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  1. First launch issue

    Anyone else seeing first launch taking extra energy? Launching deflection with full scope keeps dropping me below 6k from 8200.
  2. Beachhead detailed

    No attack value. Not sure if we talk about it anywhere in detail though. As a new player, you wont be using boosters. In game message some folks close to you. They can help you out. We use line or group me for chatting
  3. Beachhead detailed

    Beachhead normally is used when you want to out in boosters. It gives you a buffer to protect them
  4. **Contest** Qonqr in the new year!

    Had a great time! What scam? Seems legit!!! LOL
  5. **Contest** Qonqr in the new year!

    Your contest, your timetable! Do we have a chat room for the competitors? Daily stat updates? Thanks again for hosting
  6. **Contest** Qonqr in the new year!

    So EST and not QST?
  7. **Contest** Qonqr in the new year!

    Sounds like a bit of fun! I'm in. Thanks for organizing this!
  8. Hi I'm the new guy from swarm!

    Nice to see a new green in Illinois swarm. I'll message you in game and see if we can help. Could use your launches in the grunt locations in Atlantis!
  9. I've kinda disappeared from the game for the last 5 months. I was letting the game become obsessive and I got extremely upset when my wife and I were sync locked by some folks who knew we were a couple. After blowing up over the issue, I realized that I had an unhealthy addiction. I quit the game for awhile to break it, as I realized, I'm not the sort of guy to blow up over....well, anything. So it blew my mind that I had let something work me up. Cross out all the "This is unfair", "folks are cheating", "I don't like that player". This community is much better than this. I've chatted with a good many folks over the year I played, and there are good folks on all sides. You wouldn't know it from the message boards. As I read through the posts, it's almost embarrassing how many are acting............and I'm reminded of my attitude on that day. It's just a game.....but it's a social one. While having an "enemy" can be fun.......playing the game with respect shouldn't be out of the question. We can argue all day about what is cheating and what isn't..........but you have to play within the limits of the game. It's amazing that Silver, Gadgerson and crew even allow this forum to take place when I can imagine, most of the comments hurt them........when all they wanted was to create something that people could love. Of course they want to make a profit, but I bet they wonder at times if it is even worth all this. Personally, I want to thank them all for their efforts. From working with a lot of other systems, it's a struggle to get things to run consistently, let alone to deal with all of the personalities and such with such a small staff. While the game has room to improve, it's pretty awesome for a free game. Can we at least say thank you and appreciate how far the game has come? I know I don't have a lot of pull in this community, but I implore you to "Love one another"................or at the very least, cool down the hate. Is it really so hard to be civil and respectful?
  10. How much have you spent on Qonqr?

    Dings is spending most of that money to send his little missiles in my direction. No local competition and it still costs? Talk about obsessed! Or he just has a crush on me???
  11. Check your wire messaging option

    Sooooooo sad about that. It's been fun taking them. I was hoping it would stay broken forever!
  12. Hey .. unwanted is here to dominate :)

    Who knew Dings would be both a Prince AND a Larry the Cable Guy fan.
  13. Why is your faction better?

    Swarm took down St. Paul which was 28 Million at the peak if my memory is correct. As for Illinois, Faceless is best here because they are the best recruiters. The majority of folks want to be on the winning team, so they just keep adding more volume. Some are good fighters, but mostly they just win in bulk. Personally, I enjoy being the underdog in my state and for the life of me can't see the fun of no competition. As for why I chose swarm, I like technology. The others were the Legion Amish (electricity is from the Devil!) and Faceless (DEPLOY DEPLOY....."what mom? Yes I want a sandwich brought to me!"......DEPLOY DEPLOY). SAVE THE EARTH..........GO GREEN!!!
  14. Atlantis

    I think Atlantis is just like the rest of the game. You have to get connected with people on chats to enjoy it at all. Atlantis is a chance to connect with people across the world. That's what makes it fun. Even if you are in a big city, you are likely only connected to about 30 folks. This gives you a chance to meet others............but of course that is a huge time suck too. Personally, I like it as a minor distraction, but haven't found that many swarm that take it serious enough to be a viable option for a full out force. Still, gives me something to do since the Faceless missiles are so tiny........(cough cough Dings cough)
  15. It's all good

    Ehhhh.....what??? Let me go turn up my hearing aid........