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  1. You know you play QONQR too much when…

    ^and the spambot invasion has begun...
  2. automated acct check

    you'd be surprised at how badly some people play the game. just because they're level 100, it doesn't mean they know what they're doin. some players need to learn the hard way. have fun cuttin through that shockwave. your kill count should jump up pretty quickly.
  3. Post your total kills

    over 23mil now...
  4. How often to harvest?

    ^nope. harvest early and harvest often.
  5. Milestones

    made it up over 3000 zone caps last week, and hit 20 mil total kills tonight. woohooo!
  6. booooo!

    thanks, silver. this stuff is goin on in-game anyways. if someone wants to put forth the effort to organize this "network," i don't see any harm in it. as long as they're not dual scoping or infringing on any of your legal stuff (copyrights, patents, etc.) by creating the tumblr site.
  7. booooo!

    who took down the spy network posts?
  8. Introducing: The QONQR Spy Network

    easy with the "have silver look into this" noise. i hate spies and turncoats with a passion, but this certainly adds a new wrinkle to the gameplay. let them have their fun...
  9. Post your total kills

  10. In-flight WiFi?

    ^but you can play the game on wi-fi only. i've started putting my phone on airplane mode and playing on wifi. i'm no expert in this stuff, but i'm guessing that the game then uses your IP address to determine your location. i have no idea how in flight wifi works, but it's gotta assign you an IP address that's tied to some location on the ground, right?
  11. In-flight WiFi?

    Has anyone qonqred while using in-flight wifi? I'm wonderin where the game decides to locate you....
  12. Real World Rivalry?

    ha, that's what i was thinkin too. don't leave your phone unattended. you might come back to find that you've "mysteriously" switched factions.
  13. April Fools

    switch up the formation symbols (ex. shockwave = @, seekers = &, etc.) make everyone's in game avatar the hoff, tom selleck, burt reynolds, etc.
  14. Level Up

    holy ****. clean up on aisle 6!
  15. Weakness at the Top

    zones captured is the number of zones that you've captured at some point. it's just a rolling tally of all the zones you've captured. the number never decreases. zone leads is the number of zones you lead at the moment. lose a zone and the number drops. gain a zone and the number goes up.