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  1. Atlantis July 2016

    Cracking Atlantis this month, I'm not the most active in there and only joined in near the end and it was really hard fought by all. Some large money spent and a lot of effort by all. It made for a really close call at the end. Good for Qonqr all in all.
  2. QONQR black

    Can I just point out my addiction discussion in off topic. Could be a serious thingy.
  3. QONQR black

    Nope, cracks whip, back to work.?
  4. QONQR black

    I run my own business and do fine, I talk to my customers every time they come to me. I also answer calls and book lessons. However, I don't constantly want to know if they're happy with my services. If they come back I assume they are. Customer don't need cosseting if you are doing a good job. Third parties often need paying, if they don't do the job stop paying them. Extra time could be better spent away from people getting jabs in. Might provoke more positive thought processes which can help a business rather than focusing on negative customer reactions. How many threads got removed that were not spam?
  5. QONQR black

    How does a forum get broken? If my car breaks, I fix it so can use it as soon as I can. I thought it was a player's forum. Obviously wrong! I doubt it was 'stumbled across' it was the most read thread for months. That just shows the forums were ignored by you guys. DA is generally hated in the UK so how can you expect it not to be mentioned! If no one reported it and there was no swearing what exactly was the issue? Players **** about other players has always been in the forum. Maybe the forum should be completely wiped out and started fresh with people who care about each other's thin skin.
  6. QONQR black

    Reinstate the thread then. Let others decide if it's filth. Maybe it just upset one of your biggest spenders too much. You would also need to define the exact level of 'filth' that you would tolerate. You guys were happy to let the old forum turn into spam heaven with posted links to actual 'filth' for months and months so it's pretty hypocritical to suddenly remove threads you consider 'filth', just to appease a heavy spender. I don't recall any actual 'filth' in the thread. Forum dictatorship isn't the first hypocritical tightrope you guys have walked.
  7. QONQR black

    It's now the only place you can register you displeasure about the whole problem of hypercubers. Any posts related to this issue, in the forum, stands a good chance of being considered 'filth' , an employee of Qonqr LLC term, and deleted. Probably as this one could be.
  8. New Players, Don't Bother With Legion

    Some battle plans get swept under the rug but that is team playing. Was there another objective? Or perhaps Atlantis doesn't have the same draw as looking over local business. I've always considered myself a lone player but also chip in to help out my faction. @nova all battles are won with brute force in the end. When everyone's abilities and strategic knowledge is on a par with each other then all you have left is brute force. I thought last Atlantis was a closely fought battle and quite enjoyable.
  9. Get IOS or a WP. Droid isn't out on general release but can be accessed by contacting support@qonqr.com
  10. Quantum tunnelling

    Why? In heavily player saturated areas, maybe, but certainly in my area, and a good deal of the UK, it's very thin. Most new accounts are multis or if they are actually new players they rarely play for long.
  11. Legion Desktops

    Neat. I like the dribbly blood one best. :-)
  12. Suggestions:To the devs...

    A mercs service should only be payable with cubes. Why pay with qreds that come free? Qonqr should take over unclaimed zones and generate its own basic defences within one hour. Keep to active areas, or zones that have already been occupied previously, otherwise Qonqr would have plenty of zones in those areas we wish we could get to and get a signal!
  13. Ha ha, I've kinda mixed up the different ideas and ops. Sorry bout that! Multiscoping is all well and good but I agree, its supposed to be an enjoyable game not a full time obsession. Everyone's situation is different and the ability to 'tailor' your bots or scope to deal with individual situations isn't anything Id expect to see soon. Maybe this is the point where factions need to have defined strengths and weaknesses, rather than identical capabilities.
  14. Really powerful ordnance, such as you you've suggested,will only end up being abused. If I was a dev and introduced this as a feature, the cool down would have a refresh capability purchasable with cubes.
  15. Geophysical. Your launch distance changes if you move IRL.