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    September Atlantis

    It was fun. Swarm had me scared at first, but it turned into kind of a bullying match between us and legion. Last hour became p obvious which way it was gonna go. Legion rly stepped up their game in the end there, respect.
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    September Atlantis

    Thanks Dings, We could have have done it without the cooperation of Faceless. Thank you guys for working together to let the air out of Swarm! They say they can't be beaten, but I think we proved them wrong! Faceless and Legion have worked hard for the last several months to gain any chance and this round, with everyone firing on all cylinders, it was achieved! -Legion, you guys made me proud to be Legion the last few months. We've suffered some brutal losses, but the core players still show up and give it 100%. -Faceless you guys have helped make this game more fun round after round. Without the groundwork of the last few months, we wouldn't have stood a chance, either faction. -Swarm, take heed. Every dynasty has its day. We will bring you down, one way or another. Check your arrogance before you challenge the badasses of Legion and Faceless. We don't crumble under pressure, maybe you could learn something there. Great battle everyone, well fought! I look forward to the next round and doing it all over again!
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    Wave of hacking (Serious issue)

    We are investigating this. Here is what we know: Several of the accounts used the same password. Most of the accounts belonged to people who knew each other personally. The accounts were all switched from the same IP Addresses. The person who logged in, got into each account on the first attempt, so they knew the password for each account. What you should know: QONQR never stores passwords, not even in the logs. Passwords are hashed (one way encrypted) and can never be decrypted When you authenticate to our servers, we hash the password you gave us and compare it to the encrypted password in the database to see if they match. Access to our database in the could is restricted tightly and we are confident no one breached the system. What you should do: Don't use the same password as other people you play with. Don't share your password with anyone.
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    September Atlantis

    Good job, and congrats on your Atlantis victory this month, Legion
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    Faceless, Tucson, Az

    Reporting in o7
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    Suggestions:To the devs...

    And bot decay is already in effect. Synclock too, I have found synclock quite effective. The only problem with it is the pay to 'cheat' (even though its not classified as cheating anymore) scenario.
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    Waves of hacking

    Im going to bet this is weak passwords by those players and the lack of lock-account-after-too-many-failed logins on qonqr's part. Basically that means any programmer with a quarter of a brain can brute-force attack. Use decent passwords people!
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    It's weird...I don't think they live in Illinois...but they talk like it...kinda. I'm curious as to the details of the supposed hack.
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    I know this forum is meant for written works and such...but one day I was bored and made a video of CEL DDOS'ing Legion servers; obviously it didn't really happen hence why I am posting it here. The scrolling texts and 'DDOSing' part of the vid were made in batch programming set to a loop and I also coded a menu (that simulates the launching of the attack) in batch (though it is VERY difficult to see and read the actual texts...what I get for using freeware video capture on my tablet). The rest of the footage is from a fan video someone made (with some minor adjustments/effects) of a song titled "Virus" by Del on the Deltron3030 album and the song is Firestarter by The Prodigy. Enjoy http://youtu.be/zs_-ccX3SKY?list=UUzyqnVHsI5Q4URoggZ-VisA