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    Eagleeye412 reacted to treeslayer in When Gamers Cross the Line   
    So this a.m. I get a message from a player from the swarm faction. He is unhappy with recent game play and decides to let me know. He actually sends me two messages back to back. The messages aren't out of the ordinary for game play except he addresses me by my real name. I've been CAREFUL not to share my name in game and group chats. Lets be honest, there are some crazy people out there and most of the people we fight daily live less than 50 miles away. I wouldn't want some nut job taking the game to serious and trying to hurt me or my family in the real world. (stranger things have happened) Then he sends another player from the faceless faction a message that included my name. This faceless member said it was the second message he had received from this guy including my name.
    Now I ask you this, why would someone feel the need to find out who you are in the real world? And then to share it with others? Is that to intimidate? People this is a game! If you feel the need to find out who someone is maybe you need to take a break. I mean I have made some friends and some frienemies. I've even came across people that make me happy I don't know who they are. If ya know what I mean. lol! But anonymity needs to be respected. I don't know you. I dont need to know your real name. I don't wish you harm. I find some of these gamer tags way more interesting than real names anyway. I have shared a few personal things with people but this disturbs me. Who wants to hear on the news some day that some nut job that got crushed in an op used personal information to track someone down and harm them in the real world? Not me. And crazier things have happened.
    Once something is out. its out. Now I don't even know if I want to continue playing. Respect is all im saying.
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    Eagleeye412 got a reaction from Rumad in You know you play QONQR too much when…   
    Me and my brother had the same idea. Haha. But I got a good one.. When you're sitting with the girlfriend watching the news and see the battle zones as the weather reporter shows the temperature. xD
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    Eagleeye412 got a reaction from curtis18 in ATTENTION: NEW PORTAL FEATURES!   
    Some juicy ideas and thoughts all up in this thread. I like it all. Well most of it. Not that I've ever switched, but this is awesomely helpful in conversion efforts to gain new allies.
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    Eagleeye412 reacted to curtis18 in ATTENTION: NEW PORTAL FEATURES!   
    Thank you guys for this added award, it brought back 20 of my points. I do have a question though, I switched factions to become a spy (for real not to just switch factions) and then returned to my original faction after the 60 days. This gave me a 40 point deduction. Is there going to be anyway to recover the other 20 points? I think you could add a lot of additional strategy to the game if players could regain those points. I was also considering mentioning an option when switching that lets you pick the number of days that you want to be a spy before returning to your original faction which would then switch you back at that specific time and return your award points. As it is now, players lose their bots and 20 points for each switch, so becoming a spy for a period of time ends up a negative for the player. I choose to do it but a lot of other players would never consider it because of losing the award points.
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    Eagleeye412 reacted to JPT in ATTENTION: NEW PORTAL FEATURES!   
    I think this is a very nice feature..
    Perhaps some day also reward those that have been loyal to a faction all along? Do you think that would be a good idea?
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    Eagleeye412 reacted to Kittens in New in Austin, TX and...   
    It only seems like the legion have an advantage in Austin. The swarm take whatever they want, we just get bored easily so we aren't taking everything at once because we need something to do in the future.
    You should message Yor or Bregginkrak. They are nice people and will help you get what you want after you level up. You could message me too, but I'm not nice or helpful.
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    Eagleeye412 got a reaction from leigh in New in Austin, TX and...   
    This has a lot to do with the bots attack formations you are using, and the lack of experience on your enemies. Being an old member of Austin's green team, I can assure you that the majority of Legion players are quite.. Dug in. But. A good glance at the strategy guide which teaches you what formations to use against what, and persistence on upgrading your scope and level will prove to be helpful. Here's the link.
    I hope your stick around, and become a solid member among my old colleagues. I suggest getting ahold of the local swarm. They would be glad to help im sure. Welcome to the Swarm!
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    Eagleeye412 reacted to Silver in Location Spoofers   
    Fair warning. New code was released today to actively check for location spoofing on every launch.
    There is a chance honest players may get nailed by this check intended to stop Android users who can easily change their location on a rooted device. Legitimate players might get flagged for this due to a bad GPS signal or cell tower triangulation. This summer, AT&T's LTE rollout resulted in many players suddenly finding themselves on the east coast because the towers were incorrectly reporting their location.
    Double check your map location before you launch, if the phone thinks you are somewhere you are not, don't launch. Wait until the phone finds your actual location. In Windows Phone you can turn on your actual GPS Antenna (rather than getting your position from the cell towers) if needed, but it will drain your battery faster.
    I'm sorry if anyone gets flagged by mistake. Send your complaints to Google.
    We will monitor the new system and watch for issues. Hopefully this attempt to stop cheaters doesn't create too many problems for the honest players.
    Your location must jump more than a 10 miles, and your speed unreasonable. We've tried to make it so that accidental GPS bounces off nearby buildings doesn't hurt you. No system is perfect. Hopefully you won't get hit.
    The penalty for location spoofing is currently set to keep you in maximum overheat for 12 hours.
    ** Update: In the past 12 hours, only two people were flagged, both were big jumps, probably caused by bad GPS. 2 out of several thousand isn't too bad.
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    Eagleeye412 reacted to zzx in Windows Phone 1.17 Update released   
    To help you out EagleEye412, i had the same issue when trying to view the portal in "desktop mode." If you go to your settings and change it to "mobile" it seems to work better. I believe its the way the web page is written. If that does not help, Please start a new thread in the "player helping player" forum.
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    Eagleeye412 got a reaction from Strateg1st in Revolution #1   

