in the database to see if they match. Access to our database in the could is restricted tightly and we are confident no one breached the system. What you should do: Don't use the same password as other people you play with. Don't share your password with anyone.
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    News in France

    Hello, Yesterday (30/08/15), We (Faceless) lost our first player in the top 50: maxoxam He has around 85M and leads 1300 zones And following this switch an other players Titidu33 (10M) did the same thing The reason of this act is named Bouyeros and all his multis-scope who paid around 15 000$ in the game! Here is the list of his "main" multis: -Bouyeros 64000 ordnances -Xiedeved 43000 ordnances -eclair 41000 ordnances -opium 42000 ordnances -nouche 40000 ordnances -belledestree 2500 ordnances -belledestreee 8300 ordnances -gaetan87 9200 ordnances -xXx004 8800 ordnances -..... all this counts = 260 000 ordnances Otherwise we can't say that this is pure multi-scoping cause they are a real family but come on?! (of course they are all elite so the wonderful tool "synk lock" is useless) We have few example of them in the top 10 of the MAZ: http://portal.qonqr.com/Home/BattleStatistics/14952 Last week, in 6 days they destroy around 15M of our bots but without any help of their factions... Just a family with a lot of money who decided to destroy our game! In fact, we are all agree to said that QONQR needs player who pay (I also gave few € for the game I love) but should we establish a limit of cubes? And I'm not complaining against only Swarm cubeurs, but against all big cubeurs!! Players who paid more than 100 ordnances each day must be "limited"! Cause regular players can't resist to them! So of course you need money to develop the game but I prefer some advertising than lost a 1M zone in 2 hours!! If we keep going in this way, we will lost players like maxoxam who was (by the way) the first in Europe to deploy since 2012! I can tell you that the mood in France is very very bad with the recent events! -Darkwall an ordinary player-
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    News in France

    I heard all the French players fled to the UK after one German player accidentally shot a single missile into France.
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    Community Convos

    Most factions now use GroupMe or Line as their means of communication, the forums are too slow as a means of communication and insecure for specific faction conversations. Think of the forums are more of a gaming information resource rather than a means of communication. Contact the top players of your faction in the leader boards of your state and they will likely point you in the right direction to chatting with your local faction. The developers are also building some sort of new chat system into the game, we don't know much about it but apparently beta testing for the chat will be happening very soon (next couple of weeks) according to their timelines.
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    Could just build it up and retain their capture. Remember Bizzy, staq to the heavens.
  33. 3 points
  34. 3 points
    I just read this entire thread. I am now tuckered.
  35. 3 points

    Bot Booster and Seekers

    Does anyone know if Bot Booster has an effect on Seekers and how much dmg they do to attacking players? Also on the topic of seekers, does the amount of skeers in a battlefield have any effect on how much damage they do?
  36. 3 points

    Interactive map of real-time zone captures.

    Not sure if you have been to QONQR.com in the last month, but we added a cool animated map showing you what is happening in the battle real-time. Take a look. http://www.qonqr.com/story.html
  37. 2 points

    Battle with Saytin in Oz

    How would you like to do war with me in Australia. Are you keen. Don't worry about being found with a live circuit. Fully warscape
  38. 2 points

    The fair fight?

    You know that is something I didn't factor in there. Time. The player who can consistently and constantly launch wins against the guy who casually picks up the phone on occasion or has to work away from a cell phone for 8 hours. Good point. And yes I can't argue skill doesn't factor in, it just seems like less of a factor than other games is all.
  39. 2 points

    Most Memorable Qonqr Battles

    I cant see why a closed forum, open only to registered Qonqr accounts, cant be used. **** spammers!
  40. 2 points

    Synclock Challenge

    Gotta love synclock! I suspect linjin has a problem. Maybe the dvs should look into it.
  41. 2 points

    So, i live in sweden...

