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    Sore Losing?

    Un, I know you're a bit slow so I don't expect you to understand this, but I'll try anyway. Many in Faceless discussed Atlantis during facelesscon a couple weeks ago, and agree that overall Atlantis is a fairly low strategic priority for us. Sure, it's awesome to have bragging rights for a week or two, but it's short lived. If we continue to spend cubes like we have in the past fighting for Atlantis, it makes it hard for qonqr to justify the changes we requested as they likely make out pretty well during the event. So, it's not as much a boycott, but more of a refocus of resources to areas that have a higher return. If the Atlantis battle is shortened to significantly less than it is today, perhaps we will reevaluate if the effort to win is worth the return. Of course, if you like Atlantis as it is setup today, continue to spend and support it to let qonqr know your feelings!