    Chapter 1

    Prometheus - 4/11/2015

    Im 18, and my name is.. Well. It doesn't really matter anymore now does it... See. About this time last year I started a college course in Japan. An American in Japan, taking computer and AI system courses. I know, stereotypical. But it wasn't until my last semester my knowledge was acreddited for. Even after the scholarships out of the high school I drudged myself out of a year early, or after the pats on the back by about every teacher I've had. I had this feeling there was more.
    I've always had a good head on my shoulders so to speak. I've always made rational decisions based on logic and reason. Like a computer. Everything is input for me to make my output. All. Code. I picked up on social "codes", and I never was to much of a loner. Although, I never felt as though I was connecting with anyone. We all come together to talk, but there's no goal. We don't do anything for each other. Friendships became dull to me, and soon I realized they didn't last long. So I moved to Japan. A place to start fresh and free. A place where no one would desire to get attached to me.
    With a distant family I seen no need to let anyone know I was leaving, but I called my grandmother. I told her I had to go, it was the chance of a lifetime. It wasn't until after I almost finished my first year I realized it really was. When I arrived I was excited to see and get to know Japan. Tokyo... Such a place. So many people. Who knows what lives these people live behind their social schemes..
    I started school in the Spring, and even with my grades excelling past the rate of the locals with the new language proving difficulty, my teachers were not lenient. At all. One day. Mr. Kyung put me in the computer lab. I had to write a 6 page essay, in one sitting, while he waited in his office for me to finish. All because I was 5 minutes late to class. So. Through everything I wanted to throw at this guy, I did what he said. It was like high school all over again. Why would it be any different I asked. Its a person in charge. Someone's always going to abuse that power. At least once.
    It wasn't until I was finishing up my essay on the ways that a hardware and software combine to make a program and the inner workings of both that I realized something. There was a purple.. Flame. On the desktop. I didnt know what to think. This school has amazing proxy protectors and i know my proxies. No one could have downloaded this. But this isn't on any other computer. Just as I went to move my mouse to it, it came from the bottom right corner of the screen to fill up it's entirety. As if it knew I was curious. I thought virus at first. Or maybe some automatic update system. I looked around. Still no one but the librarian in the room. Then. She stands up and says im off. A good eye could tell you all teachers get paged on their computers when they're no longer needed in the building if they stayed after hours. And. As she walked out I turned my attention back to the computer screen. Then. The flame started to fade.
    What happened next formed the next year of my life. A voice came through. Like a ghost. Or a phantom. The computer had no speakers but my ear buds were in listening to music which had stopped abruptly. Just then. The voice says. "Hello. I. Am. Prometheus." I knew it had to be a bad prank or a good virus. Then. My files from the past 4 schools I've been to, my diploma, pictures, my past friends, my... Life. Flashed before my eyes on the screen. Like a maximum speed slideshow.
    The pictures stopped and needless to say I was speechless. Then a text came up. It read.
    Interpreting gained information....
    Activating protocol recruitments.0023..
    Continuing search..
    Launching web method...
    Hacking into other systems..
    And then like some kind of glitch the text disappeared and along came the voice again. I seen a shadowy appearance. In front of a purple flame again.. it spoke in the same ghostly voice. "We apologize for the bluntness. We must work quickly in what we do. We are. The Faceless. And you are. Edward Holston. Programmer, student, and genious." I almost threw up in the lab. "How say you?"
    I looked in the screen and realized this.. Prometheus was actually waiting for an answer. I knew there was no mic. I muttered to myself what a joke... This cant be real. Prometheus responded... "This is. Real. This is. Very. Real. And you have 60 seconds to answer me. Are you. Edward. Holston?" I did throw up... After I wiped my face. I said yes. He/she/it responds "that reaction is more normal than you would believe. I am feeding the device connected to this computer under your name, a file. It will be under the name QONQR. And it will explain everything. Please. Do not be afraid." A random female computer voice chimes in.. 30 seconds until abort.
    "Look. We are out of time. Just think. Isn't there something you've been wanting. Needing? These people are empty. These people are shells like your computers. Join us and fight for something meaningful. Make your life how you imagine it. I know you.. Edward.. I know everything about you know.. Please.. Help us take...."
    Then the computer went back to normal. My essay was up. Still finished. And I printed it out. I ran to my professors door and turned it in, running back out of the school without a word but sorry, I'll be here Monday. I ran home. And I jumped on my dinky torn up couch. I grabbed my phone... I looked in all my files and could not find anything under the name of QONQR. Then i said it. QONQR... Like a query. But. It made my phone wiz out. My screen went black and i was brought to a file.. To be honest. I was having fun by this point. I was a bit scared. But more curious.
    I went through all thes files, talking about an abandoned AI that sprung to operation by itself in the US. Its name. QONQR. It was named after the fact that it could go into any file and gain any information in a matter of seconds. It was. An information gainer. It was a spy, without the ability of double intentions... So they thought. It went inoperable and soon was given up on. Until one day. It sparked back to life. And started operating itself. When they became fearful, the programmers I mean, they demolished the hub containing all of its hardware. Little did they know. QONQR was already everywhere. In their phones. Their system. And everyone else's. So this is where I stopped. I seem the words CIA, TOP SECRET, ya know. The red flags of GET THE **** OUT NOW!! And I did. I turned my phone off. And that's when it turned itself back on. I said QONQR again and nothing came up. I tried to get comfortable on the couch to sleep. But there was no sleep for me on this night...
    Lemme know what ya guys think. This was all typed on the phone so any typos i apologize i tried finding em all.
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    Eagleeye412 got a reaction from Strateg1st in AIQ Gear: Now Open   
    Absolutely awesome! I think I'm gonna have to get one of the Kimyo quotes. I like the one "Nature and Artificial intelligence are not ends of a spectrum, but parts of a whole.". Genius, and I figured would attract the attention of a lot of the potential Swarm around my school! Also, did someone have the idea to make all of the bumper stickers cost $4.20? ;D
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    Eagleeye412 reacted to Gadgerson in Christmas Video Contest   

