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  1. Answers about C.E.L.

    Qommnd doesn't work, I have 120 something zones, qommnd shows none, it's been broken at least for Fl for a few weeks. Bottom line Tetra is just ignore CEL, pretend it isn't there, and don't go legion, CEL looses its purpose, fragments due to boredom, problem solved.
  2. Cube Rage!!

    Just to clarify, Impact has cubed, period, you can't deploy 100k bots an hour, a true "insane deployment rate". And claim you're just crunching numbers, it doesn't add up,if it does then prove it. And CEL is what it is, just accept that its a two faction game in Fl. and adjust your tactics accordingly. Some people think its fair, some don't, but CEL really doesn't care, its here and will continue to be here as long as faceless and swarm want. As I've discussed with you, if legion want something to change then they need to do something other than stack towers. I know when I was looking to mix things up I offered an alliance to legion, we would have had cel and swegion, legion turned me down saying they would never ally with swarm or faceless. Clearly your loss.
  3. One thing that has worked successfully in FL is an alliance...We've got a Faceless Swarm Alliance (no secret) and because there is no apparent dominant faction (Green and Purple equal out quite well in most places) we see new players of both factions periodically, as well as some returning players. If you truly feel that an area has gone stale, and your teammates are in agreement, let a new player or players take a few smaller zones and set up a multi faction city to attract new recruits for a week or a month; once you get some locals and some action knock them back out - all it takes is the fleeting taste of victory on occasion to keep them fighting. Some alliances set up free zones where no faction has a claim to the zones and everyone fights for bragging rights in-between oppressing the third faction. Of course there's always bot decay, but I'll leave that controversial topic to another thread.
  4. Socialization in Qonqr

    Some things that are well known to the veterans, but for those of you who are relatively isolated, new to the game, the faction, or just the social aspect of the game a few tips: Any form of written communication can be leaked or forwarded via screenshot, so always be cautious who you share intel with...the walls have ears... Two common apps for real time communication are Line and Groupme. If you're feeling isolated take a few minutes and scan around you on the map in game, see another operative from your faction? Send them a wire message, they may not know you exist yet. There's no reason you can't be friendly with players of the opposing faction; smack talk can be quite enjoyable while you're tearing down a Red or Purple tower (when you're Swarm, the Best Faction Ever), but being friendly can sometimes result in a faction change - it's how I and 6 other Legion in my area (over time) became Swarm, the Swarm were nicer than (most of) the Legion - or an alliance, a Swarm/Faceless (C.E.L.), Swam/Legion (Swegion) alliance may be beneficial if you're in an area dominated by an opposing faction - just remember, not all alliances last. Some players will be rude, vulgar, or obscene (as much as the wire allows). Remember it's a game, and if you're having legitimate issues with another player bothering you, you can go to the portal and block in game messages from the player, 1. Just go to portal.qonqr.com 2. Login 3. Select "Web Portal" in the top left corner of the screen 4. Select "Players" 5. Search for the offending player and select their name 6. Just below the players avatar and basic profile information is a button to "block messages" from the player.
  5. The Pain of Growth

    You are doing an excellent job and the transparency really helps to quell the nerd rage in me. All of the problems, and all of the angry and supportive users are proof that you guys have created something unique and truly awesome, thank you for QONQR.
  6. Multiple bases in same zone

    Multiple players can have bases in the same zone, if you have bases available to build and all the zones you regularly visit have bases, you may need to go for a drive to set up more bases.
  7. Stelly of Legion-He will be missed...

    Leigh, it didn't take all of us to drop him, it took all of us to kill 2 million bots in about 2.5 hours without using bot or energy refreshes/recharges...
  8. Swarm +1 Legion -1

  9. Swarm +1 Legion -1

  10. Game Breaking Success

    When I started I discovered that my area was all faceless (at the time) so I switched to Legion (faceless was my preferred faction but I didn't want to just stack bots) which were barely organized and held only pockets of territory at best. The Legion got organized and started clearing out all of the Faceless and Swarm - most of which seemed to have quit - I found dominating the area boring and wasn't attached enough to my local legion to care, so now I'm Swarm You make what you will of the game - Green is now dominating my area, and all the new players seem to be red or purple, they're not strong yet but there are enough that I can't keep up with all of them at once - maybe it's because the Tampa area is a madhouse of zones so new players aren't discouraged by a handful of 1 million+ bot zones; but new players will come quickly. Keep an eye out, message when you find them, and get a groupme group going to get organized. The game can be immersive and fun whether you're the dominant faction constantly putting down uprisings from newbies, or the underdog organizing a resistance, it's the social aspect that makes the game.