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    No message of captured zones

    I noticed the loss of some bots and when looking for the reason behind it, I discovered that a couple of zones had been captured by new Swarm operatives. So I looked in the message center but there were no messages that I lost control of those zones. I do however get messages from other captures, by higher ranked players. So I wonder if this is new functionality (that captures by lower ranked players don't show up in the message center to prevent direct retaliation) or just a coincidence (that rank has nothing to do with it but that the message center is just slightly broken). Any information?
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    @Qonqrd everyone you know must face palm every time you make a post. Its embarrassing. Mega cubers or whatever you want to call them are not great for the opposing team surrounding them but are great for the game itself (money) and for the team they are part of. Multiscopers are not not great for the opposing team surrounding them and bring nothing to the game but are great for the team they are part of. Both have a negative impact on enemy teams/players but only one benefits the game itself. Both can make people want to quit out of frustration. And that's not great for the game. @OP unlimited refresh is over powered. Its frustrating to fight against a ridiculous amount of refreshes. Unfortunately i dont see anything changing unless this game gets a lot more people playing. More people might mean more money for the company from various sources. More money from various players might mean they can limit the players who spend a ton and still generate a healthy income. The main issue i see with limiting refreshes is someone multiscoping and spending money. He now has two, three, four accounts to refresh with and gets the advantage. Its tricky.