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  1. Let's talk about multiscoping.

    The short answer is no. They won't be banned. Although we do not encourage multiscoping, it's also not against the rules. Please feel free to email support with more questions or check out our help page at qonqr.com/help
  2. Hilarious that I can use the Portal to buy Cubes

    or you could also do it from the portal.. https://portal.qonqr.com/Account/SwitchFaction
  3. http://blog.qonqr.com/post/68164741006/the-end-of-the-recruiting-bonus "This is why we can't have nice things." ~Gadgerson
  4. Benefit from Atlantis?

    The double harvest bonus always happens the last week of the month. It officially starts tonight at midnight UTC. The Medals and credits come the last day or two of the month as Silver has to award them manually.
  5. Get Ready For Blue!

    http://blog.qonqr.com/post/125271033577/get-ready also make sure you check out the previous 6 or 7 blog posts before this one to see the full explanation of changes. Thanks, Gadge
  6. Faction Forums Problem

    Hello everyone. If you are new to the forums or have recently switched factions, you may have noticed that you can no longer access the faction forums. We recently had to disable a 3rd party hook that was designed to grant people access based on their current faction. It was causing some people to get a weird SQL error. We don't really have the time or patience to try to fix this problem at the moment, and so we thought maybe now is a good time to talk about something. People complain all the time about the security of the faction forums and how they aren't really secure and therefore aren't really providing any value. So, our dilemma is this: Do we just put an end to the faction forums, or is there value in keeping them? If there is value in keeping them, is there someone willing to build us a working hook (php) so that we can have a working site? Basically, we are at the point that we don't want to spend anymore money on this thing, but if you guys want it, then we want to figure out a way to give it to you. Please post comments on this issue below, and if you are willing to try to help us fix this issue please email support@qonqr.com and let us know. Thanks so much and have a great day. ~Gadgerson
  7. Is support still active via email?

    Support is one person (me) and if you send a message between 7am and 5pm (CST) M-F it increases the odds of me answering it right away. I wont answer support emails received in the middle of the night (my time) until I get into work the next day. Sorry for the delay.
  8. April Fools from the Devs

    The profile pictures will randomly change for the rest of April 1st UTC (as an April Fools joke). Not to worry, no one hacked your account. Just a little fun to start of the new Atlantis. Hope you find it somewhat humorous. We selected about 70-100 iconic 80's television characters to cycle through. Gadge
  9. April Fools?

    So many emails......lol Sorry for the scare guys. Hope you got a good laugh. Gadge
  10. Hacked account

    The profile pictures will randomly change for the rest of April 1st UTC (as an April Fools joke). Not to worry, no one hacked your account. Just a little fun to start of the new Atlantis. Hope you find it somewhat humorous. We selected about 70-100 iconic 80's television characters to cycle through. Gadge
  11. As Silver and I mentioned in our Thank You video we posted on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Qonqr we need some feedback on what to do with Atlantis from here. Please post your ideas here. Thank you.
  12. This 3rd party hosting service that we use for our forums does not have a way for us to require the verification steps it would require to keep non-players from registering. We know this is a problem, and as soon as we get reports from our moderators that there is spam, we try to clean it up and ban the people and their IP's. For now that is all we can do, but we may reach out to some of you more active people to be moderators as well. Thanks for your patience and for those of you reporting...thank you for that as well.
  13. No one has every been given cubes for any reason at any time (other a single cube for the best #QSNack on Twitter). I don't even get free cubes and I work here. This is enough. If you think someone is HACKING into something and getting cubes that way, then by all means email me at support and supply names. Thank you.
  14. Not New Player, New to Forums

  15. Announcing QONQR Blue

    Read about it on our blog at http://blog.qonqr.co...cing-qonqr-blue
  16. Launch Verification

    Click here for more info and a tutorial video on Launch Verification. http://www.qonqr.com/help/launch-verification/
  17. Faction Switch

    Switching Factions does not automatically switch you in the forums any longer. You must (usually) email support@qonqr.com, but I will go ahead and add you sense I saw this. QONQR ON!
  18. Thank you, Legion

    There is nothing like finding the right group for you. As someone who has been all three Factions, I can say I experienced good and bad in all groups, but have found a home (for now) with the Faceless. I am very happy for you and wish you all the best. See you on the battlefield my friend. Gadge
  19. New Faceless in an OP Swarm town

    Welcome to QONQR. Please feel free to email support@qonqr.com if you have any game issues. Gadge
  20. T-Shirt Contest

    As many of you know, we just got a logo touch-up. This has left us with some leftover QONQR t-shirts and we need to clear out our current inventory. We have decided to try a fun and easy contest to give away some of our remaining shirts. Our inventory includes some unisex shirts in 2XL, XL, L, a Medium or two, and a few ladies style shirts as well. Parameters: The contest will be held all-day Saturday and Sunday (January 24th and 25th), with the days beginning and ending according to the UTC/GMT time zone. Rules: 1. We will be using the Most Active Zones list to see who wins. The List is public information, and it is easy to determine a winner. http://portal.qonqr.com/Home/MostActiveZones 2. Five winners will be selected from the players listed on the “10 Most Active Zones” list. The top five players with the most launches in any zone on this list will win. Five shirts awarded for Saturday’s battles, five shirts for Sunday’s battles. 3. If you win a shirt on Saturday, you will not be eligible to win one on Sunday. This shirt has been in print since our 2011 BETA. Here is your last chance to own an original! All winners will have the option to have their t-shirts customized with their codenames. Winners will be announced on Monday.
  21. Pyongyang: My Atlantis Nomination

    Well it's not water, but I like where your heads at. We may have to think about this one.
  22. Green Screen Ideas

    Please share your ideas for the use of the green screen here. Thank you.
  23. There are two days to get your submissions in for the Christmas video contest. Original post: http://community.qonqr.com/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F3308-christmas-video-contest%2F Remember that you can change the lyrics and do whatever you want with the video, but please have them in by Friday. We will have voting starting shortly after the deadline. Thanks, Gadge
  24. New to Faceless

    Welcome to QONQR and to the Faceless.
  25. Ummm bugs?

    That error happens when your device loses GPS signal for a split second and doesn't know where you are. Most commonly happens on iOS but it can happen on any phone really. Glad to hear it's working again. Gadge