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  1. Dear Devs

    Please don't allow people to cheat..... Thanks
  2. Sore Losing?

    The government decided we didn't want do Atlantis. People outside the most powerful group in Illinois are **** hurt. The end.
  3. iPhone 6 or a nokia lumia?

    Love my Lumia 1520
  4. Vulcan Death Grip

    Very interesting.
  5. Atlantis ATTN: Developers

    Shorten, for sure .
  6. How much have you spent on Qonqr?

    In just over a year, I think $40....
  7. Same faction, but....

  8. Unstoppable Force

    But i honestly had very few launches into atlantis.it waS good to sEe thAt rEd and green had some fight left. In Chicago it's ugLier than flava flav fOr u guys.
  9. Unstoppable Force

    All we do is win, win.....win.
  10. The Legion have been evicted from Chicago!

    Man, we have a long way to go. This is just the city, the 'burbs are still filled with vermin.
  11. Faction For F***ing Faceless' Faces or F.F.F.F.F

    Feels good to be on the winning team.
  12. What would you call it?

    Who came up with the name asscat?
  13. The Legion have been evicted from Chicago!

    Thee should be a like button here..... .....oh wait, there is!
  14. Flip-Flopping Penalty

    Sounds like a declaration of war. Ish just got real?