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    How about just rename it to qonqr real estate game. Spend Cash to buy zones and who ever bids highest gets the zone? Better yet for all you ... peeing contest personalities out there just get rid of all the zones and make one single global score board that simply costs 1$ per 1 point added to your score. The winner of course will be who ever has the most expendable income. And it would reduce the over head costs of designing and coding the game itself there by increasing its profit margin. Maybe rename the game to "i can spend more than you nyah nyah nyah nyah" or similar? This message started as a joke, but maybe there is a kickstarter or indiegogo project here? "Hate grinding and leveling up? Try the new dollar score game! 1 point = 1 dollar. Now, in this exciting massive multiplayer self validation game you can compete with players from all over the world to see who has the biggest ego and the deepest pockets! Do you have what it takes to spend more money than them? Compete with your friends family! Show them who is the better person by crushing them with your savings account! Short on cash? take advantage of our 1 click quickenloan application! Don't be left in the dust Install this app now!"
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    Weapons Cache

    LOL.."because let's face it, some people hate everything we do". I really like this game and haven't had many issues with anything updated and changed thus far. I might have described Sync-Lock as a Qonqr STD..but as a person whose since been infected and had it's impact amount to nothing even without inoculating..I might've overreacted, lol. This change, the weapons cache, I like more than anything yet. I can already see the absolute chaos and hilarity this will bring..and I don't mean it as snide..I genuinely love this idea! Let me put forth a scenario.. Let's say there is a large, well organized team of players comprised of 10 free to play operatives and 2 elites who don't mind sharing. Normally, they would plan a big op 2 weeks out so as to get everyone on board. Now, instead of a normal attack, you have 10 players with 70 bot refreshes plus your elites. There will be area's and groups that will experience a whole new level of shock and awe devastation..(sniffle, tear wipe)..it'll be beautiful! I know 70 refreshes aren't that many..but for big..and I mean BIG groups..just IMAGINE the destruction! Versus a large, well organized team with one or two benefactors who would buy cubes anyway..no tower would be to tall to topple and no area would be to well defended to overrun. Maybe my scenario is a little overblown..but I see enormous potential here.
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    Know the Switch Factions Rules

    I believe it may be necessary to change the name of the Mercenary award. Internally we called this "Rouge Agent" when we were designing it. I think we should make that the official name. The community has adopted (probably correctly so) the term "Mercenary" to refer to anyone who can switch factions freely. The double meaning of someone who can switch freely and the name of the medal is probably creating confusion.
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    Qonqr Meme's!

    apparently I didn't upload it properly... oh well. I didn't actually use a meme creator either. just thought it was funny
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    Qonqr Meme's!

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    Love the concepts of this game, it's a shame the Aussie servers seems to go down more than more the the price of fuel.
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    I think these would make real nice discreet bumper stickers. It would be pretty cool to see them on other ops cars in RL.
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    Great, they are awesome! Nice job!
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    Thanks, I can post the better ones once I finish what I'm doing.
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    Exporting as an SVG would allow lossless scaling. But overall I like it. You could make a solid white flame and put it on purple background to use as phone wallpaper too!