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  1. Enemy intel

    Always remember: infinity welcomes careful drivers.
  2. Enemy intel

    Hmmm Monopoly board pub crawl? Sounds like the start of a long journey ending up on some Sci fi comedy.
  3. What Should Happen to Atlantis Now?

    Building on the above "atlantis" is a top secret research base - Real life wear deves try out new things so lore reflects reality (I like that sort of thing) It is able to self destruct and rebuild itself in a new location - hence the reset and possibly move The amount of time before a reset and move is random depending on when a research module activates - It resets when the devs want / need to test something.
  4. Green Screen Ideas

    Detailed nanno bot fights so you get to see them actuallyblow each other up and deflectors jumping in the way etc. Possibly even a whole lot getting swallowed by a small dog due to a miscalculation in scale?
  5. Seattle Faceless Meetup - HiFi Brewing

    MCM -uk comicon (use google) so many people in almost any costume you can imagine some you probably wish you couldn't etc.
  6. Seattle Faceless Meetup - HiFi Brewing

    thogh the other factions would be able to spot us easy because we were dressed up ...........
  7. Seattle Faceless Meetup - HiFi Brewing

    Faceless meet at MCM? thogh last time was stupidly packed 88,000 visitors according to the official site.
  8. Seattle Faceless Meetup - HiFi Brewing

    Yeh a faceless meet up in London but we all meet in a different pub so never actually meet?
  9. What happened to Strategy in Qonqr

    Cubers - according to a post by the devs 1 cuber = approx 10 non cubers maybe a bit more. If we really hate cubers that much then you flag up the cuber and all players target them and their own faction leaves them to it. that way you make them spend this increases the in game spend and discourages heavy cubing and encourages stealth cubing. What we need to realise is what most people are annoyed about is a group who hide behind a cuber so taking the above example with 1:2:14 if say 2 of those are cubers that is 1:2:34 so to be competitive the 1+2 ally plus need support from 31 outsiders. Now if there is a core of anti cube players that number is not hard to get they work with the three locals and keep up a sustained bombardment this is tactics and social suddenly communication from 3 isolated has gone to 34 national plus those 3 once established can help create a wider network.
  10. What happened to Strategy in Qonqr

    As R0bbi3d says and I have seen when you get a big group you get the obnoxious player who goes i am part of x group and annoys a lot of players. big group then becomes target for a mass series of attacks. players who only play cos they are winning get annoyed toys out of pram and leave group shrinks. Attacks continue group has shrunk so ends up loosing teratory and some players switch you end up with a balance.
  11. Faceless in London UK

    Hi Vlad 1)A ceasefire was offered with Legion but was rebuffed rudely. 2) if you look at the non web portal leaderboards you will note 4 of the top 5 players are Legion at the end of last year the top legion player was over 10 million ahead of all other players. This situation has not changed and I cant see it changing until the leader board is more evenly spaced. 3) I have my own agenda and at the moment central london is not on it.
  12. Influx of Legion

    It is Just after christmas so lots of new phones so old phones being passed down. It then takes a few weeks for them to find QONQTR then wham so many noobs.
  13. Oddball Strategy

    Actually this is something that interests me. Legion are historically the smaller faction and faceless the bigger. However i noticed this is the opposite in the UK. However i would wonder as the stats are based on number of zones captured so what would be useful is also number of players I will shrink it down to simplify say there is a country with 10 zones with 4 legion 4 Swarm and 2 faceless if there is 1 faceless player 2 swarm and 3 legion I would actually say legion were not doing as well as they have 1 and a third zones per player were the other factions have 2 zones per player etc etc.
  14. Lack of Reward

    I quite liked it when I was Isolated was able to build defence the travel out to attack knowing they could only reach me with missiles or with travel so could recover. Had some fun drive pasts etc. Then I Got Swarmed with 7 new swarm players at once that took the fun out but I got over it and defended then when some new active faceless came around helped them now they are doing well and the game has changed again for me so I am having fun.
  15. Update 1.17 Ads for free players

    Yup Adds annoying but they are small and not on all screens so if QONQR gets paid normal rate for these adds then hey maximum income from minimum disruption. The only thing have seen some ads that stretch out of the little box this would cause trouble so I suggest an eye is kept on that and reported quickly.