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  1. There Comes A Point When

    Or go play crazy taxi and be as evil as possible in roadrage like driving to destinations
  2. Qonqr Black

    It is just a heavily streamlined/webportal integrated version as far as I see and prefer the vanilla
  3. Who Gets Notified When Zone is Captured

    Also last person holding zone gets notified
  4. Additional Factions

    In the faceless think of us as individuals with a group focus we all have our own goals and we can't complete these goals alone so we band together over internet and compete/share what can to further our goals as individuals but we rely on a sophisticated network to keep coms secret and we have someone who has the information we seek/share to (Prometheus the titan of knowledge freedom and righteousness)he acts as a library to our own goals a map to our own crazy human ideas. This is just my individual perspective on the faceless and we have many things to complete and we wish to protect the library called the internet from forces that wish to hide the library of knowledge that humanity has failed to notice due to the mind games of the government and by the evil groups who help support these actions. Just thought that since the lore states faceless is group of individuals this kind of more could come about since individuals will have their own reasons good or bad
  5. The "multi"-state paradox

    I play off of WiFi and I am alone and do not multiscope and this seems wrong to cut off the players not having data plans and or active phone device. While I have less mobility with WiFi only I also have to work hard to find allies that are stable. There are a lot of reasons to play like a immobile missile bunker and also I don't buy cubes and have yet to experience sync lock due to low density of players where I am.
  6. Additional Factions

    Faceless are not the we want to control the world types like the illuminati we are all here to protect the internet from the control of governments and have it open to all we would be more of a great library and we are it's detectives revealing history to all while we search for our own answers. This sounds like a better insight to what faceless is
  7. Additional Factions

    Faction the mechalainiac's color orange leader a cyborg type human mostly an escaped swarm test subject Desc. A faction of machine based humans and sympathizers that were created by swarm experimentation while being part machine has its advantages it also meant being controlled by people was a possibility which could not be accepted and qonqr was deemed a threat to their freedom also so they fight but live in the underground tapping power lines for power to their cybernetics plus auto production of nanobots. They are hunted by legion as a plague. Collected by faceless as a tool. rejected by swarm.
  8. Tru Story Discussion Thread

    For me my story's are report files on missions I do and make it seem like past incidents for my character files carried back by qonqr from the future I see it as a way to connect me as a major character to qonqr.
  9. What happened to Strategy in Qonqr

    The hive mind is a cuber for boosters and such plus heavy defense
  10. What happened to Strategy in Qonqr

    Here is too the Minnesota faceless watch one of the areas while the legion attack the zerg strategy as in a hive mind holds the beachhead and zerglings start chewing away at the structure of a tower it is what I watched in the twin cities area/zone clusterfuck
  11. Cubes

    The cubers only prolong their deaths and may move up quickly
  12. Nice game . . but . .

    The data stream for playing the game on phone 4g 3g etc. Is near its limits to a WiFi only game
  13. Lore? What lore?

    Working hard on my fan fics but my main problem is that I like to warp other people's stories into mine as cross encounters and staying loyal to my roots in technical engineering and data control and my place as the faceless shadow in a swarm and legion dominated area. So when the story evolves I will make newer stories and might edit the old to update them to the newer model of the story
  14. Has QONQR Become "Pay-to-Win"?

    Bot decay is a pain in the *** to implement without **** off a group of players and for every action an opposite will occur so well expect this **** fan to go out of control
  15. Captured!!!!......again.....

    You will be first on forums but not in rl since the punctuation is **** to me plus I will send gmen a copy