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  1. Can Atlantis go on forever??

    Whoops meant to say sarcastic. And I guess I wasn't considering what others said in addition to what I have posted. I agree t0xn, those blanket statements are very much unfair to Legion. Regarding the data, what I presented is a little manipulative, but I really don't think I was too bad about it. Yes, it doesn't prove anything, but isn't that at least decent grounds for deeper investigation into that and other similar cases?
  2. Can Atlantis go on forever??

    I did genuinely try to avoid placing blame on any faction, but I can see where I might have failed. I'm sorry anyone in Legion felt that way... I mainly just focused on the one anomaly (Thai Legion) for which I have easily accessible data given Atlantis takes place in a very small number of zones and the impact of a single player can be easily measured (I briefly mentioned multis in Grunt zones). And I did this not to blame Legion, but simply to encourage ALL qonqr players to realize that this game can be exploited at this scale, and to encourage ALL qonqr players to take some action against this. Of course no one has definitive proof that Thai Legion is a single player. And unfortunately there isn't an easy way to determine this as a player. What I presented is not a sophisticated statistical analysis, it is just some strategically selected raw data that paints a picture. You can interpret it as you wish. My interpretation is that it is hardly likely that more than a dozne people would both top the deployment count rankings and also all have approx the same deployment count - all of which have been successfully sync locked with each other. Not to mention I'm pretty sure I managed to say everything I wanted without a snarky or sadistic tongue. But, I still apologize for somehow offending you, t0xn. (Yeah that last bit broke my streak of minimal snarky-ness haha) I don't see what logic brought you to your interpretation that we claim ALL Legion cheats/multiscopes or that Swarm or Faceless don't. I even explicitly stated otherwise more than once. I don't however retract anything I may have said that explicitly accuses the Thai accounts to be multis. I have no proof, but what can I say, the data is hard for me to argue against even if it is just a statistic. But anyways... I do spend a lot of time on qonqr and Atlantis so this topic is important to me.
  3. Can Atlantis go on forever??

    I don't know about anyone else, but I made those charts in September 2014 and had been complaining about multis in Atlantis (specifically the Thai accounts) long before that and certainly before Legion starting winning. But that was all internally discussed with just Swarm. I only chose to speak up and get involved now because of the Cathan issue. I figured if there was a time to push for change this would be it. Looks like we got something in the form of new inoculation rules for Atlantis. Not a perfect solution for multiscoping, but at least it does help the situation in Atlantis. Thank you Qonqr guys for taking steps towards fixing it. Much appreciated! Edit: Mar 2015 - http://i.imgur.com/QGBipLp.png The orange line represents Legion with all but the highest deploying Thai player removed. Its a much more natural curve isn't it? And from Day 1 Melee: http://i.imgur.com/NSh7AhL.png There you see over 4.5 million additional bots that shouldn't have been there at all.
  4. Can Atlantis go on forever??

    I charted out the top 100 deployers for each faction a couple months ago, you'll notice relatively smooth exponential decay for both swarm and faceless. Legion on the other hand has an almost comical plateau in the high ranking deployers that lines up perfectly with the Thai list. I haven't saved such a chart for all Atlantis runs, but generally they have been the same. Yes all factions have multiscopers, but none quite as prolifiv as what we have seen from Legion. I am not blaming Legion or any faction for this behavior, but the qonqr community as a whole needs to get behind controlling this nonsense, Legion included. Which is why I ask you not to dismiss the elephant in the room when it comes to multis in Atlantis. Links to charts: http://i.imgur.com/4dqjrac.png http://i.imgur.com/gsL3Pqh.png
  5. Can Atlantis go on forever??

    I want to start by saying that Legion has come a long way in the last two rounds of Atlantis in terms of organization and teamwork. I don't want to undermine that progress; great work! But, please don't fool yourself that easily. I just summed up the top 100 deploy counts from the last Atlantis run for Legion: 122568 (It is 3am I might be off by a bit) Deploys from Thai Legion accounts (just the 15 that I know of, might be more) sum up to: 22977 That is just shy of 19% of the ENTIRE Legion top 100. This isn't counting the 'Cat Army' or whatever you want to call it. That is not insignificant. Did that affect the outcome of the last Atlantis? maybe, maybe not... I have nothing to say about that. But please, don't dismiss the multiscope factor that easily. Edit: Also might I add that sync locking doesn't work as a solution when you all of a sudden have four identical innoculated grunt accounts, blindly stacking Absorbers into what was an evenly matched fight. This happened in both January and February.
  6. Can Atlantis go on forever??

