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  1. deslinyea

    Deslinyea- Please contact me if you see this.
  2. Switch faction

    Is this true? I never got any points back.
  3. tigers5238

    Tigers5238. Please get in contact with me.
  4. Verdict in: Faceless have won!

    It happenEd. Ihyd. Floyd wILl folLoW tHEwillow reed
  5. Launch Verification

    Please note the sequence required and the symbols available
  6. Launch Verification

  7. Launch Verification

  8. Anonymous is Legion

  9. Beachhead detailed

    Yes, it's true for all factions, including Swarm. My first post was a joke, and I now realize it was counter productive and misleading, especially in the "new players" forum. I apologize.
  10. Beachhead detailed

    Swarm can't create beachheads, so you won't have to worry about this unless you switch factions.
  11. Legion in Midland, Texas

    Legion is a lie!
  12. So hows it goin?

    I've been cubed before, but it's fine: I've always been kind of a square.
  13. Sync lock ideas

    Okay, it's pretty obvious that the new sync lock feature is about as popular as wool underpants, but I have a few suggestions to put forward. I'm posting them here for two reasons- player feedback and, as is my tendency, in case I missed something in the daily blogs. 1) Using the algorithm already in place, make sync lock impossible between two players who have one or the other as a recruiter but generally launch at separate times and/or locations. 2) Once sync locked, make the virus breakable by having each player (scope) deploy "x" amount of times being "x" km away from one another. Would this not weed out the multiscopers from legit family and friend groups? These are my proposals. Please rip them to shreds and confirm my life long suspicion that I am a simple minded fool. They are not perfect or even good ideas, perhaps, but it trumps aimless and pointless hatred.
  14. Sync Lock *easter egg* Unlock

    Kirra, you have very devious thoughts. I like it!
  15. Highest Rank Points List

    What's this about getting your points back after 120 days? Is this a new feature? I lost points for switching almost a year ago and haven't received any return.