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    Interests? QONQR. Obviously.

    Also I'm interested in Psychology, and Video Gaming.

    I plan on majoring in Psychology at the College of William and Mary next year. I can't wait! I also want to minor in Religious Studies. My dream job would be a youth pastor and a Psychiatrist.

    My favorite past times are video gaming, reading fantasy, and hanging out with friends. Ironically all my friends are gamers so it works out nicely ;P. My favorite games are QONQR, Borderlands Series, POKE'MON, and Call of Duty. My favorite books are The Incredible Hulk Comics, Batman Comics, and The Game of Thrones. I'm also an avid Star Wars fan. I've seen the original three Star Wars more times than I care to admit. I've been called a Nerd more than once...and I accept it, I love it, I OWN it. >:)

    Well that's enough you need to know about me :D
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  1. Sadly I am not. IceFrog was just a name I used in games, liked the ring. Like frogs, like ice. IceFrog. I was using the name before I got wind of the developer. Sorry to disappoint
  2. My girlfriend looked for QONQR on her phone to play with me...too bad she's on Android....
  3. What's on my mind? QONQR...

  4. The Twitters

    This. This thread has gotten me addicted to Twitter.
  5. The Twitters

    Sounds fun!
  6. Am I The Only One Who ...

    Get working on part two
  7. You know you play QONQR too much when…

    You start drawing faction symbols next to your name on papers.
  8. <Greeting>

    I commend him on his sticking to his role. Kinda clever. I like it.
  9. Recieve alerts via text message.

    I don't even see the option for notifications on my iPhone 4
  10. Gaining a Foothold

    That's a good idea qriles! Thanks!
  11. Gaining a Foothold

    Tried that and I was told if I wanted anything I'd have to join the Faceless.
  12. Gaining a Foothold

    Where I live/play is surrounded by Faceless. Lots of them- at very high levels. I was wondering a tactic to be able to secure and hold some zones so I can at least get a foothold in the area so I have somewhere to start my bases. Any ideas or tips are welcomed. It seems like as soon as I take a zone they control within minutes they have taken it back and piled thousands of bots in. It's a bit overwhelming and frustrating. Any help?
  13. Why do you continue to play?

    A fun thing I found to do, besides launching missiles to aid far-off allies, is to stock up on Plasma Beam's and be a sneaky ninja. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing people puzzled at how their bases can suddenly be not captured and not lead over night by some unknown enemy.