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  1. Launch automation cheating?

    Yep, basically lolz
  2. Is It Wrong?

    Pffffttt... Faceless has bacon, cookies, and pie. I think we win hehe. And no, that's not wrong.. I mean, In recruiting all my friends based on giving them discounts on other services I offer (I'm also a web designer and game designer lolz).
  3. yes, yes this is also applicable to faceless in some areas. I only have one base in an area controlled by us. Otherwise theres on in a swarm area, and one in a legion area. Very good notes and tips though. +1 to you!
  4. Hello, you can call me DS; DigitalSoul. I'm a new force in Natick, MA. Though I do travel a bit through New England, so you may see me elsewhere too. New account, not new to the game. I played about 6 months ago and I'm glad to be back. Looking forward to playing with you all again. ~DS