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  1. Server Update 3-21

    You're telling me - it was no average Thursday...
  2. What is your faction/phone OS?

    Regardless of faction/phone I'm just happy to see a 2:1 advantage for Windows Phone.
  3. custom application

    Thank you for the clarification of the TOS. I look forward to an API that can be used outside of the official clients.
  4. custom application

    I searched around the forums as best I could, but the term "api" doesn't yield results because it is too short. The word "service" didn't yield anything useful either. I wasn't sure what else to search under and, perhaps I'm dense, but the TOS seemed to be vague on the specific use I described. While our definitions of public may be different, my question remains. I will contact someone directly to inquire.
  5. custom application

    I did read the TOS. What I was trying to figure out was whether what I described would be a violation. As it would not alter gameplay or allow for a faster level up it wouldn't appear to violate item 1 or 2. It would not impact 4-7 either. The only one I question is 3. As the application described would not be accessing the web services "in" the game, but rather from outside it, would this be a violation With respect to the API not being public, it most certainly is. It may not be documented, or publicized, but it is quite public.
  6. custom application

    If one were to have the technical ability to discover the various APIs available and how to call them and created an application that let said individual easily see their bot counts for their bases on one screen would this violate TOS or would it be allowable as a fan creation?