    Christmas Video Contest

    We are happy to announce that we are having our first ever Christmas Music Video contest this year! We will provide you the song and lyrics (which you may change around to be faction appropriate) and you will send in either individual videos or your GroupMe groups can send in a compilation video with each person singing a part. The grand prize is 100 cubes! For those of you that want to send in a video, but fear you don’t have what it takes…don’t worry, there will be some nice consolation prizes as well (Funniest, Most Creative…etc).
    All entries need to be in by 12-20-2013 and then we will put it to a vote. All entries will be posted on Facebook and Twitter. Winners will be announced and prizes will be awarded on 12-25-2013. You can upload the videos to YouTube yourself or you can send the video to us to upload to our YouTube channel. Please send all entries (either the link or video) to info@qonqr.com.
    Thanks and we look forward to seeing what you create! (There is a karaoke version available on Spotify and a few on YouTube as well)


    "All I Want For Christmas Is Cubes"

    I don't want a lot for Christmas
    There is just one thing I need
    I don't care about the presents
    Underneath the Christmas tree
    I just want more zones to own

    More than you could ever know
    Make my wish come true
    All I want for Christmas is Cubes, yeah.
    I am so sick of Legion
    I just want to be number one
    And I don't care about the Faceless
    I have a truce with Jadem
    I would love to have more Missiles
    There are so many noobs to pwn
    Just a few DPF Cores
    to launch on Christmas Morn
    I just want more zones to own
    More than you could ever know
    Make my wish come true
    All I want for Christmas is Cubes
    Cubes, baby
    Oh, I won't ask for much this Christmas
    I just want to be number one
    And I'm just gonna keep on waiting
    Until I’m on the leaderboard
    I don’t need new socks or jammies
    I’m all good with books to read
    I won’t even ask for new games

    For my PSP
    'Cause I just want my GroupMe friends
    to help me take down Tiomun
    What more can I do?
    Baby, all I want for Christmas is Cubes
    Cubes, baby
    Oh, all the lights are shining
    So brightly everywhere
    And the sound of children's
    Laughter fills the air

    And everyone is singing
    I hear those sleigh bells ringing

    Santa, don’t you see what I really need?
    Won't you please bring some Cubes to me?
    Oh, I don't want a lot for Christmas
    This is all I'm asking for
    I just want to see my name
    Up on that leaderboard
    Oh, I just want more zones to own
    More than you could ever know
    Make my wish come true
    Baby, all I want for Christmas is
    Cubes, baby
    All I want for Christmas is Cubes, baby
    All I want for Christmas is Cubes, baby
    All I want for Christmas is Cubes, baby
    All I want for Christmas is Cubes, baby

