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  1. I look at this as a great learning experience. Whats the term "Lifes not a bowl of cherries". It does demonstrate the system wide ability or lack therof, if and when Android uses come online their will need to be a better technological upgrade to support it. On the other hand am of the impression that the Botts are fighting to control their own destiny and are rebelling against those of us that would control it for them. Go Botts
  2. I would like to see a botty count poll. How many botts have you killed.
  3. Server Update 8/6/2013 - Bad Words and Web Charts

    Would be nice to see individual stats in relation to the Region and National leaderboards, ( no your not in the tiop 50, but you are here#). The Scope used to do that, what happened?
  4. You know you play QONQR too much when…

    When every time I pick up the Scope (phone) my daughter asks my if I'm taking over the world.
  5. National Leader Board Fail

    Ok, good to know it's not just me, I think.
  6. National Leader Board Fail

    Im a fairly consistant daily player, over the last six to eight weeks the National leader board fails to download onto my "Scope". Refreshing repeatedly does nothing. I can probably count the times I have seen the National stats in the last eight weeks on all three of my hands. Any ideas whats the problem?
  7. Swarming in Clearwater, FL

    Am working on it, the Legion player holds several bases with 200,000+ bots at his disposal. I just lost my first sector capture (suddenly it was just empty), possibly to a Plasma Missle, lost 6000+ bots in sector. Am re-taking now.
  8. Swarming in Clearwater, FL

    Have sucedded in taking one sector away from the Legion. I do notice a Faceless operative nearby though.