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  1. Possible new QONQR companion?

    Geophysical based game. Anyways, probably not a bad idea but, considering the issues with the three platforms and the development of blue for those platforms, I doubt the resources are available for development on a new platform. Seen the blog? Its Qonqr meets wheel of fortune!
  2. Let's talk about multiscoping.

    Synclock should be more effective than it is. Inoculation should be more expensive and definitely not free to Elite players. Being able to break synclock, by ensuring your account launces are separated, should be harder to achieve too. When players can obviously multiscope without becoming synclocked then there's obviously a flaw in the dynamics that govern synclock.
  3. (MULTI-account hacker) in Poland!!

    I would email support with the information and voice your concerns about these accounts, if I were you. support@qonqr.com
  4. deutscher Spamthread

    Ha ha. In the voice of Nelson.
  5. Seattle Faceless Meetup - HiFi Brewing

    Lol, I'm not keen on flying.
  6. Didn't realise Atlantis marksman shows in game. Gold border=1 million kills last week, gold star= 1million kills this week(or vice versa I cant recall). I don't think Atlantis kills go towards you achievements awards either. Might have changed idk.
  7. Why is the forum above this one locked?

    All and none. Mostly stayed Swarm since becoming full merc.
  9. My First Zone

    Tyranny!! I always dress gender appropriate! Jeez!
  10. Seattle Faceless Meetup - HiFi Brewing

    Does anyone meet up? I've not knowingly met another Qonqr op in three years of playing!
  11. About Multis and a possible new rule

    Synclock is not as effective as it once was. The criteria needs to be toughened up.
  12. New Faceless Player in Mississippi

    Use the In Game Messenger or IGM. Its way more secure than the forums. A lot of players use a chat app, groupme, whatsap etc, so IGM other locals from the leaderboards. Enjoy Qonqr on!
  13. When is QONQR Blue coming?

    I've tried all three platforms and the android is closer to the IOS version but overall I prefer the Windows version. It's slower than the other two but its more reliable, the phone you use also makes a difference.
  14. Never had to buy it. Buy everything, it gotta help somehow! Lol You're probably right. The thing is, as a newb who doesn't know a thing about Qonqr, does he/she believe they won, I wonder?