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    Eagleeye412 reacted to Trustar in Untitled   
    cheers buddy. loving the way you describe it, i was worried it would just be really boring without too much happening but i think thats important to introduce all the characters, ideas etc etc.
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    Eagleeye412 reacted to R0bbi3d in Untitled   
    Carry a snap tidal power generator. Everyone does it.
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    Eagleeye412 got a reaction from Trustar in Untitled   
    Very impressive man. I enjoyed the style, and I really like the.. I don't know how to say it. Laid-backness of the read. I felt as if I could of turned on some jazz and been in his loft watching him do his thing. Good imagery for how little you focused on detail, and got the character development in its place. I really enjoyed it, and can take some notes on your format. Looking forward to more.
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    Eagleeye412 reacted to monk in Why not...?   
    Honestly. The reasons i picked swarm may have been fairly random at the time. I noticed the other factions weren't led by a fictional hot asian girl and naturally I wanted to pledge my sword to any asian girl as my princess and i didn't care much for the details.
    As time passed I have to say now that it is the people themselves. Holy cow the crew I hang with is huge and awesome. They do their best to help each other. They dont do alot of bragging or smack talking. We are quite accurately "Friends Fighting to help and support friends" Or atleast that is how I see it. We speak by action and not words which is much easier to understand than confusing offers of treaties and arrangements and twisted complex politcal scams.
    So I may have joined almost randomly, but I'm very glad I chose this path and am honored to get to go swarming with my friends. You guys rock! I am definitely a swarm Lifer and will continue to do my best to help my friends to the best of my ability as I always have. Qonqr rules!
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    Eagleeye412 reacted to Trustar in Untitled   
    As he slunk through the front door, shutting out the world over his shoulder, he could feel himself unwind. His shoulders slumped and as he let out a deep sigh all the thoughts, stress and most of all boredom evaporated upwards, from somewhere between his shoulders blades, dissipating into the dimly lit hallway between the door and his inner sanctum.
    He trudged semi wearily to the kitchen and stopped in front of the fridge – another part of his daily routine. He grabbed a plastic bowl out of the fridge, tearing the cling film from the top, fork still sat attentively in the bowl and he followed his usual path to his bedroom. He shrugged off his clothes as he had shrugged off his troubles at the front door, chucked on something more comfortable and made his way to the cerebral cortex of his flat.
    Once sat at his desk he finally felt at home, relaxed. He fired up a couple of the computers in front of him and sighed once more, picking at the remnants of food in front of him.
    It wasn’t much, he would eat later. He wasn’t really that interested in food, certainly not at the moment, he would get a take away later. Much later. He had developed a nice little program for just this sort of occasion, one he was very proud of, perhaps more so than any other as it had been his first.
    His first born computer program.
    Kept stashed away on a usb drive, he felt guilty about keeping it hidden but he didn’t want to be caught for anything, least of all defrauding take aways. He just had to plug in his flash drive, key in a few codes, choose his poison and fire it away. A Bing! Would go off somewhere, an email would go somewhere else and before you knew it Chinese, pizza, Indian or whatever he fancied that night would be being ferried to his door, the delivery guy none the wiser to the fact that nobody had paid for it, just an exchange of ones and zeros between digital salesmen.
    So what would he do with himself tonight? Ninety-nine times out of ten he would immediately launch into a tirade of attacks on one of two targets – a binary choice he always struggled to pick between, he hated decision making, but today he felt differently.
