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    Ghost Town/Vega80

    No, I'm stable I swear. Ask my psychiatrist. Actually don't do that... Just take my word for it. You can trust me, I'm a salesman.
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    So, i live in sweden...

    Well, 40 km, thats about the edge of the nearest larger city, but in my region, u can't escape the leaderboards, If u have 0<nanobots deployed
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    New Faceless in an OP Swarm town

    Yeah tough position. Options - (1) Join swarm and be bored senseless as your only option is stacking a 130 mill zone to 131 mill after maybe a months hard effort (2) keep whittling away at the opposition, quite effective if you can be OCD enough (3) get some new recruits to help you make a foothold - its doable but will still take effort. (4) quit Ive seen options 2 and 3 work quite effectively. Option 1 players usually quite from boredom and option 4 is self explanatory and undesirable Go with 2 or 3, you can never actually be eliminated from the game and can become 'rogue' attacking anywhere at random and be a real pain for the enemy, no matter how entrenched they may initially be. I think the swarm guys out Wagga way are really yearning for some opposition, they are a victim of their own success.
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    New Faceless in an OP Swarm town

    Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do until you level up to a point where you can range out of your home area. Eventually you can reach as far away as ~400 miles/~640 km with ordinance, ~25 miles/~40 km with effective local bots. Attack launches will level you up faster, and don't bother launching any bots that require ordinance until you hit the 100 level cap. While you are leveling, reach out to any Faceless in the area(~400 miles or less away) and they can help support you. Bribe them with beer. Unfortunately, you've spawned in the middle of the lion's den for Swarm in that area. That zone is probably still in the top 10 stacked zones in the world. I suggest reaching out to the local bigwigs and see if they can make an accommodation for other zones, but I doubt they are going to give up that zone very willingly.