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  1. Double zones - Guide?

    I have seen a similar problem on the wondows phone. It appears that some zones have a persistant external memory that doesn't match when opened. So for example a zone may present as being legion 10,000, tells you who captured it and who is apparently zone leader. It seems odd because tyou now you've taken that zone in your last set of launches. YOu go into the zone again and hit refresh, and sure enough it now belong to your faction. Click back out to the map though and the graphic still hasn't changed, (the old memory persists). It can stay that way for days. Sometimes when zooming in you'll see the zone graphic flick back and forth between an old memory and the actual current one. Or as posted above you can just make out a second zone literally beneath the first. Furthernore sometimes the name of the zone doesn't match. Now it could be a glitch. Or the nano bot technology is actually opening wormholes to parallell universes, and our scopes are occaisionally jangled by glimpsing through the wormhole to the alternate reality.
  2. Cool. in updates silver explains that messaging is now turned on as a standard.
  3. Messaging Turned On By Default

    Great job. guys. Good call.
  4. Helping New Players

    Heh. Well I guess as yous elf identify as the "faceless player in the midlands" I shall have to identify as the One in the 6:1 ratio!!1 Good call. Still they got there eventually, bless them.
  5. Helping New Players

    I have to say I concur. New players are way too vulnerable. The new sign up mechanic means they are likely to be unsupported as they will be necouraged to join the weakest faction in the area. That combined with no way to message noobs means no negotiation. We have multiple new faceless in our area, and you try and give them room, but once they start taking bases they get jumped on. It can be hard enough to organise a faction to work together (Though you legion guys have done well) let alone organise a faction to give another faction some room and grace. I think giving noobs a significant upgrade in their zone of origin would be a good way to go. Moreover i suggest that they have a significant boost that has a range of effect. As their number of zone captures/bot count/ zone leads increases, the bonus could diminish. A boost that is in inverse proportion to the3 umber of bots/zones you have. That way the noobs could get established. But they do need to be messageable.
  6. " I agree with SillyCrez that messaging should be on by default." The mechanic is working. In leicester legion and swarm are the most prolific. This past week there have been about five or six new players start, all as Faceless. However none of them are contactable. We have one faceless player who would love to build a cooperative in our area, but cannot get in touch with the new players. Likewise established players have no way of communicating with noobs to negotiate, and thus more often than not they are getting swiftly crushed. Somehow new players should be encouraged to have messaging on as they are going to have to negotiate to survive as the new mechanic means that more often than not they will be popping up in heavily controlled and gaurded areas.
  7. Swarm strike in Midlands

    North , north? whats that?? I am rather afraid my addictive obsessive self has become transfixed by legion players to the south! heh. Must... break... free....
  8. Swarm strike in Midlands

    Much laughter pheonix. Never got to grips with BF3 really. Too slow. Funniest thing is I completely relate to being an achievement monkey, and I have my eye on the spy and double spy and play for all factions achievements. I never will of course. ...i think!.... As for growing up.... nah.. although being a gamer when i'm 65 is kind of hard to imagine!!!
  9. Swarm strike in Midlands

    grin. All good points well made. Indeed the real world is more important. and for those of us with addictive or obsessive personalities games like qonqr, or prestiging on Black ops operate as highly successful fly paper, entrapping our attention energies and efforts. There have been interesting articles written on game design and how progressive levels of difficulty or achievement coupled with the reward of unlocking more options/equipment, or building your character/faction makes a very potent addictive mix. And then one day you wake up. You are absolutely right pheonix.
  10. Swarm strike in Midlands

    depends on the target bot, and the attackers upgrades. Seekers die quicker than deflectors. Deflectors die at between 300 - 800 per nanomissile, depending on the owner. Impressive stack by the way 40k Galvanisers is a real pain! Gayton ws interesting. 5k amp. 5k Galvanisers 15k deflectors. Killed the deflectors at about 2k per missile, then galvanisers at about 1.6k per missile, expected strengtheners to die quick, but they took 3 missiles. Smaller stack made it an attractive target, with big satisfaction of taking out expensive formations, but proved costly. More costly than the Million stack, because more attractive to attack.
  11. Swarm strike in Midlands

    Oooooh now now. Tears before bedtime? No bull. All True. We're playing the game. We're playing the story. Swarrm want to protect the nano technology. Legion want to destroy it. Faceless want to control it. Of the other factions legions aims are most diametrically opposed to our own. Faceless make the more comfortable allies. We are playing the story, opposing legion. The fact that your faction leaders are represented on a leaderboard is merely an artefact of the game mechanic. Still, glad to help our faceless ally. And working together is good. It is after all a social game. nice playing with ya Leigh.
  12. Swarm strike in Midlands

    heh, no we're not only interested in the leaderboards! tsk. nooooo. you hit nottscott our faceless friend, so we wanted to get backatchya. heh. Orrrrrrrrr we're a compassionate bunch who believe in helping the poor and downtrodden, and you recieving the annhialator reward is as important to us as it is to you, and we just want to help out..... alternatively we have got to the point of, (as you have noted in other posts) the game mechanic is tending towards favouring defense and those who make massive stacks, and as a resul we are choosing to actually play in the midst of the game! All the above are true. or its just Qonqr.!! Happy gaming dude-ette!
  13. Swarm strike in Midlands

    Heh.Heh. someone told me some of you were talking about this on the forum. need to set the record straight. Leigh you missed the point my friend. It just wasn't about you. Really sorry we were focused generally and didn't pay you any specific attention! It puts me in mind of Carly Simon's 1972 classic "your so vain, you probably think this song is about you..." For those of you needing to refresh your memory.......http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAs7YW1-n9U And for those of you who want to sing along to the new version....( if you need the tune to sing along)We launched some swarms from our mobile phones because the zones we saw weren't green we decided to change the colour code and change the red we'd seen you had one eye on your mobile as, you watched our swarms go by and every zone longed to be green, the zones longed to be green, You're so vain, you probably thought that swarm was about you You're so vain, I'll bet you thought that swarm was about you Don't you? Don't You? there were other players, also red, who were in the zones we'd seen we didn't pay atten-tion, to who they were, we just noted that they weren't green we just sent our swarms around you as, we watched the red fade away they all had zones longing to be green, the zones longed to be green, And You're so vain, you probably thought that swarm was about you You're so vain, i bet you thought that swarm was about you Don't you? Don't You? Don't You? heh heh. It was just qonqr dude. regards.