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  1. So much cheater stuff.

    It adds to the drama
  2. Real World Rivalry?

    rivalry between me and my dad: Dad: stop using up all the data plan! Me: no!
  3. Default Zone?

    set your bases. i have a base set at my house, so when you go to your bases menu, you can access it easier.
  4. peace out qonqr

    Too repetitive for my taste. Have at my territories
  5. Weakness at the Top

    Isn't there a certain someone on faceless nearing 10k captures?
  6. qonqr eating up my data plan

    Unfortunately, that app is not on windows phone
  7. qonqr eating up my data plan

    Alright thanks for the advice yall. I'll probably just turn off my scope when I'm not around WiFi
  8. Does anyone have any kind of solution to this?
  9. Prometheus Mask

    dude. this has to be SO awesome to rave with
  10. weakened misssile attacks

    I think what vodd is trying to say is that qonqr is still a check in style of game. I'm not saying that if you want to fight someone you have to take a train, but it is what it is, you play in your area, while having the luxury of attacking ppl from far away occasionally
  11. In-Faction conduct

    I don't think so, if anything its helpful. I look more at the captures anyway
  12. Qonqr News about Attacks

    lol sorry if i missed people that contributed or were victims, i just named those that i myself saw
  13. Qonqr News about Attacks

    With our backs up against the wall, the faceless in NJ were close to irrelevant. Legion to the north, swarm to the south, patches of faceless members had to get by with what they could grab. After days of a shaky ceasefire between mightyevildoom of faceless and qriles of legion, the border of 195 was breached when faceless members pianoman 27 phony mightyevildoom and zepo banded together to claim a region of their own. Qriles, who stood strong at 7th in NJ with 1million plus (now with 30k), was caught completely off guard, along with fellow legionnaires heavyseventh and gmenman. Throughout central state from the jersey shores to Princeton, what was once shrouded in red, now covered in swag purple.