    Well, 40 km, thats about the edge of the nearest larger city, but in my region, u can't escape the leaderboards, If u have 0<nanobots deployed
  42. 2 points
    I agree, we should find a way to honor the dead, but I don't think keeping their towers infinitely is necessarily the solution. The game must go on. I'm pretty sure the point of bot decay was to clear the game of inactive player bots so that new players can have a chance to rise up, not to dishonor the bots of dead players.
  43. 2 points

    Blue Server changes FAQ

    The following are frequently asked questions about the new server update (so far) It still says Training Complete on my iPhone. - Download the update from iTunes It still says Training Complete on my Android. - Sorry, Android will not be updated again until the QONQR Blue beta is released My XP per launch keeps going down - This is XP throttling and is intended to limit the ability for people to leve1 from 1 to 100 in a single day through heavy cubing. The XP throttle was introduced with the original version of QONQR in 2012,and the throttle formula is the same for levels above 100. The throttle resets at midnight UTC every day. How do I buy the Bot Regeneration Accelerator? - Currently the Bot Regen Accelerator can only be purchased through http://portal.qonqr.com. Go to the Depot and review your scope upgrades. The new QONQR Blue clients will allow for this purchase to be made in the app using your mobile billing. I don’t have a PayPal account - For users interested in purchasing the Regen upgrade, but who do not have a PayPal account, PayPal does give you the option to checkout using your billing information without creating an account. PayPal is not allowed in my country, or I don’t have a credit or debit card - Please contact support@QONQR.com for alternate options Is Bot Regen Accelerator counted as part of the 100% scope upgrades? - Yes, but there is a bug that does not increase scope upgrade percent when you purchase this upgrade, that will be fixed in the coming days. For all other questions, please read the 7 blog posts prior to 7/29/2015 for information on what was included in the update today.
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    Bye Fack, its been a pleasure being allied and against you.
  45. 2 points

    What now?

    The two big issues that are both killing the game slowly and keeping it from growing exponentially are cube injustice and new player ramp. The game obviously also needs to provide a consistent and growing revenue stream as well. I think Silver needs to rethink how revenue is generated if he is going to address cube injustice and new player ramp. For revenue generation I would suggest a model that doesn't give a significant combat advantages. Download and play for free from level 0-99 Pay small monthly fee to get full functionality or play for free at 50% of offensive/defensive funtionality Still buy cubes, but cubes are used for following: - Credit Boost: harvest more credits for a period of time - Range Extension: ability to use standard attack/defense formations at extended ranges - Base Share: get 100% credit attainment even in bases owned by another faction - Purchase additional ordinance - Zone Name Change - ability to customize zone names. "Breggland" - Faction Change with Bots - pay for the ability to keep up to 50% of your bots with faction change - Experience Boost: %increase in experienced gained while leveling - Other: anything that helps grow a player or provides enjoyment, but doesn't tip the battle capability of a scope. New Player Ramp/Integration into Game - Offer paid immediate ramp package: one price to become 100 with full upgrades - Like the changes in Blue - Create new zones in Metro areas that only 0-99 level can launch into, with statewide ranges Understand that catering to those who have money and like to use it for an advantage is a good business model and for those people it might be ok to offer very expensive options: - Shield generators: temporary energy shield that adds X% increase to defense or stops X% of damage - EMP's: turns Absorbs off for X minutes. Does not destroy, just turns off - Chain Lighting: Does damage across multiple players in a zone From a development standpoint I have no idea what is possible, easy or hard, but the general idea is to make the playing field more fair for the standard player while maintaining and growing a business revenue stream.
  46. 2 points

    Atlantis May 2015

    I can not speak for everyone, but i appreciate the kind words you have said about my people. /nod
  47. 2 points
    Lol where did this come from, I know I'm a little late to the party but jeez... I remember a time when factions were somewhat civil towards each other and didn't post this "disgust"Ing filth. We are a community of gamers, not a bunch of uncivilized monsters. Sure a little banter is fine but control yourself.... Now as for the topic that should be discussed in this topic thread... I wasn't trained by anyone dings I'm just naturally pretty. Aces
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    GroupMe Group For Legion?

    And smell funny!
  49. 2 points
    You need to come to the Northeast US. We handle our business like no other.
  50. 2 points

    To All Legion members

    Best way to make that op successful is to switch to faceless