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  1. Game Breaking Success

    You guessed right. I wen't looking for a location based game for my iphone after shadow cities got boring. I picked swarm because I like green and "Swarm" reminded me of the Zerg. I also picked horde because I like zombies. I'm not sure what your point is. I'm not sure, maybe someday I'll have that problem. Right now I'm commited to level to 100. Another thought, if the game before level 100 is training, and getting to level 100 is a grind, then maybe the concept of levels in QONQR is broken. Time to do more forum searches.
  2. Game Breaking Success

    Too be clear this was not a complaint rant at any faction or a request for advise on what to do? I've made my choice. What I am looking at is: If any area becomes dominated by any one faction, does that effectively break the game for any new players in that area? It seems that both options have limited appeal. I randomly picked my faction, I happened to be surrounded by a single enemy, but I would have been possibly more disappointed to have found myself in a region the same color as me for 20+ miles in every direction. It seems awfully boring to start playing a game called QONQR in a region where your team has already done that by the time you showed up. Projecting forward a bit, it could be possible for some people to live in a region where the nearest faction boarder is only in missile range. Now that may be a stretch, but it is possible that some people could be out of range of combat or conquering opportunity until level 42+. Nearly halfway through the level. As all online games thrive on bringing in new players, could the rise of these mono-dominated areas hurt the ability to keep those new players.
  3. Game Breaking Success

    I love games, win or lose I enjoy playing. I've been playing QONQR(as Swarm)for a short time now and something has been bothering me. I'm in a region heavily populated by one dominant faction(Legion). I've been leveling at a steady pace because I am in a steady cycle of taking and loosing zone with this faction. I cannot hold anything, but I continue to level and gain xp from the conflict. This cycle can go on for as long as I wish, I will fully level soon and I will be able to do more damage, but as is I see no way to actually hold a zone for more than a few minutes or hours. So the fun is somewhat limited, I get an extra dose of combat, but little of the build aspect of the game. They have made repeated attempts to recruit me(multiple players on multiple occasions) too their credit. Expanding your faction is game winning strategy. One that I would have whole heartily embraced if I had joined the game earlier.(in any case this post isn't about strategy but success) But as they dominate the area for many many miles around me, I had no choice but to refuse. If I can't reach anyone to attack, how do I level? How do I conquer? I'm level 50+ now and my weapons barely reach outside their territory(barring missiles of course). In short it seamed like alot of no fun dropping bots in zones already conquered by my own faction. So the question I ask is, can a faction be so successful that it effectively breaks a region? A region where new players have no choice but to fight hopeless battles or join a faction in which they have nothing to do.
  4. Q & A Thread for Rookies

    How do I buy upgrades like bot tanks and such? I'm level 18 and the only thing that has appeared is Bot launcher on my scope upgrades list. Nevermind found it.