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  1. >Run New.Faceless.EXE Location: Minneapolis

    Gl buddy get access to faceless forum. Talk some strata and meat who is in your area.
  2. Best attack and defensive strategys

    Darkiran thanks for the guides they were helpful especially the defense new players should be able to read those
  3. Looking Glass [OnyxShard]

    Very nice read onyx looking forward to more.
  4. Being Effective as a New Player

    Really good post, I should have read this at the beginning lol. Not when I am about to be level 40 haha
  5. Swarming in Clearwater, FL

    What up pueriexdeus I see you in clearwater I am over there alot I am the lonely purple in that area. Gl to you.
  6. Richin109 removed from #1 US spot

    Lol silly legion
  7. My name is Zmasek im new to the game and on the faceless team in St.pete Florida, unfortunately looks legion dominated atm.