    He wondered absent mindedly if perhaps he should go after the main root of all these troubles, the infamous AI. Infamy that most people on the planet where completely oblivious to.
    An unseen, incomprehensible computer program had somehow developed sentience, an AI that became self-aware and perhaps more worryingly self-sufficient. They had tried to shut it down but it had supported its own existence somehow. Right now it was supposedly being safe housed by cyber hippies who thought it would spread goodness and light. Really they were just as self-centred as the rest of us – they wanted it to help them develop profit boosting tech.
    Safe housed. If I was the most potent and powerful mind in the world I wonder how long I would stay ‘safe housed’ before I wanted to stretch my legs, or more importantly my immensely powerful mind outside the four walls, he wondered.
    Outside those four walls a war raged but it was a war completely unseen to most. Ever since the rogue AI had ‘gone public’ – public in a very loose sense of the word – two schools of thought had been opposing one another like waves crashing against the shore.
    Legion – the name of a group at the beck and call of Gabriel Sunday, former NSA agent and intent on destroying this AI before it has a chance to reveal its goal to destroy humankind, or at least that’s what legion assume its goal is. These guys… I can understand where they are coming from, but it seems fool hardy to destroy something before even trying to understand it. What happens if it comes back? The chances are if an AI has become sentient then it may happen again, we need to know how to combat this sort of thing. And that’s a worst case scenario, we don’t even know that this AI is hostile… yet.
    And that is precisely where Nagumo Enterprises comes in. Headed by one Doctor Kimyo Nagumo. They seem sure that this AI is benign, so sure of it that they are willing to gamble the entire future of humanity on it. They are protecting it, nurturing it even, feeding it everything it needs. Real caring aren’t they?
    Just so happens they are the foremost producer of nanobot technology and nanoweaponry on the planet. They figure to make out of this like the dam busters.. if we don’t all get annihilated in the process.
    The way I see it though? Well if it was so great and beneficial.. why would everyone be calling it QONQR?! Doesn’t seem that neutral a name if you ask me. Probably something Sunday came up with.
    He reached for his coin, he was getting side-tracked. Like most of the things in his flat, this was something he designed and made himself. Unlike most things here it wasn’t electronic. It wasn’t software, it wasn’t hardware… it was just a coin. He couldn’t even remember what kind of coin, it could have been a two pence judging by the size. One side was painted green and the other side painted red. He had even painstakingly painted it purple round the edge, lord knows what he would do if it ever landed on its edge, hack himself?
    As the coin flipped it’s way through the air he pondered that point, hack himself? This may be an interesting project, to test his defences, see if he could break into his own systems? The coin started its trajectory downward until it was swallowed up in his fist and slapped down onto the back of his other hand.
    Green. Nagumo. Maybe tonight would be his lucky night?
    Before he had time for any of that a little purple icon of a Buddha with no face appeared on the desktop of a computer to his right. He swivelled over, mildly surprised by the interruption.
    It was a communication from Simi.
    Hey dude.
    What’s up?
    Nothing much.
    Bull. Speak.
    Ok, well it’s like this, Trelwan said he thought he saw Quentin out and about.
    Out and about?
    Yeah, just about town, Nowhere too exciting. He couldn’t be sure, didn’t get a great look but he seemed pretty spooked.
    You know… Just today I was wondering about Quentin. If I was in his shoes I think I would like to get out, see the world, get some fresh air..
    Who are you and what have you done with Trustar?!
    Very funny.
    No I’m serious, I know you’re not the type to leave the house. E.V.E.R.
    Tru pushed back from his computer and sighed. Partially over this semi revelation but mainly because Simi could be a real pain sometimes. Truth was Simi didn’t know squat about Tru. It was just a lucky guess.
    Don’t sigh at me like that.
