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  1. Bases

    Welcome to Qonqr! You get 1 base at every fifth level. Right now 100 is the level cap, at which point you have 21 bases available. At this point bases only generate income for upgrades and ordinance. The devs have indicated that an expanded role for bases is on the way. You can only build a base in a zone where you are physically (on iPhone at least) and you can't have more than one base in any zone. Hope that helps, and good luck in the fight!
  2. A day at the office [Crocodator]

    I leaned back in the chair to watch the progress bar creep across the screen. I had to admit, the really good leather did feel different. The cheap "leather" chair in my own office was nothing like this luxurious throne. Of course, this office was filled with bland desk accessories and those irritating motivational posters, so I still preferred my little office. Doctor Who and Firefly posters are a lot more motivational than the **** this guy had up, plus they helped me spot fellow nerds. I was waiting for the last few gigs of data to copy when the bar stopped moving. This was not good- I had no idea what had gone wrong, and no illusions that I could figure it out quickly. Before my panic went any further, a black box popped up on the screen. Purple text started scrolling quickly as I stared. "Hello Crocodator." I should explain that this sentence scared me more than anything I had yet experienced in my career as a "Data Acquisition Specialist." That was my euphemistic name for my moonlight career "borrowing" information. I had no true hacking skills, and I couldn't code my way out of a paper bag. I could smile and convince people that I was legit though, and surprisingly that was good enough to get access to lots of places that I never should have seen. Like this particular corner office, for example. "Crocodator" was my name in those quiet little corners of the Internet where I could market my services, and if the person on the other end of this message knew that name and could tie it to this office, I was in deep trouble. "Don't worry, Crocodator, you aren't in any trouble." Yeah, sure. I started checking the desk quickly to be sure everything was back in place. I saw a quick exit in my near future. Text started flowing across the screen as I packed. "Crocodator, I would like to talk to you about something very important. This is something bigger than any job you have ever done, and I think you are just what we need there in Indiana. I think you could have some fun, and maybe change the world while you are at it." I stopped moving and stared at the blinking purple cursor. Finally I sighed, cursing my own curiosity, and typed in a response. "Okay fine, we'll talk. But first you need to tell me who you are or I am walking out that door." "Fair enough. They call me Prometheus."
  3. How QONQR faction leaders came to life

    Great video- thanks for sharing. I got confirmation that Faceless was the right choice too
  4. How did you hear about QONQR?

    I was one of the Kickstarter newbies. It's a shame that the project didn't fund, but the community seems to have grown through it.