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  1. Console Release

    Does anyone else think that there might be a future for Qonqr on a console? After playing the game for a few days I can say that I am hooked and would love to see a console version that would include both the Q:CC and actual deployment in one.
  2. For Legion in Paris

    He who fears being conquered is sure of defeat.
  3. What is your faction/phone OS?

    I have to disagree, WP seems more like a Legion Scope than anything for me, all the services sync multi-platform (Uniformity) 'Droid is obviously a Faceless Scope due to scriptkids being able to root the **** out of it (Flexibility) And the iPhone is Swarm all over....The direct result of integrating Qonqr into mobile devices. Maybe I am a bit biased
  4. You know you play QONQR too much when…

    When you wake up and the first thing you do is check the log to see if the enemy has attacked any of your bases. Got around this by using the in-game map to navigate and avoid the wrath of the missus.
  5. New Weapon Ideas

    I would definetly like to see something that is more energy based, as I always have more EN than Bots over, like a new iteration of the Plasma Canon. Maybe a Def bot, that has a low bot cost but high EN cost, as it infuses the bots with the scope EN. Like a deployable shockwave mine, though this may look like a Seeker, this Bot would react after an assault. Insane hi deployment range Uses a DPF core Or a new EN attack: Orbital Canon - 100EN/120EN/etc (Instant Max.Overheat) Costs 50,000 Qredits to have the Sat' realigned Doesn't attack one zone but multplie area's / and all units (even friendly)? Would be a nice opening shot for far flung regions Due to the need of the scope GPS relay, limited range but greater than the NM.
  6. Factions and Leaders

    I think that time travel is a void agrugement for the existance of such an AI. If Qonqr was made in the future, the tech would be far too advanced for our systems, they wouldn't be able to handle the grasp of it. If the AI was made 'backwards' compatable, for the purpose of infecting networks, then it would need to have been a very basic iteration of it's current form. This would mean a slow growth until the needed tech became available to mature further. For QONQR to be a recent mass infection of our systems, it would have triggered every system it touched as exotic before they became overwhelmed. This would have alerted eveyone to it's presence. Maybe the past AI's Sunday has combated where branches of QONQR, it's attempt at multiple versions to see which sticked better or simply a farce to draw attention away from itself. I'd guess that it has been slowly intergrating itself into our network over the last 30 years until it was able to manifest into the system it is today. This allowed it to be seen as a common transfer of data between 'nodes' and allow simple 'errors' to lead to necessary technologic breakthroughs that allowed it to manifest even more. Look at the Y2K software that eveyone invested in. Sunday knows what she's up against and I'm guessing that Prometheus is on the same page, though he has a different opinon. They both know how to hinder the AI and close it down. It's just that Faceless assimilates it and Legion destroys it. As for Kimyo, she is trying to further the growth by finding out what the system wants/needs and feeding it as such. Swarm has no actual control over it as that would hinder the growth. They are truly acting as biologists/scientists, monitering the enviroment and applying stimulants to see what sticks. Noting that the AI uses their tech, they use it to further stimulate the growth of QONQR.
  7. For Legion in Paris

    Faceless, you squander and flail when you think to have the upper hand. Enjoy Paris while you can. Lakhram, hold strong
  8. LordGideon In.

    Welcome Legionnaire, May your victories be grand and your foes shake in fear of your presence
  9. I think that this is a good idea, though I would, slightly, adjust it. Roll the story as if each player somehow came into contact with QONQR, and started trying to figure it out, on thier own. From the data they managed to make their own Scope and start to use it. This makes them pop-up on the radar of the losing faction. The losing faction, in the area/province/county, sends a recruitment message stating their cause and need for able bodied agents. Basicly, because we can switch factions, we are essentialy a Merc/Scope-for-hire. The Qredits earned is payment from a faction for holding the zone. Adding a bonus for joining the losing faction, something like pumping the bot tank to 3, because the faction finances your start-up. They still have 60bots vs 50k zones but they deploy more, faster and thus lv+ faster without imbalncing the game becasue they start surrounded by a fortified foe. For defecters, give them something like 5 nanomissles (handy and easy on the wallet) Furthermore; drop the -20, the rank should not be affected as the player bring combat exp' to the factions assets. - Assign alternate titels behind the rank, depending at which level they turned (PFC-Rebel / Corporal - Turncoat etc) - Intergrate a trust system/icon, so that the enemy can recognize betrayers of their cause.
  10. How do you know when zones are being attacked?

    Good point, two apps running together would be a pain. Well,... if it were to be merged, I would add it to the Command Centre aswel. Adding the data would be more of something to boast about whilst allowing you to manage your deployments better.
  11. Console Release

    Exactly,...but it would be like a command centre 2.0 alongside the surveillance / stumble mode there could also be a Deployment mode: You would be able plan deployments (a maximum has te be set per timeslot, otherwise there would be no sense in using your phone if all your bots have been pre-deployed, ahead of time) This could be made visable for fellow faction members so that they could pitch in they felt like it. These deployments would then have to be linked to your account and reserved a set amount of time before the timestamp, so that there are actualy bots to be deployed. Effectively you would be able to be active in two areas at the same time, and to curb the advantage of this over other players, the set amount of pre deployments would be limited by time and amount of deployments ie. can only plan 2 deployments per 30min for 3hours Or limit the account to logging in for say an hour and have the deployements executed then.
  12. Graphics Packs

    Thanks for the awesome icons
  13. How do you know when zones are being attacked?

    Would it be an idea to make a seperate app that shows battle stats? I'm thinking along the lines of different overviews: - Listing of Zones you have xx bots in (with a star if you are the zone leader) Organised high to low - Zones where your deployed forces have been attacked, but not lost - Zones lost (This is currently found in command wire) - Hot Zones (Zones that have repeatedly switched control in the past 24 hours
  14. Nokia Lumia 920 overheating

    Also sporting a Lumia920 - agreed that it is indeed the best phone ever. <- the "." implies that this fact is definite. Same issue with the battery functioning as a mini heater (I use the GPS function to access and assault enemy areas I pass during my commute to work) Plugged into a laptop and running Q drains it more than it charges, but if it is hooked ip to the socket then the charge beats the drain. To preserve the batterylife I would advise letting it drain to about 10-15% before switching to charge and play and then when its full unplug.