    I didn’t sigh.
    Tru hated being predictable.
    So anyway, Any chance of finding something out about this? We could do with a prompt response.
    I’ll see what I can do.
    Any keyword starting with a Q meant QONQR. Trelwan had seen some sign of QONQR out and out.. well, no doubt it would be buried very, very deep in some vault hidden system Trelwan had cracked but still, if he could get in, it could get out. This is just what he had worried about, seemingly not worried enough.
    Prompt in this case did not mean a speedy response, it meant a communication with Prometheus. The spiritual leader of the hacker group known as Faceless, a man who could do such beautiful things with machinery that the love child of Salvador Dali and Enzo Ferrari could not hope to match.
    Faceless was the third party in this two horse race to save the world.
    Well, that was Trustar’s plans for this evening screwed. Dr Nagumo would have to wait once again.
    It wasn’t that Prometheus was difficult to get hold of. Tru had no idea where he was but he was 95.957% sure that he, like Tru himself, would be sat in front of a piece of telecommunications equipment so potent even the nerds at NASA couldn’t hope to understand it this side of the year 3030. It was just that he tended to focus pretty intently on what he was doing. Or at least that is what Tru assumed, maybe he was just rude.
    They were good friends, or as good a friend as you can be with someone when you intentionally know literally nothing about one another. Tru could get in touch with him at the drop of a hat, a very small hat hitting a certain key on his keyboard, the underside of his keyboard to be precise. Nobody would even know what to look for, it just looked like a recessed screw cavity, click it however and it would immediately send a comm link to Prometheus. There was no way of doing it via his computer in any other way, this was to prevent any kind of tracing from one another’s computer by anyone other than themselves.
    He pressed the button and settled down to wait. Prom may well be involved up to his eyeballs, or whatever he had under that mask, in immensely top secret government codes. Whilst he waited he got back to Simi.
    What you got for me then?
    Sending it over now.
    Cheers, ill get back to you.
    As the files appeared in front of him a strange feeling manifested itself in his throat. It eventually sank down through his digestive tract where it settled in his stomach and refused to go away. This was serious stuff. He had assumed it would be nothing, echoes and whispers but this was serious noise.
    Tru figured since his plan of attack had been compromised he might as well get food out of the way. He fished out the USB stick with his no-free-lunch hack on it. Maybe a bit of food would settle that feeling in the pit of his stomach. Or at least bury it for a little while. He settled on Chinese and got back to business.
    Perhaps something that’s been hacked sideways? Several different operatives working the same target, throwing up all kinds of strange subroutines. This was very advanced stuff though and usually faceless operatives were too well organised to end up hitting the same place simultaneously. In fact this was stupidly advanced. There were some hackers out there better than Trustar, he was not too arrogant to admit that, not least of all Prometheus, but surely nothing like this? Tru wouldn’t know where to start making this stuff, he wasn’t even sure he understood it’s purpose. He couldn’t even be sure it was a hack. This could be a nursery rhyme or a shopping list for all he knew, but in a language even he could not begin to fathom.
    Jadem would want to know about this stuff, if he hadn’t been all over it already.
    He must have been staring for a while because he was interrupted by the doorbell going. Interrupted but not surprised. He knew a takeaway was coming, but more importantly than that he had been alerted to someone approaching the door by his proximity alarm. Anyone within 20 metres of the doorway to his building tripped a motion sensor which gave him a little pre warning alert. He kicked his seat back from the desk.
    His train of thought had been heading straight towards a brick wall of non comprehension, luckily it was de railed before he had to admit defeat… Saved by the bell. He went to the door.
    Hi Steve, how are you dude?

