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  1. Welcome to the QONQR Community Forums! Please take a few moments to introduce yourself here, and feel free to give your Faction some love. Anything other than new player introductions, however, should go in the appropriate forum - not here. We encourage you to use your QONQR Codename on the forums. (If you registered with another name, you can change it in your profile.) Also, if you specified your faction (recommended) when you registered, we'll get you access to your Faction Specific Forum. Factions cannot be changed without the assistance of an Admin so contact one of them if you need help. If you're having trouble getting access to your faction's forum send an email to: support@qonqr.com These requests take some time to complete and your patience in these matters is greatly appreciated. Please remember to keep your posts in all the forums civil. The ability to post on these forums can and will be revoked if you cannot treat your fellow players with respect. We're all here to have fun, and we don't want a few trolls to ruin the community for everyone else.