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  1. I'm thinking of switching...

    While I believe you have a 'stache, I refuse to believe that you use wax for it. :|)
  2. I'm thinking of switching...

    Lies! I refuse to believe you use mustache wax.
  3. Stoppable Force

    To quote another topic that dings90 started; "OK, it is now proven that Faceless is an unstoppable force. Sorry, had to be said. I'm ready for all the cubing comments, but I saw plenty of cubes being utilized by the losing 2 factions as well. We also can say we beat you both since you double teamed us for a good portion of the battle. We have nothing more to prove!" Wow the swarm won this Atlantis even though we were getting double teamed . But seriously great work swarm.
  4. atlantis

    Great win faceless. It would be good to see faceless bring it every month like that.
  5. No Limit Cubing, is it fair?

    I think it caters more to the defenders.
  6. Hello

    Especially if you come to Sydney dings
  7. Sore Losing?

    With Atlantis around the corner again it looks like its going to be a swarm hat-trick.
  8. Milestones

    Wow vile that's alot of dead nanos. Congratulations
  9. Sore Losing?

    That means you do care, even if it's just a little
  10. Qonqr Black

    Should of got a wp8
  11. Props to East Coast Legion

    I agree sounds good gman
  12. Props to East Coast Legion

    Hmmmm "ballsiest region" now I wonder if there was a way to prove that statement; maybe like a monthly contest in between all three factions where anyone in the world could play to prove that point?
  13. Sore Losing?

    Don't be upset, its only a game
  14. Props to East Coast Legion

    There isn't 98 active swarm in my state or even the country, there would be about 10-15 active swarm able to reach that zone about 6 in shockwave range. Where as the local faceless have 10 in deflection range so with simple math you could work out that swarm is outnumbered. We have taken down a few towers here.
  15. Props to East Coast Legion

    I was impressed by the numbers to begin with but looking at the battle stats, 98vs6! Of course you could drop 33m in 30hrs it was a very lopsided battle
  16. Dear Devs

    I'm pretty sure jailbreaking a phone is illegal.
  17. I've changed factions

    Welcome to swarm bevnet36.
  18. Join the dots

    Makes sense, they aren't boycotting Atlantis as much as they are boycotting the emulator shutdown.
  19. A Letter of Resignation

    It's widely known that earit left swarm to go to faceless. What is not widely known is that he wrote a song and with every great song there is usually a film clip. I have found that film clip. May I present to you "earit-goodbye" Just bumping up this thread for fun
  20. Sore Losing?

    I see where you are coming from earit, voting with your wallet is an interesting tactic. The way you describe it "if we the cubers don't like it and refuse to acknowledge it, it will become a problem" that is just like saying I bought more lottery tickets and if I don't win I don't play the lotto. The swarm aren't"winning" in my area either, I could buy a whole heap of cubes and start "winning" in my area but I don't play this game to "win". I play this game because its great strategizing with friends and playing with people from all around the world "geosocial" its called. Quick joke; What do you get from crushed grapes (faceless) Whine
  21. Sore Losing?

    So instead of using teamwork and strategy battling in Atlantis the faceless would rather stay local? Sounds like a very ego driven faction. No one was forcing faceless to use qubes either they are a optional part of the game. "unstoppable force" indeed
  22. The New Rant!

    You might've not understood me the first time, swarm doesn't operate like faceless with "leaders". If you think monk is our leader than you are very delusional. Everyone has equal say, the experienced operative gives advice to the new players. Swarmings is a loose term to describe operations where swarm operatives can organize not just monk, Australian swarm have "swarmings" and were organized by everyone who participated we don't need/have leaders.