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    When is QONQR Blue coming?

    The graphics of blu look terrible and the wheel for selecting the weapon looks like it will slow things down Its a mix of 80's game graphics from Tron and up to date colours from ingress and an old landline telephone dial weapon selection (yuck). Let's hope you can carry on with this version of the game if you don't want to update, which I'm sure we will be able to due to no new features being added. Let's also hope it will run well on the holographic phones which are rumoured to be released just before blue in 2025
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    The "multi"-state paradox

    @strat... It is a business. My point being in any business you want to keep your base money coming in, and expand that. The state of the game now is multiscopes. With them around it cuts the base elite players money paying in, and also overwhelms new players effectively stopping them from playing and paying in. All for what? The ability of one person to have 2 to 5 accounts? That person won't pay in on a multi account. Just overwhelming numbers to force out competition. @gmen. I agree. Id be living large if I worked at AT&T or Verizon store. Every **** phone would have an account hahahaha ... Sigh