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  1. As a non-Swarmie... It's not their fault they had more participants than Legion and Faceless combined...
  2. Launch Verification

    Sorry, phone doesn't like this much.
  3. Launch Verification

    If it doesn't show up on the phone you can go to the portal to do it there. Here's my launch verification.
  4. Launch Verification

    Would a link on the LV screen to a help topic work? I imagine it would be very hard to see all of that on one screen. I'm not sure what's going to be changing in Blue, but I seem to remember they're going to change the tutorial bits (teaching newbies to stack shock...silly tutorial). Next time I get LV I will take a screen for you so you can see a completed one, at least.
  5. Launch Verification

    For those of you who were/are confused by how to verify: What would you have the screen say to make it easier to understand? It's basically matching the symbols that look most like the ones in the top sequence in order. They have to look slightly different and be different colors due to computers being too smart. And it's way better than Captcha!
  6. When I started it suggested I join Swarm. Faceless was the dominate faction (I didn't know that though, I chose Faceless for the story). Swarm was almost non-existant at the time. Granted, this was over a year ago, so it could have changed.
  7. What's in a name?

    When I was a kid (11ish), a friend of mine and I were playing 'pretend'. Mortal Kombat 3 had just come out so we were coming up with some crazy story relating to that. I don't remember the story, but I remember trying to come up with names. I like Raiden and she liked Sindel. She ended up with the name Sinden and I had Rayndel. (I think we though it was spelt Syndel at the same, I'm not sure. Maybe I just thought Raindel looked dumb, because it does.) I ended up using it for everything. And Monkeh, I feel your pain for the XBLive mispronounciations. I don't know how many times I've been called 'Randall' but it drives me nuts. The name is phoenetic for crying out loud! There's a Y! Rain-dell =Þ
  8. API delay gone?

    Maybe I missed it, but is the delay for the APIs (like Qommnd) gone? I started hitting a zone, and the next launch (20 minutes) Legion was already in there defending. I checked Qommnd and it was there already. I thought it had a minimum delay of an hour.
  9. Winning Atlantis

    To clarify: There's one 8 pt award for being the first to Discover Atlantis. Then there's another medal for being the first to find it in your faction. So if it's the first time they've found it first, they'll jump up 16 points?