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  1. I'm thinking of switching...

    While I believe you have a 'stache, I refuse to believe that you use wax for it. :|)
  2. I'm thinking of switching...

    Lies! I refuse to believe you use mustache wax.
  3. atlantis

    Great win faceless. It would be good to see faceless bring it every month like that.
  4. No Limit Cubing, is it fair?

    I think it caters more to the defenders.
  5. Hello

    Especially if you come to Sydney dings
  6. Sore Losing?

    With Atlantis around the corner again it looks like its going to be a swarm hat-trick.
  7. Milestones

    Wow vile that's alot of dead nanos. Congratulations
  8. Sore Losing?

    That means you do care, even if it's just a little
  9. Qonqr Black

    Should of got a wp8
  10. Props to East Coast Legion

    I agree sounds good gman
  11. Props to East Coast Legion

    Hmmmm "ballsiest region" now I wonder if there was a way to prove that statement; maybe like a monthly contest in between all three factions where anyone in the world could play to prove that point?
  12. Sore Losing?

    Don't be upset, its only a game
  13. Props to East Coast Legion

    There isn't 98 active swarm in my state or even the country, there would be about 10-15 active swarm able to reach that zone about 6 in shockwave range. Where as the local faceless have 10 in deflection range so with simple math you could work out that swarm is outnumbered. We have taken down a few towers here.