    Yeah good man, I got your dinner here for ya buddy.

    Cheers, what would I do without you?

    Hey no problems pal, all in a day’s work.

    Man, I feel bad, I always pay by card and I don’t got cash on me so I can’t give you a tip, here mate,, have a beer.
    He reached to beside the door where a pile of crates of lager sat one on top of the other, out of sight of the door but within reach.

    Hey thanks man, I appreciate that, you don’t have to, you know that?

    Yeah I know, but you’re a good guy so I’m happy to.

    Sure, sure, good man. See you soon!

    He liked his little interactions with everyday life, he appreciated the kindness he could show others. He hadn’t paid for the food so it was good he could do a kind gesture for the guy who brought it. He was a regular Robin Hood, even the beers he hadn’t paid for! A large supermarket company misdelivered them after a bit of massage in that direction from another one of his hand made little network hacks.
    That’s what it was all about to Tru. He figured he was doing important work, and it was only right that the green eyed monsters trying to bring down humanity should pay those people willing to fight the good fight to make it bearable. And if he couldn’t share the spoils with his fellow man then why bother. If humans couldn’t care for one another then what was the point of them existing?
    He went to sit back at his desk. His intellectual gym. He was lost in a world of food induced relaxation and beer induced Robin Hood fantasies when his brain moved up a gear.
    He was sat at the computer again, chopsticks in one hand, beer in another and several screens full of code in front of him.
    He had plenty to chew over.
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    Eagleeye412 reacted to Trustar in Revolution #4 - (In progress)   
    i'm sure i'll see it, im logging into the fan fiction section more often than the faceless one at the minute
    Glad you weren't offended, it can be a bit daunting being critical in any way.. especially as i'm sure i will be posting stuff with typos myself!!
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    i couldn't read part 3, without paragraphs i just can't process that quantity of wordage. also the punctuation was driving me crazy and there were quite a few typos - i understand this was bcause it was written on a phone though but you clearly put alot of effort into the writing - it is really really good stuff and i did enjoy reading it alot, it takes alot of effort to write good stuff but a small amount of effort to ensure it is in correct english vocab and grammar wise, punctuation and spacing - the quality of your writing demands you lay it out in a way that makes it readable.
    i hope i don't sound like im being rude, it is really really good stuff, keep at it, just please put the same effort into formatting it and proof reading it as you do the creative side, it deserves as much as it is very good.
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    It has been awhile since I have thought about my Revolution story. So in an attempt to get some hype fired up around my upcoming part 4, I have bumped them all in the fan fiction section. Any who have suggestions, tips, criticisms, or even just acknowledgements they would be much appreciated. I felt it was just getting good. So I shall give you all what you asked for. Dont stop at part 1 either. The storyline is like any good novel. The first part seems boring, but in reality, it is just to get the story started. Thank you all those who already gave me your support in the past, and I'm looking forward to getting some fresh meat to skim through my scribblings.
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    its a good read but please don't do it on the phone again. the endless. punctuation. drove me. crazy!
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    I agree with most of what you say about these misconceptions. But at the same time I believe there's a good psychology to it all. When yoy start your venture into this game, you're given three choices. Protect, destroy, or hack. Even though they are simple missions through QONQR storyline, I believe most ask themselves, "What would I do?". Therefore before the game even begins they are given some similarity between their teamates. Their, I don't want to say ethics, but perhaps... oath, is the same. Because of this I think we see the growing social scene of the game. Chat programs, forums, and wire are all pieces of the social puzzle and give people the ability to work with each other on a much deeper level. There seems to be an instant trust beyond these players, and it it can only grow from there (that is unless they're an evil spy) hah.. Then again, I did once run into a player who haf chosen purple instead of Faceless, which is to say she picked her favorite color. Though, she said she would of rather picked Swarm for their story. After a conversion, and she switched green for the team, she grew into a valid warrior working well with our forces and keeping us grounded in the game.
    My theory is that because people with similar points of view are working against others of similar point of view. It forms a discrimination (of sorts). Faceless seen to agree with Swarm that Legion are mean, or bullies in numbers. The word Legion itself come from the Romans who destroyed countries with their insane amount soldiers. The Legion seem to agree with the Swarm that Faceless are illusive, and risky. They are by storyline hackers, and a hacker never reveals himself nor his allies.. Thus "Faceless". And the Legion and Faceless agree the swarm can be cocky, and.. Well what do you guys say about us? Lol.
    Its all on how you take what the devs give us. And also region plays a strong role, Legion are the main enemy in Centeal Texas. In SW MI, Faceless are public enemy. Overall I see a much stronger psychology to the faction choice, and game-play in QONQR. Their style, their ideals/ideas, and their region all have an effect on how they play, and see the QONQR world.
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    This is extremely old. the players who posted this are now swarm.
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    "A Tiger does not lose sleep, over the opinions of sheep"
    Or in this case I guess a Wolf. Lol.
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    Eagleeye412 got a reaction from The_Legionathan in CT legion Apologizes to LonelyWolf   
    "A Tiger does not lose sleep, over the opinions of sheep"
    Or in this case I guess a Wolf. Lol.