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    Orbital Support

    Most Memorable Qonqr Battles

    Dover. We took down the tower and cleared the entire state in a weekend. About 30 some hours...a mil an hour. https://api.qonqr.com/Home/BattleStatistics/5878
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    Most Memorable Qonqr Battles

    LOL, good one. Most memorable op for me was Pittsburgh in January, 2014. Legion destroyed a 17m zone in Pitt after a faceless player was boasting about how tough it was. I was faceless at the time and it was a grueling fight. Both sides gave 100% calling in people from every inch within 400 miles of that zone. I stayed up until 5am with Queetz night after night just to keep the zone clear of amps. Ultimately Legion took the win on that, but I think everyone was pretty proud of how it went down on both sides (except the guy who opened his mouth). https://portal.qonqr...eStatistics/872 I led a couple very successful boardwipes against Legion while I was Faceless as well including one against this guy that made him quit (sorry Silver) - https://portal.qonqr...ails/alexrudead Look at his stats on your phone, they are insane... This guy must have spent thousands of cubes in his first week playing. And of course, after switching to Legion there have been a couple, but my favorite, by far, was boardwiping Monk's sorry self. Whenever I get a chance to attack a coward, I get excited. Deleting Monk from the CT leaderboard felt great! Such zones, very coordination, many laugh, wow.
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    September Atlantis

    Wow, confidence must not be in knowledge of Atlantis since the one faction who one 16-0-0 didn't. It 19...next time pay attention to Atlantis before you chime in your attempt to insult and still pat the backs of the only faction I have seen walk away before its over because that was the only choice you had left.