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  1. Every Hidden Medal

    Onyx has legit recruits. He was on a campaign to earn the recruit medal for a while. It's not unheard of to offer cubes for a recruit.
  2. Atlantis: The Evolution

    I love it! These are definitely some welcomed changes. Can't wait to call myself Annihilator DrStraynge (Elite)
  3. Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview

    That would be great to have the transparent tiles!
  4. What Should Happen to Atlantis Now?

    I would like to keep the zone as it is. With local enemies essentially being a non-issue there wasn't much left for me to do except to grind for the hidden achievements, which was proving to be the slowest grind ever. With Atlantis, I now have a chance to rack up kills and stack up some nice D to show everyone I'm still here. It's fun watching the cycles of massive strikes and new leaders popping up.
  5. Sync Lock Is a Failure

    I'm sync locked with my roommate, as well as other accounts enemies made to mess with us. Does anyone honestly think we made an account called DrSexesKrawl? Get out of here. I was brought back to the game by the release of Atlantis and then boom, sync lock. Thanks.
  6. Why not...?

    I picked Faceless because the story matches my personality. Legion is the exact opposite of what I wanted. Swarm was a close second, and I almost picked them because I live in Dublin, and Green is all over the city. I feel kind of like a jerk for having the city purple, but I am happy with my choice.
  7. Player Obsession: Fatal Attraction?

    I try to back off players I feel are being targeted relentlessly. I'm not perfect, but I try. This game can only survive if people are playing, and if we're ruining the game for people, then what's the point?
  8. I'm back (sort of)

    Sometimes you just have to walk away and recharge. I did it, it felt good.
  9. I'm back (sort of)

    They always come back. Welcome!
  10. Power tilt and the decline of a faction.

    In my experience, it doesn't matter what faction holds an area down, things will change and they can change fast! I've been through multiple wars on my home turf and it all boils down to who is the most persistent. I've watched more than a dozen players quit because they can't keep up.
  11. sergeant major

    All ordnances are 1:1 You buy 1, it adds 1 to your count.
  12. sergeant major

    If you're in range for plasma, they are much more effective than a missile will ever be. 2 plasma = 1 missile (credits) but you may notice that two plasma beams will get you more kills than one missile. Plasma is by far my favorite attack for local beat downs.
  13. sergeant major

    QONQR blog post states there's hidden achievements now. As posted earlier, these are also what I have found. I think I heard mention one for the recruits? Has anyone actually hit 50 legit recruits (according to the new rules)? Mega Annihilator - 50,000,000 Bot Kills Monopolist - 10,000,000 Harvest Uber Specialist - 15,000 Ordinance Ultra QONQRer - 10,000 Captures. I got Uber Specialist. I'm kind of far from Ultra QONQRer (I need little over 7K caps), Monopolist (3 mil to go), and Mega Annihilator (I'm at 33m) I think by the time I get Ypres Peace, I should be really close to Mega Annihilator which will put me at Sergeant Major. Currently have 103 rank points.
  14. Personal goals and dreams.

    My dream is to turn all of Ohio purple. If you follow route 70 from the IN border, it's pretty much all purple until Columbus. We are working on that currently. Then, following 70 east it is nearly all purple until WV. I would love to see a color map of Ohio right now.
  15. the nemesis effect/glitch

    Seekers and Shockwave yield high kill counts. I killed 80K Shockwave bots with a single missile before.