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  1. Props to East Coast Legion

    pew pew pew pew
  2. Happy Holidays QonQr Agents!

    You too good, sir
  3. MrBizzy

    Character is proven by action not words, and choices are made individually. All may act as they deem fit, but there is nothing I have that, if taken from me, I won't be able take back out once the day is over.
  4. MrBizzy

    ThankBizzy has officially started. I will be deploying defensive bots for the full 24 hrs in his honor. I hope you all will join me.
  5. MrBizzy

    All the Swarm in Rochester will be participating in ThanksBizzy. Hurrah for Bizzy and may his towers last forever.
  6. MrBizzy

    I like that idea unhuman. I am so sorry about the passing of Bizzy :-(

  8. Attention QONQR Agents

    Cjrank Operationmattrankin and Tankin of CT have all defected to Swarm. Is this a plot to subvert Swarm OPs and target the Faceless Horde? Or are they truly 'just bored' with the game as they say? Who cares? Let's QONQR
  9. Server Update 11/7

  10. Just a Gamer pic I'm proud of

    It's pretty epic. I'm still fond of my Green Lantern though xD
  11. just a thank you

    I definitely was quite upset when I found out. I am glad all is well.
  12. Your Highest Qredit Count

    Where's Flower when you need her? I don't really know the exact total, but it was above 1 mil.
  13. AIQ Gear: Now Open

  14. Attention QONQR Agents

    Switched to join the majority gadgerson? That's directly the opposite of what's happened here hahah.
  15. Dearest Chicago Legion

    I agree. Hugging is always best. People with less than 10m bot kills should try Nano-hugging. If you don't know how to kill bots at least you can spread some love xD
  16. Attention Qonqr Agents

    Only the ho mo kind.
  17. Attention Qonqr Agents

    Oh hey guys. This is still going? Best wishes from the brotherhood.
  18. Attention Qonqr Agents

    Your opinion is both incorrect and irrelevant. You make biased assumptions based on your life. I understand the average person may only be able to recruit a few. My case is different. And while my winning personality may be contributory, it lies largely in my line of work which I have made public on my Twitter page. Each of my recruits are coworkers, friends, and customers. And each on a different device. If you have further questions regarding this matter I suggest you speak to Silver. I do thank you so kindly for your contributions, however.
  19. Attention Qonqr Agents

    While not everyone I recruited has remained active (or even made it to level 10) I am proud to have been able to share Qonqr with many devices. And if my character comes into question feel free to address that with Silver. Others already have and still my account stands.
  20. Attention Qonqr Agents

    Gmenman makes an excellent and valid point. This is the apology I wrote to Swarm, and it still holds true to you. 'I want to take a moment to apologize to all of you. And especially, Rookie. My intentions were never to create a situation where we cannibalized our own factions. My vision is to open the channels of communication betweem factions and help those in need. New players of any color have a right to develop in every area. Cheaters and bullies should be punishable by our players. When I began this movement it was small and secret. I mentioned my concept (I called it Tri-Faction Accountability then) in group chat towards the beginning but was met with puzzlement. I always wanted it to be public, but never found the right words to make it so. I apologize for my actions. For my part in the Rookie op that was presented to me, and for not coming to you, my swarmmates, with my ideas from the start.' The concept I developed was not intended to create a situation where players cannot help eachother or are forced to sacrifice friends for thev sake of their faction. That is the flaw in the factions I was trying to combat. I realize my concept really only introduced another faction. All colors, but still exclusive of others. I should have been open from the start. Shared my ideas with all of you. I am still in support of cross faction alliance. I will defend my brothers until the end, even if they are a little **** with me. And while Swarm and especially Rookie is pretty **** with me right now - I was there for every swarm op. And I supported my swarmmates when they needed. I will continue to do so.
  21. Attention Qonqr Agents

    We thank you for your contributions
  22. Attention Qonqr Agents

    Your opinion is noted.