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  1. Thanks dbanick. Maybe you can join us on one our monthly meet ups? You are invited to any we have!
  2. Dbanick, Im sorry you feel this way. Legion we're doing exceptionally well, including yourself. You are a highly capable player, someone that I have much respect for. Our past battles were a team effort, an effort that, in all honesty, I played a minor part. From the moment I signed up for qonqr i wanted too be faceless, but decided to be legion because the whole of central Ohio was legion due to the magnificent efforts of thelilgeek. This reasons, combined with the great friendship I have struck between myself and faceless members in Columbus made my decision simple. Whether you believe this is of no great importance to me, but it is the truth. Finally, this is just a game. It's something that passes the time and something that I enjoy. The friendships I have made in the past months will last long beyond this game.......I value these friendships more than a game. I wish you all the best, I harbour no Ill will towards you or legion. Edit - typos from my sucky typing skills.
  3. In all seriousness, it was a tough decision. But a decision made much easier since I had made friends with you guys. I had always promised myself that I would join faceless at some point and that I would only do it once central Ohio legion was strong enough to loose a player. Thanks for the welcome drstraynge!
  4. Are you kidding me?

    I could do cubes.....!
  5. Are you kidding me?

    On another note, I'm trying to get drstraynges brother, battledwarf to defect to legion. I think its actually doable.....
  6. So much cheater stuff.

    I don't cheat, ever. I think it ruins the game.
  7. Real World Rivalry?

    BBQ sounds great, count me in! One of the metro parks in Dublin like glacier?
  8. Real World Rivalry?

    Absolutely chal, the more the merrier!!! I'll let you know when it is!
  9. Real World Rivalry?

    DrStraynge, krawl and I (and anyone else that wants to meet) were meant to meet up for pizza, but I couldn't make it.......I had some family members ill. We're setting up another pizza party though soon! We figured it would be fun to get together, chat and make new friends, even if we are on opposite teams :-)
  10. windows phone v iPhone

    Silver, Keep up the good work with the wp version. I use both versions everyday depending on if I'm at my desk or traveling and I much prefer the wp version. It's clean, easier to use and much more intuitive. It also showcases wp with pivots, etc. not many developers get it right but you have. Thank you very much, qonqr on wp is a pleasure to use.
  11. windows phone v iPhone

    Love the wp version, superior ease of use compared to the iPhone version.
  12. The fun of drawing boundaries

    That's pretty funny doc, I'm sure thelilgeek will understand.