    Qonqr isn't being set up as a sustainable game. I don't see how this game can continue to grow when some areas have all zones stacked well into the millions, and strong players have essentially no cap to how much firepower they can bring to the table (in the form of multiple scopes and/or money). Basically the barrier to entry is getting way too high. Perhaps the developers are well aware of this and are simply trying to get the most out of it. I feel bad even saying that but that is how it feels for many of us. Throw a bone to the lesser players and new players, I think that will go a long way in terms of revitalizing this game.
  7. Dirt and Other Faction Generalizations

    Oh I just heard a new one for Legion: Cherries Yes, yes I know generalizations are largely local. I guess I was wrong in thinking we'd have some global ones now given Atlantis and such.
  8. http://qommnd.com/ suspened by ICANN

    Sorry for reviving an old thread, but I feel I have a justification for tools like qommnd that makes a lot of sense. Plus I have strong feelings about topics like these so I couldn't resist. I always thought of it this way... If a vehicle manufacturer, say Toyota, has the money, time, resources, etc. to invest and invent new technologies, what right does anyone have to tell them those competitive technologies are not allowed in their vehicles? You can't just force all the successful, resourceful companies to step down to the level of the more 'scrappy' ones. Also said 'scrappy' company might have a trick up their sleeves that big old Toyota doesn't know about. It works both ways. Or if a kid is working on a project for school, but doesn't have a computer at home and has to go to the library to do research. Do we have the right to tell the kid who has a computer at home that he/she isn't allowed to use it because their classmates don't have access to the same resources? In terms of qonqr, as some of you have stated, your body/job/life/family might afford you more or less time, required hours of sleep, diligence, money, etc. to play qonqr. In my circumstances, I do not have time, but I do have other skills (like programming and computer knowledge) that I can invest into qonqr to give me a competitive edge. Why shouldn't I be able to use that? Yes life if different from a game, and perhaps a game has the right to forcibly ensure an even playing field. But, all good games (that don't rely solely on probability) require that you discover ways to get ahead. Both a math genius that can calculate all the odds at a poker game, or the ordinary fella that just memorized all the odds have the right to use their knowledge at the poker table. Qonqr shouldn't be any different. But the nuance to this issue is that the power of raw cash in qonqr still needs to be restricted. The ability to buy an advantage in online games has always been a difficult issue for game developers, which opens up a whole other can of worms. In any case... the use of knowledge and other applicable skills should not be restricted. Edit: Yes poker relies heavily on probability, but for most people calculating those odds on the go is not that easy.
  9. Hi, I have been curious for some time so I'm going to go ahead and create my first post here. What kind of generalizations does your faction make about your enemy factions? What names do you call them? What do you admire about them? I've heard terms like 'Grapes' before, but that never made sense to me because grapes come in all three faction colors. I'm looking for broad even incorrect generalizations. Your local enemies might be very different, but just ignore that for now. So lets hear it, what dirt/praise do you have on other factions? I'll get started with a few: Faceless: Bottomless wallets Faceless: Grapes Faceless: Purps Faceless: Impressive recruitment of new players (converts and new) Legion: Legs Legion: Thai Multiscopers
  10. Things Atlantis has Taught Me

    Sorry, you know I meant elite status.
  11. Things Atlantis has Taught Me

    I believe not a single one of our top three players carries 'Elite' status. I think that speaks for itself. I'm glad us cheapskates were able to generate money for qonqr this month in Atlantis.
  12. Attention Qonqr Agents

    You guys shouldn't really bother trying to convince other people its an honorable cause. There is no denying that at the root of it, the 4th or whatever if founded on some level of deceit. So... if you want to have this little side group for your missions and such, go ahead. But to think that you would be able to build confidence with the majority of other players is frankly foolish and too idealistic.
  13. Anyone else feel this way?

    Sigh... no money to spend and being on WP7 no opportunity to earn cubes either.
  14. windows phone v iPhone

    The WP version is much more intuitive and quick to use in terms of UI and accessing all the different pages of information (swiping left/right in contrast to pressing a button). In terms of map navigation, the iOS version is much smoother and a much more pleasant experience. The WP version gets very choppy on my Lumia 900 when panning around the map. Other than this fact I believe the WP app is superior in every respect. (as a side note on my jailbroken iPad 1, Qonqr crashes very often as a result of insufficient memory. I won't call this a problem mainly because I have several other 'non-standard' utilities running on my ancient iPad that normal users would not have)