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  1. The unrestricted use of cubes to refresh and launch unlimited bots is the boot upon our necks. Rise up and say No More! Join me in saying No More Revenue to this game until the inequity of unlimited refresh is dealt with by Silver and his crew. There is nothing wrong with cubes, there is nothing wrong with the game having a dependable revenue stream and there is nothing wrong with those today who leverage the game rules to refresh ad infinity to win the battles they choose to win. What is wrong, is there is no limit. Like all wrongs in history, those who have resources dominate those who do not. No matter the amount of struggle, valor or courage shown, the man with the money and the will power to use it, wins in the end. I will not give up, but neither will I stand silent. Join me in fighting money with the removal of your money. Are you, are you, Coming to the tree.
  2. What now?

    The two big issues that are both killing the game slowly and keeping it from growing exponentially are cube injustice and new player ramp. The game obviously also needs to provide a consistent and growing revenue stream as well. I think Silver needs to rethink how revenue is generated if he is going to address cube injustice and new player ramp. For revenue generation I would suggest a model that doesn't give a significant combat advantages. Download and play for free from level 0-99 Pay small monthly fee to get full functionality or play for free at 50% of offensive/defensive funtionality Still buy cubes, but cubes are used for following: - Credit Boost: harvest more credits for a period of time - Range Extension: ability to use standard attack/defense formations at extended ranges - Base Share: get 100% credit attainment even in bases owned by another faction - Purchase additional ordinance - Zone Name Change - ability to customize zone names. "Breggland" - Faction Change with Bots - pay for the ability to keep up to 50% of your bots with faction change - Experience Boost: %increase in experienced gained while leveling - Other: anything that helps grow a player or provides enjoyment, but doesn't tip the battle capability of a scope. New Player Ramp/Integration into Game - Offer paid immediate ramp package: one price to become 100 with full upgrades - Like the changes in Blue - Create new zones in Metro areas that only 0-99 level can launch into, with statewide ranges Understand that catering to those who have money and like to use it for an advantage is a good business model and for those people it might be ok to offer very expensive options: - Shield generators: temporary energy shield that adds X% increase to defense or stops X% of damage - EMP's: turns Absorbs off for X minutes. Does not destroy, just turns off - Chain Lighting: Does damage across multiple players in a zone From a development standpoint I have no idea what is possible, easy or hard, but the general idea is to make the playing field more fair for the standard player while maintaining and growing a business revenue stream.
  3. Atlantis Feb 2015 - Legion Win

    It was an epic battle and I did cube, but I'm not a fan of cubing. Makes me feel dirty. Like a sports star and steroids.
  4. Dings90 Atlantis Zone

    Dings90, reminded me of WoW and pvp so I had to attack it.
  5. United Nations of Qonqr

    They asked me to join, but no way am I wearing that stupid sky blue helmet.
  6. Good luck with that Criminal. My bet is she'll make an enemy out of you before the conversation is two messages old. You are too logical, reasonable and generally an all around pleasant person...that is going to hamper you in your discussion. LOL..ok now I'm being a bit dramatic, but interested to see how it goes. PM me or put it in Group.
  7. Texas and Oklahoma Swarm have a library of crazy messages from Osage/Que or is it Que/Osage. Don't feel bad, they even try to tell us what to do. And they love telling us how stupid we are whenever we would be so bold as to attack them. They make a great and dramatic enemy, certainly never fail to bring high drama and intrigue to the game. I'm pretty sure they contribute mightily to Silver's beer fund as well. They aren't very subtle or sensitive in their communications and their logic concerning the purpose of the game is cloudy (if you attack them - you are "bully-boys" and "ignorant losers", if they attack you - you deserve it because you're too stupid to even play the game so give up) Hope they don't ever quit, they are great enemies and great advancers of nano-missile auto monitor/launch technology. (unconfirmed of course )
  8. New Feature - Sync Lock

    Victory for those with the money. Now you can spend money to keep your multiple scopes free from infection, while locking down those can't spend the money to do so. I want you to make money and while the solution has a degree of simple elegance to it I think it will ultimately diminish the game. No game is fun when it is money, not skill and perseverance, that provide the victory. My wife, who only plays when we are together, because that is when I beg, bribe or twist her arm to do so, is now a liability to me now, the more serious player. Actually, now that I write this I have to ask.....did my wife put you up to this? Now I won't bug her to launch in bed before we go to sleep. hmmmmmmmm
  9. Attention Qonqr Agents

    This thread = LOL Drama Fart Explosion.
  10. Attention Qonqr Agents

    Is a new faction born? Will this secretive "clan" with the unique and some would say twisted honor code be allowed to exist? Will we see them provided with their own color or will that just diminish their purpose? What is their true purpose, a game within a game, to spy, to build a working coalition among rivals...murky and uncharted waters in the fore. Time will tell, but until then be warned regional groups, the 4th is real and nothing shared in confidence may be safe from these "knights".
  11. Buying Zones...

    The best approach, and I think I've read it somewhere in the forums, is to limit the number of cubes that can be spent per day per account.
  12. Unofficial Bot Kill Leader Board

    10,068,333 for the Bregginkrak
  13. Overheating

    Can anyone tell me how to find the search feature?
  14. Hey, take it easy on the Servers. If you worked for tips only you might not respond sometimes too.
  15. Texas Top 50 Leaderboard Stats

    I'm not a fan of the buying of zones...we have a Legion guy up here in Seattle who does that. I might spend a little to defend a zone until my fellow swarm can come to the rescue, but I prefer the old fashion way of getting a zone....full on annoyance for weeks on end until they just give up and let you have it or the get the gang together and blitzkrieg. I'll be in Austin all next week, checking the area out, I'm sure you'll see me in the trenches as I attempt to upset the balance of power through my expertise in being annoying...seriously...ask my wife...I'm really annoying.