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  1. I would like to announce that HK-47 has indeed left the Faceless and joined the glorious brotherhood of Legion. He reports that he is having trouble logging back onto the forums and will make comments when he can.
  2. Sync Lock Day 3

    Silver said that its Apple not letting him use phone numbers as a way to register/track things. So it's not a developer thing but another company that is unfortunately making things harder for Silver. I don't mind the sync lock, as a rule, for stopping multi-scopers, yet I hope the best fixes that will come, will hopefully be for the families that play together. The sudden implementation was really the biggest reason I heard most people complaining. The second biggest was that they haven't been able to play for days. If we of the qonqr community can elect leaders who can talk to and reason with (as far as reasoning can go online anyway) the hardcases with grievances or the jerks that rally the ilk to them, this game can really take off. So as much as it hurts to tell a fellow teammate that they are taking it way to far or to not support them on their ops, it will help in the long run not to encourage bad behavior within one own faction. I have heard great ideas on a council being formed. Not a council of action but one of words. A council that will help clear some lies and let the level headed member of all the factions talk and be able to spread the truth to those that will listen.
  3. QONQR maps not loading zones

    Same here. It worked briefly last night but they are gone again. I use an iphone5s. Working now. Silver is the man!
  4. Socialization in Qonqr

    One faction ins't "nicer" than the rest. It's just that the player in your area, that happens to be playing for a certain faction, seems nicer than the others currently playing at the time. It's different wherever you go. So if you have real world friends that play the game, stick with their faction. It opens up a whole new world of fun, and it gives you someone to stand with when the inevitable "switch or die" speech comes. Also noobs, if you're in a hotly contested area, don't expect people to be nice cause you're new. Its nothing against you, its just war. Find a large zone filled with your factions bots and start building your base there. And reach out to the leader of your area. They will be more than happy to assist you.
  5. I don't care what faction you are, that was pretty funny. The movie part, that is, not Legion losing bots...but hey, I'm kinda biased on the matter.
  6. Oddball Strategy

    Oddest tactic I have used was attacking a heavily defended faceless zone once, and watch the paranoid cuber dump another 50-100K bots into the base, then I attack them everywhere else and wait for them to spend more cubes to clear me out there. I realize this will make it harder for me once they quit, but everybody has a price they won't pay for a game. Unfortunately, I haven't found their limit yet.
  7. MandoJedi got himself caught

    Hope you have an immunity to iocane powder. (Laughs manically as another noob eats the poisoned cookies).
  8. Sky net anniversary?

    I didn't get the award today either. I guess Skynet not finding me is a good thing?
  9. New iPhone Release

    While the red haze is cool, I noticed that the colors for faction bot counts in the lower left corner are not as easy to distinguish as it was in the previous release. Several other members have shown me that they have an even thicker haze on their phone, making it harder to tell by color what is in their area. Otherwise the new release works fine for me.
  10. MandoJedi got himself caught

    Where is tulss located in Oklahoma? Can't seem to find it on the map. Is this a secret lair base for Faceless? Can anyone tell me where the secret base for Legion is! I hear they have cookies!
  11. MandoJedi got himself caught

    admrlthrawn didn't post because he didn't want to be involved in exactly what is happening here. He's just a kid. I posted it to hush up the trash talking Faceless in Tulsa because she won't let anyone publicly message her but continues to ask for proof of multi-scopers in the region. Quite a surprise to find that one belonged to Faceless (a blessed week of no messages followed) So it was totally worth it. And Kittens, you are right. It is awful. Hilariously awful. If only you could see half our messages.
  12. Multiple Accounts by one User in Oklahoma

    Dear johnnified, I don't have a wife and kid, love to have them but I don't. If any of you know of any one willing to be my wife, let me know! (She has to play for Legion though) I recruit my real world friends. We message each other and quite often call for coordinated attacks. Which results in cranky Faceless in Oklahoma. So as defacto leader of Legion in Oklahoma, I volunteered to report what a friend of mine found. So when the other guy sends me the picture, I screenshot it and post it here. No two accounts for me, just using technology.
  13. Multiple Accounts by one User in Oklahoma

    He has been reported and the angry mob is being told to occupy themselves elsewhere. If they don't listen, I predict they will be in for a Qubing!
  14. Proof that we have a multi-scoper Faceless in Oklahoma. Its a shame kids don't read the fine print before they click "I Accept" Also a shame he switched from Legion just because there was no Faceless to attack. Defense is important too!