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  1. Battle Engine Rewrite is Complete

    I've been waiting for this moment my entire life...

    Some juicy ideas and thoughts all up in this thread. I like it all. Well most of it. Not that I've ever switched, but this is awesomely helpful in conversion efforts to gain new allies.
  3. New in Austin, TX and...

    This has a lot to do with the bots attack formations you are using, and the lack of experience on your enemies. Being an old member of Austin's green team, I can assure you that the majority of Legion players are quite.. Dug in. But. A good glance at the strategy guide which teaches you what formations to use against what, and persistence on upgrading your scope and level will prove to be helpful. Here's the link. http://community.qonqr.com/index.php?/topic/1191-the-official-qonqr-strategy-guide/ I hope your stick around, and become a solid member among my old colleagues. I suggest getting ahold of the local swarm. They would be glad to help im sure. Welcome to the Swarm!
  4. Windows Phone 1.17 Update released

    That worked well, much help and many thanks.
  5. Windows Phone 1.17 Update released

    So I had a look through all of this and am seeing that most complaints and bugs are focused towards the cubes and ads changes made. But I wanted to mention that the Web Portal seems to not work on my device. I operate a Nokia Lumia 710. (I know terribly outdated) lol. But yea I was wondering if that would be the reason for the bug, is a lack of software capacities needed to run the Portal? Or would it be the fact I need to reinstall? A full disclosure of what is malfunctioning on my device. The Web Portal opens to the mobile web page upon the click of the Web Portal button in QONQR app. And when I click on another players portal in app, I can view they're stats. Although any links within the Portal itself fail to bring me anywhere. Just stuck on the same page, I'm stuck wondering if it was my phone itself. Idk. Im upgrading to a new device soon so if this is the problem I am okay with it. Just wanted to mention it for anyone else experiencing the same thing. Also not knowing the full range of abilities of the Web Portal urges me to want to use it more. Lol.
  6. AIQ Gear: Now Open

    Absolutely awesome! I think I'm gonna have to get one of the Kimyo quotes. I like the one "Nature and Artificial intelligence are not ends of a spectrum, but parts of a whole.". Genius, and I figured would attract the attention of a lot of the potential Swarm around my school! Also, did someone have the idea to make all of the bumper stickers cost $4.20? ;D
  7. Untitled

    Laughs to you both, but np mate! You got skill, just as a lot of the good reads in the Fan Fic. Section. Oh and I fixed up Chapter 3 on Revolution (somewhat), but when I saved the edit a bunch of format code came in the middle of it all. I think I removed it all, but if you notice any </span> type stuff, that would be why.
  8. Untitled

    Very impressive man. I enjoyed the style, and I really like the.. I don't know how to say it. Laid-backness of the read. I felt as if I could of turned on some jazz and been in his loft watching him do his thing. Good imagery for how little you focused on detail, and got the character development in its place. I really enjoyed it, and can take some notes on your format. Looking forward to more.
  9. Revolution #4 - (In progress)

    Ice always said, perfection is never achieved, but those who strive for it are most likely to succeed in what they do. I shall be doing some of that today in between my college work. Finals coming up. t.t
  10. Revolution #4 - (In progress)

    No worries, after re-reading them myself i noticed a lot i can fix. I'll be sure to let you know when theyre all polished up.
  11. Revolution #1

    Yea tell me about it. T.T I have an amazing internet service now though, so I'm going to go back and fix them all on the computer.
  12. Revolution #4 - (In progress)

    It has been awhile since I have thought about my Revolution story. So in an attempt to get some hype fired up around my upcoming part 4, I have bumped them all in the fan fiction section. Any who have suggestions, tips, criticisms, or even just acknowledgements they would be much appreciated. I felt it was just getting good. So I shall give you all what you asked for. Dont stop at part 1 either. The storyline is like any good novel. The first part seems boring, but in reality, it is just to get the story started. Thank you all those who already gave me your support in the past, and I'm looking forward to getting some fresh meat to skim through my scribblings.
  13. Revolution #3

    Bumpity bumpidy bump
  14. Revolution #2

    Bumpity bumpidy bump
  15. Revolution #1

    Bumpity bumpidy bump